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I. BEFORE the Librarian enters on the execution of his office, he shall give sufficient security, to be approved of by the visiting committee, in a sum not less than two hundred and fifty dollars, that he will indemnify this corporation for any loss or damage which may be sustained by his negligence or misconduct as librarian.

II. The librarian shall keep every work in the library plainly numbered on a label on the back, and also on the inside of every volume: and he shall cause to be written or printed on the title page of each volume, “ The Property of the New-York Hospital.”

III. He shall keep an accurate catalogue of the books in the library, containing the title, author, size, number, and number of volumes of each work. He shall keep a book containing printed receipts: and every person who shall borrow a book from the library, shall sign a receipt for the same.

IV. The librarian shall annually account for the library, to the library committee, and shall at the same time report to the committee an account of all books then out of the li. brary, to whom and when they were lent.

V. Books shall be taken from the library on such days only, as the library committee shall direct: and at hours not interfering with the visiting committee, or the attending physician or surgeon : but a governor, physician, or surgeon of the Hospital, may borrow books from the library at any time.


VI. Books may be loaned from the library, only to the governors; to the physicians and surgeons; to their private pupils, subject to the regulations and restrictions contained in the ninth section; to the house-physician, house-surgeon, apothecary, and other officers of the Hospital; to those physicians and surgeons, who may have formerly been physicians or surgeons to the establishment; to those who may have served in the Hospital, in the capacity of house-physician or house-surgeon, for six months, to the satisfaction of the governors, on the conditions and under the regulations directed in the ninth section; to persons to whom the privilege has been specially granted by the governors; and to those who shall acquire it in the manner prescribed in the next succeeding section. Every other person admitted to the use of the library, shall pay to the treasurer five dollars, for which he shall receive a ticket expressing that he is entitled to the use of the library for one year.

VII. Every person who shall make a donation to the library, of books on medicine, surgery, or such subjects as are connected with medicine and surgery, (to be approved of by the library committee,) to the amount of twenty-five dollars, or who shall pay to the treasurer the same amount in money, shall be entitled to the use of the library, under the regulations provided as to students.

VII. Of voluminous collections of distinct books or papers, no person shall be allowed to have out more than one volume at one time; nor shall any person, except a governor, physician, or surgeon of the Hospital, take out more than a single volume, at one time, of any kind.

IX. No student shall take out any book, without previously depositing with the librarian a sum of money amounting, at least, to one third more than the value of the whole work to which the volume belongs : but a student may be relieved

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from the necessity of making such a deposit, by leaving with the librarian an engagement signed by some respectable, permanent resident in the city, in the following form:

A. B., being permitted to use the library belonging to the Society of the New York Hospital, I do hereby promise to pay to the treasurer of the said Society, all such fines and forfeitures, as the said A B. may become liable to, by virtue of the by-laws and ordinances of the said Society relating to the library. Dated the

18 X. With respect to the following works, viz:

Medical Commentaries and Annals of Medicine; Physical Essays of Edinburgh ; Medical Observations and Inquiries of London ; all Memoirs of Medical or Phylosophical Societies, Journals Repositories, Reviews, and Magazines; and all such other works as the library committee shall direct, when a deposit is to be made, its amount shall be only five dollars for one octavo volume, and ten dollars for a quarto.

XI. A folio may be kept out four weeks; a quarto, three weeks; an octavo or duodecimo, two weeks; and if any volume is detained longer, the person who took it out shall pay a weekly fine of twenty-five cents for every week beyond the time above specified, until it is returned.

XII. If a book shall not be returned within three months, it shall be considered as lost, and the person who took it out shall forfeit his deposit, if he has made any; and if not, then a sum equal to what the deposit would have amounted to, if any had been made.

XIII. If any person shall lose one or more volumes of any set of books, he may give to the library a new set equally good with the former; and shall thereupon receive the remainder of the broken set : but unless he immediately does this, he shall incur the forfeiture mentioned in the last foregoing section, and the imperfect set shall be retained.

XIV. The books marked thus * in the catalogue, shall be read in the library only; and students may be admitted into the library to peruse those books, but on no other account whatever. The register of cases, or any other manuscript books, are not to be taken out of the library, without the special permission of the governors.

XV. When any book is damaged, the librarian shall report the fact to the library committee, who shall determine the fine to be paid by the borrower.

XVI. Every person who shall refuse or neglect to conform to the regulations contained in this chapter, may be refused the further use of the library, by the library or visiting committee.

XVII. When any misunderstanding takes place on the subjects provided for in this chapter, it shall be decided by the library or visiting committee.

XVIII. All fines and forfeitures imposed in this chapter, are appropriated to the use of the library. The librarian is to collect and pay them over to the library committee, to whom he is also to render an account every month, of such as have been incurred.

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