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Prof. S. The school must remain sacred and inviolate, untroubled by political changes.

19. School apparatus and library?

Mr. W. Very desirable, but little done that way, as yet, in Scotland.

Mr. K. Most of our schools are provided with them, and we consider them very important.

Prof. S. The teachers must have access to good books; and if they are industrious and skilful, the pupils will not suffer for want of a library.

20. How can accuracy of teaching be secured?

Mr. W. Every thing depends on the teacher.

Mr. K. Very accurate in Prussia; the Government will have it so. Prof. S. The teacher must understand his profession, and devote himself to it. 21. Governmental supervision of schools, and mode of securing responsibility in the supervisors?

Mr. W. I cannot tell. In this country it is very inefficient, as it must be, unless the visitors receive pay for their services.

Mr. K. In this country the governmental supervision is very strict, and produces a very happy influence. The supervisors are paid for their work, and oblidged to attend to it. Responsibility is secured by requiring minute and accurate periodical reports, and by a special visitation as often as once in three years.

Prof. S. The supervisors must be paid; there must be strict subordination, accurate returns, and special visitatious.

22. How are good teachers to be obtained in sufficient numbers ?

Mr. W. I cannot tell. It is difficult here.

Mr. K. By means of our teachers' seminaries-we have them in abundance.

Prof. S. By teachers' seminaries, and private teaching, we have enough. In your country it must always be difficult while there is such an amount of business accessible which is so much more lucrative.

23. Extent of qualification demanded of elementary teachers?

Mr. W. In Scotland, there is no general rule.

Mr. K. & Prof. S. In Prussia and Baden, the demands are ample, and rigidly enforced.

24. Governmental supervision of private schools?

Mr. W. Of doubtful expediency.

Mr. K. Very strict in Prussia, and altogether beneficial in its influence. Prof. S. Leave the private schools free, but regulate them, and see that the teachers do their duty.


Associations of teachers?

Mr. W. Not yet introduced in Scotland, but very desirable.

Mr. K. & Prof. S. Highly useful, and demanded and regulated by the Government. Written essays and discussions, and mutual communication of experience, the business of these Associations.

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