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WO objects have been steadily kept in

view, in preparing our Register for the year now passed ;—the one, the compression of as much and as various matter of an interesting nature into the volume as possible, the other the issue of the work at an earlier period than during any former year since the commencement of the series.

In both respects we hope to have satisfied the reader, whose wishes we shall not cease to consult, by similar arrangements for the future.

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We leave the public to judge of the improvements in this volume upon those of past years ; regretting, at the same time, that, , owing to the very late transfer of proprietorship which has taken place, they have not been so numerous or so obvious as they will be hereafter, when

when our preparations commencing much earlier, will be more .complete.

A press of matter, particularly with regard to the royal journies and the decease of distinguished individuals, has compelled the curtailment of our literary division, which nevertheless presents we believe, an observable diversity of valuable and of original communications.

The parliamentary proceedings are enriched with some noble specimens of oratory; we trust, that if we have in some instances, to exhibit a war of words, many a long and happy year will revolve, ere we shall have again to record a war of swords. The seeds of knowledge, civilization, and freedom, are now extensively sowing; so that, although some needful conflicts must be maintained, and some blood may be spilt, yet they will ultimately produce a large and glorious harvest.

April 1st, 1822.

Lord Chancellor.....

Lord Eldon.
President of the Council.

Earl of Harrowby.
First Lord of the Treasury Earl of Liverpool.
Lord Privy Seal .....

Earl of Westmorland.
Secretary of State for the Home
Department ..

Viscount Sidmouth.
Secretary of State for the Foreign
Department ..

Marquis of Londonderry.
Secretary of State for the Colonial

Earl Bathurst.
Master General of the Ordnance Duke of Wellington.
Chancellor of the Exchequer... Rt. Hon. N. Vansittart.
First Lord of the Admiralty Viscount Melville.
Treasurer of the Navy.... Rt. Hon. F.J. Robinson.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan-
caster ...

Rt. Hon. C. B. Bathurst.
Master of the Mint..

Rt, Hon. W. Wellesley Pole.
President of the Board of Control Rt. Hon. C. B. Bathurst.

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Commander in Chief

H. R. H. the Duke of York.
Secretary at War ....

Viscount Palmerston.
Paymaster of the Forces

Rt. Hon. Sir C. Long.
President of the Board of Trade : Rt. Hon. F. J. Robinson.
Auditor of the Exchequer .... Lord Grenville.
First Commissioner of the Land

Rt. Hon. W. Huskisson.
Joint Post Masters General Earl of Chichester and Marquis of

Master of the Rolls

Rt. Hon. Sir T. Plumer.
Vice Chancellor

Rt. Hon. Sir J. Leach.
Lord Chief Justice...

Rt, Hon. Sir C. Abbot.
of the Common Pleas. Rt. Hon. Sir R. Dallas.
Lord Chief Baron.

Rt. Hon. Sir Rich. Richards.
Attorney General

Sir R. Gifford.
Solicitor General

Sir J. S. Copley.
Judge of the High Court of Ad-
miralty ...

Rt. Hon. Sir W. Scott.
Speaker of the House of Commons Rt. Hon. C. Manners Sutton.
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

Earl Talbot.
Lord Chancellor of ditto

Lord Manners.
Vice Treasurer..

Sir G. F.Hill.
Chief Secretary to Lord Lieut... Rt. Hon. C. Grant,

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