Passion, Power & Glory : Watching for the Return of the Prince of Peace

Lulu Press, Inc, 12 de març 2013
The author starts at the Passion of Jesus Christ and ends at His Second Coming in Power and Glory. Along the way he springboards off the writings of Sir Robert Anderson, author of "The Coming Prince", and Sir Isaac Newton, author of "The Prophecies of Daniel and The Apocalypse". For example, regarding Daniels famous 70-week or 490 prophetic year prophecy broken up into 434, 49 and 7 years by Daniel. Sir Isaac Newton thought it did Daniel a disservice not to separate the 49 prophetic years from the previous 434 for the timing of both the first and the second coming of Christ. Working forward from the recapture of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967, 49 or seven sevens of prophetic 360-day years, one arrives at exactly Yom Kippur, the Holiest day of the Hebrew year, September 23, 2015. These and other findings are brought forth in the hope of encouraging other Christians to watch for their Blessed Hope, the return of their Savior, the Prince of Peace.

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Seasons and Times
Passion Week
Age of Accountability
Sign of Jonah
Sign of Noah Sign of
Tribulation Great Deception
Resurrection Bodies
Tribulation Mark of the Beast
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