Imatges de pÓgina


THE language of all the sermons in this volume will, it is hoped, be found so simple as to justify their title, and fit them, as far as simple diction is a qualification, for those readers among whom it is the author's most cherished wish that they should be found useful. If in a few of the sermons the cast of thought should seem to be too abstract for less educated readers or hearers, it may be borne in mind that village congregations usually contain a diversity of ranks, for each of which meat should be provided in due season. Still the endeavour of the author has been to present thoughts, of whatever character, in language which all can understand, so that if the whole argument of a discourse should have escaped the unlearned hearers, detached lessons of holiness might be learnt by all who were attentive.

Should any who read or hear these sermons, find their sense of sin deepened, their love for their Saviour quickened, their desire of holiness and the

joys of heaven strengthened, or their hold of this world loosened; should any of the young be induced to endeavour more steadfastly to preserve themselves unspotted by the world, or of the aged be encouraged to regain what they have lost, or to make their preparation for their last great change more carefully and hopefully, the author's desire and prayer will have been answered; and he would humbly and earnestly beg the prayers of any who may have found help, comfort, or warning in his words.

Warbleton, Christmas-Eve, 1852.

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