Imatges de pÓgina
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At Ballinabay, Mrs Campbell, a son. 30. At London, Mrs Richard James Hew

at, a son.

Dec. 3. At Mount Stewart, Lady Selina Ker, a daughter.

— In London, the Lady of Major-Gene. ral Beaston, a daughter.


30. At Stirling Manse, James Kippen,

Nov. 26.-At London, the Lady of James Esq. Greenock, to Hannah, daughter of the Loch, Esq. a son. Reverend Dr Somerville, Stirling.

4. At Logie, the Lady of Thomas Kinloch, Esq. of Kilrie, a son.

9. The wife of George M'Kenzie, farmer in Fortrose, a daughter; and, on the 11th, a son and a daughter. Two of the children are since dead. The mother and the surviving child are doing well.

12. At Aldourie, Inverness-shire, the Lady of William Fraser Tytler, Esq. sheriff of that county, a son.

- Mrs James Borthwick, Duke Street, a daughter.

- Mrs Smith, younger of Jordan-hill, a daughter.

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At London, the Lady of Major-Gene

- At Dumfries, the Lady of Captain Drysdale, a son.

Mrs Edward Bruce, Gayfield Square, a daughter.

At Trochaigue, Mrs Campbell, of Skerrington, a son.

26. At Nicholson Square, Mrs Boyd, of Broadmeadows, a son.

21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Greig, of Hallprig, a daughter.

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Nov. 19. At Quebec, John Thomson, Esq. merchant, to Helen, daughter of James Orkney, Esq. of that place.

27. Lieutenant Alex. Davidson, (1) of the Royal Navy, to Miss Ann Bird, daughter of George Bird, late farmer in Logie of Buchan.

29. At Edinburgh, Mr George Readman, merchant in London, to Grace, second daughter of Forrest Alexander, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh.

At London, George Johnstone Hope, Esq, Rear-Admiral of the Red, and one of the Lords of the Admiralty, to the Honourable Miss Kinnaird, sister to Lord Kinnaird.

Dec. 1. At St Andrew's, the Reverend John Glennie, minister of Dunottar, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Professor


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Dec. 10. At London, James Haig, Esq. late of Calcutta, to Maria, only daughter of John Swiney, Esq.

12. At Cuttlehill, James Baikie, Esq. younger of Tankerness, to Miss Eleanor Anderson Weymss, second daughter of the late William Wemyss, Esq. of Cuttlehill.

13. At Edinburgh, Patrick Connal, inerchant in Stirling, to Miss Grace Lindsay Bennet, eldest daughter of the late John Bennet, merchant in Perth.

16. At Selkirk, Mr Thomas Blaikie, Clarilaw-moor, to Miss Jean Lang, youngest daughter of the deceased Mr John Lang, sheriff-clerk of Selkirkshire.

At Ledmore House, Assynt, Mr Kenneth Mackenzie, younger of Lanwell, to Miss Margaret Mackenzie, eldest daughter of Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. of Ledmore. At Lanark, Mr James Young, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Mr William Archibald, Cartland; and at the same time, Mr. Thomas Gairdner, jun. of Throughburn, to Miss Isabella, second daughter of Mr Archibald. The united ages of both couples amount to 65 years, affording an average age to each person of about 16 years.

22. At Edinburgh, Thomas Traill, Esq. of the 21st regiment, or Royal North British Fuzileers, to Anne, eldest daughter of Patrick Fotheringham, Esq. Comptroller of the Customs at Kirkwall.

- At Aberdeen, Colonel Macleod, of the 78th regiment, to Jane, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Finlayson, Union Place, Aberdeen.

25. At Kilconquhar House, Patrick Orr, Esq. writer to the signet, to Miss Margaret Caroline Lindesay, second daughter of the late Major Martin Lindesay, younger of Kilconquhar.

At Hilliesfield, Mr Walter Bruce, jun., merchant, Leith, to Miss Bayne, daughter of Mr Robert Bayne, merchant in Leith.

27. At London, by the Honourable and Reverend the Dean of Windsor, Henry Charles Howard, Esq. son of Bernard Howard, Esq. of Fornham, in Suffolk, and expectant heir of the Duke of Norfolk, to the Lady Charlotte Leveson Gower, daughter of the Marquis of Stafford.

At Colzium, Henry Gray, Esq. younger, of Oxgang, to Miss Mary B. Davidson, daughter of James Davidson, Esq. writer to the signet.

Lately, At Stoke upon Trent, Mr Isaac Cook, clock-maker, to Miss Sarah Fox, both of Newcastle. A curious coincidence in matrimonial alliance is worthy of remark in these two families; the elder brother is married to the mother, and two younger brothers to two of her daughters.


Jan. 26. 1814, were interred in the Protestant burying-ground at Quebec, with the Military honours due to his rank, the remains of Thomas Nairne, Esq. late Captain in His Majesty's 49th regiment of foot, who fell at the head of his company, in the battle at Chrystler's farm, Upper Canada, on the memorable 11th of November 1813, charging the Artillery of the American Army under General Wilkinson, destined for the invasion of Lower Canada, in which action, 5000 men were completely defeated by 800 British Soldiers, under the command of Lieut.-Col. Morrison of the 89th regiment. Captain Nairne was the only surviving son of the late Colonel John Nairne, who so eminently distinguished himself on different occasions, but particularly at Louisburg, and in three sieges of Quebec: he was Seignior of the Seigniory of Murray Bay, in the Province of Lower Canada, which had been conceded to the Colonel soon after the conquest of Canada, as a reward for his services: his example he most nobly emulated; whilst yet a boy, he embraced the profession of Arms, and first obtained the rank of Captain in the 10th regiment of foot, in which he served at Gibraltar and in Sicily, from thence he exchanged into the Royal Newfoundland regiment, and afterwards into the 49th regiment. He was killed by a discharge of grape shot passing through his head and heart. He has left a Mother and three Sisters to bewail his loss: his brave, generous, and humane conduct, had justly endeared him to his brother officers and soldiers, by whom, and by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, he will be long and sincerely regretted.

Aug. 6. 1814. At Simon's Town, Cape of Good Hope, Rear-Admiral George Dundas, the Commissioner of the Navy at that station.

Nov. 14. At Odensee, in Denmark, in the 38th year of his age, Prince Christian, of Hesse Cassel, brother of the Queen of Denmark, and nephew of the Elector of Hesse.

16. At Geneva, the Most Noble John, Marquis of Bute, Earl of Windsor, &c. He was born June 30. 1744, and succeeded to his Scots titles in 1792, and was created Baron Cardiff in England in 1766. He succeeded to his mother's titles in 1794, and, in 1796, he was created Viscount Mountjoy, Earl of Windsor, and Marquis of Bute. He married first the eldest daughter and co-heir of the late Viscount Windsor, by whom he had numerous issue, of whom the eldest son, Lord Mountstuart,


married the only daughter of the Earl of Dumfries; and their son, John, the present Earl of Dumfries, as grandson of the Marquis, succeeds to his titles and estates. The Noble Lord married, second, Frances, daughter of Thomas Coutts, Esq. the bankker, by whom he has left a son and daughter. The late Noble Marquis filled for some time the situation of Ambassador at the Court of Madrid with great credit.

No. 21. At his house, Pennyland, Alex. Sinclair, Esq. of Pennyland.

23. At Kirkbuddo, Mrs Jean Guthrie, relict of Francis Erskine, Esq. of Kirk:buddo. - At Morrick, Northumberland, Charles Grey, Esq. of Morrick.

Aged 104, Mrs Mary Sambrook, of 26. At Guernsey, Major George Thomp- Birmingham. She walked out till within son, of the royal artillery.

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-At Edinburgh, Captain Kenneth Stewart, of the late North Carolina Highland regiment.

At Longtown, Mrs Elizabeth Armstrong, wife of Mr Thomas Armstrong. -At Antigua Street, Leith Walk, Thomas Turnbull, Esq.

At Carse, Miss Elizabeth Gray, eldest 'daughter of Charles Gray, Esq. of Carse.

At Musselburgh, James Stuart, Esq. Blairhall.

At Gourock, Gillies M'Kechuie, aged

104, supposed to be the last of the warriors that fought with Prince Charles in the year 1745, and for whom the veteran declared, within a few days of his death, that he would still fight to the last drop of his blood.


Dec. 1. At Kelso, Alex. Wilson, Esq. late of Gibraltar, much and justly regretted. Lady Margaret Burgess, wife of Sir James Bland Burgess, and daughter of the late Earl of Balcarras.

2. At Edinburgh, Alicia Colden, eldest and only surviving daughter of Francis Napier, Esq. W. S. in the eighteenth year of her age.

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three days of her death.

At Middleton Hall, Carmarthenshire, aged 63, Mr James Grier, a native of Old Cummock, Ayrshire, who for upwards of thirty years filled the situation of principal land agent and engineer to Sir William Paxton, with acknowledged ability and probity.

At Leith, Mr Richard Wright, aged 73, many years potmaker to the Edinburgh Glasshouse Company: a more honest and faithful servant is seldom to be found.

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At London, Mrs Campbell, widow of the late Lieutenant Colonel Colin Campbell, of the 35th regiment.

At Dumfries, Mr Robert Black, merchant.

At Edinburgh, Edward Hay M'KenDec. 1. Captain Andrew Saunders, Royal zie, Esq. of Newhall and Cromarty. Navy.

5. At Woodhall, in the prime of life, universally regretted, Mrs Kennedy Lawrie, relict of William Kennedy Lawrie, Esq. of Redcastle.

At Berwick, Mrs Hannah Sibbit, widow, aged 84. Her death was occasioned by her clothes taking fire. Mr Euen, tailor, lives in the same house, hearing a cry of distress, ran up stairs and found the old lady quite enveloped in flames; he had the presence of mind to wrap the carpet round her, and succeeded in extinguishing them.. She was so severely burnt, that all endeavours to preserve her life proved ineffectual. Mr Euen, in his friendly exertions, got his hands so much scorched, as rendered him, for some tine, unable to follow his cccupation.


At Weymouth, Mrs Roebuck, youngest daughter of the late John Livingston, Esq. of Parkhall.

At Leith, Margaret Ferguson, relict of John Stevenson, shipmaster in Leith, aged 78 years.


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In Llanerchavron, Cardiganshire, Jane Harry, aged 105. This venerable matron had, at the time of her death, 4 children, 33 grandchildren, 119 great grandchildren, and 17 great great grandchildren. She retained the use of her faculties to the last. In Llanbadarn-fawr, in the same county, John Davies, aged 108, who for some years past was in the regular habit of repairing to Aberystwith, on Saturday afternoon, for the purpose of being shaved; this operation was gratuitously performed in consideration of the extraordinary age, and cleanly propensity of the sturdy veteran, who walked no less than six miles to and fro, for the sake of a smooth chin; he walked erect, and even thrashed wheat within two months of his death.


6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Archer, wife of Mr Alexander Archer, of the Theatre Royal.

At Dalzell-house, James Hamilton, Esq. of Dalzell.

At East Wemyss, Mrs Armit, in the 81st year of her age.

At Aberdeen, John Likly, Esq. late of Paisley.

7. Mr George Bell, teacher of mathematics, &c. in Glasgow, much and justly regretted.

8. At Kilmarnock, Mr Robert Rankin, druggist there, after a lingering illness, which he endured with the greatest equanimity of mind.

At Paisley, Mr John Neilson, merchant, aged 77.

9. At Blaircasgie, Appin, Ann M'Niven, at the advanced age of 102 years.

At Falkirk, Mr Alexander Horn, student of theology.

At Midfield Mains, Inveresk, Mr Charles Handisyde, farmer.

-At Edinburgh, Mr Duncan Irvine, merchant.

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In London, in her 69th year, Susan. Dowager Countess of Westmorland, eldest daughter of the late Cosmo George, Duke of Gordon. Her Ladyship was the second wife of John, late Earl of Westmorland, to whom she was married in the year 1767, and by whom she had issue, Henry, born in 1771, dead; Susan, married to John Drummond, Esq. since dead; and Mary, married to John Lowther, Esq. brother to the Earl of Lonsdale. The Earl dying in 1774, her Ladyship married, in 1778, Lieutenant-Colonel John Woodford, of the foot guards, by whom she had two sons.

12. At Glasgow, Mr James Sanders, of the Excise, at the advanced age of 80 years. At Greenock, of a fever caught in the exercise of his profession, Mr Peter Bruce, one of the surgeons of the Greenock Hospital.

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13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Pillans, relict of the Reverend John Chieslie, minister of the gospel at Corstorphine, in the 83d year of her age. The amiable qualities, and unvaried cheerful serenity which distinguished this excellent person in every situation, during the whole course of her long life, endeared her to her relations, and will render her memory esteemed and cherished by every one who knew her.

14. At Cousland Park, Mrs Catherine Ainslie, relict of Mr William Walker, much regretted.

At Humebyres, Mr George Turnbull, tenant there.

In Oxford Row, London, Lady Myers, relict of Lieutenant-General Sir William Myers, Bart. Commander of the forces at Barbadoes, and mother of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Myers, Bart. who was killed at the battle of Albuera.

At Bristol, the Right Honourable the Dowager Lady Bolton, widow of Thomas, Lord Boiton.

15. Aged 36, Mrs Margaret J. Syme, spouse

24. At Edinburgh, in the 72d year of his age. Mr Joseph Archibald, nursery and seedsman, after a long and painful illness, during which he exhibited an example of Christian patience, resignation, and cheerfulness.

25. At Duddingston, Miss Cauvin. -At Leith, Miss Farquharson Cum

At Leith, Mary, eldest daughter of ming, daughter of Mr William Cumming, the late Robert Strong, Esq.


spouse of Dr Briggs, Professor of Medicine, St Andrews.

Dec. 15. P. Dougall, Esq. Port-Glasgow. 15. Helen Wilson, aged 23, spouse to Dr William Macmillan, surgeon, Leith, much and very justly regretted.

- At Glasgow, Mrs Hannah Shortridge, wife of James Black, Esq. merchant.

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At Portsmouth, Lieutenant-Colonel R. Campbell, of the 72d regiment. Colonel Campbell was Adjutant-General to the troops in Jamaica, and being in an ill state of health, he came home in the Argo, and had not been landed but a few days before his death took place. On the 28th, his remains were interred in the garrison chapel with military honours. His brother officers, to whom he was known, lament in him the loss of a soldier and a friend, cut off in the midst of his military expectations.

25. Archibald Ferrier, Esq. W. S.

At Polton Bank, near Lasswade, Mr David Monro, late druggist, Leith.

At Parkhill, Dalry, Mr William Coulter, writer, in the 26th year of his age. At London, Thomas Hamilton, Esq. of Glasgow, in the 43d year of his age.

At Dublin, the Right Honourable Lord Mountsandford, a nobleman in whose character, truth, honour, and a high sense of moral rectitude, were uniformly conspi



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