Imatges de pàgina

Nov. 9. Mr James Small, one of the se-
mior clerks in the Stamp Office, Edinburgh.
10. At Edinburgh, Robert Scott Mon-
crieff, Esq. of Newhalls, a gentleman uni-
versally esteemed and regretted, on account
of his many amiable qualities, and for the
great attention he paid to the religious,
charitable, and benevolent institutions of this
At Blochairn, near Glasgow, in his
87th year. Captain James Parker, many
years merchant in Norfolk, Virginia.

At Vauxhall, London, General Colin
Mackenzie, Colonel of the 3d royal veteran
battalion, aged 80.

At Edinburgh, Catharine, second
daughter of the late Captain William Blair,
13th regiment of foot.

11. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Wright,
of the house of Sir William Forbes Bart.
and Co. bankers.


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At the advanced age of 70 years, Mr
Maurice Margarot, chairman of the London
Corresponding Society. He was sent as a
delegate from that Society to the British
Convention, which met at Edinburgh for
the same object, in the year 1793, where
he was accused of sedition, with the whole
of the Convention. He was tried before the
Court of Justiciary, and sentenced to four-
teen years transportation to Botany Bay,
with four others. He was the only one
of the five who survived the term of his
banishment to return home.

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ADVENTURE of Mungo Caledonian Horticultural So-
ciety, Proceedings of, 175,
197, 891

Park with three lions,

Aeronautic Expeditions in
Scotland, 807, 899
African thieves, account of,

Albay, eruption of the vol-
cano of, 525

Ali Pasha, sovereign of Al-
bania, anecdotes of the
court and character of, 589
Alloa, description of the
tower of, 883

Alphabet, on the invention
of the, 434

Anatomy, on the advanta-

ges of Comparative, 417
Ancient Chivalry, on Tour-
naments, and other mat-
ters relating to, 908
Appeals, Scots, number of,
decided in the House of
Lords during the Session
1815, 834


Apples, on the different spe-

cies of in Scotland, 280.
Arts, Fine, memoirs of the
progress of, 51, 133, 175,
254, 374, 416, 486, 565,
728, 815, 886

Athens, on the present state
of, 685

Banks for Savings, on the
advantages of, 3, 424
Bath, Order of, new regu-
lations respecting, 119, 263
Biggar, description of, 723
Boghall, description of, 723
Bonaparte, second abdica-
tion, of 410--Anecdotes of,-
at the battle of Waterloo,

Buchanan, D. review of his
edition of Smith's Wealth
of Nations, 207

Buz, Sir Humpkin, life and
adventures of, 8
Cairns and Tumuli found
on the Borders, 427
December 1815.

Coffee, on the art of mak-
ing, 87
Commercial Intelligence, 54,
95, 166, 566, 695
Consolation, & other Poems,
review of, 770

Cooke the Miser, anecdotes
of, 41

Canal, Report of the
Commissioners for, 518

Mercury of 1660-61,
extracts from. 670, 758
Canals, Parliamentary pro-
ceedings respecting the
Union line, 248-Advan-
tages of the Level Line
over the Union Line, 323
-Mr Telford's report on
the Union, 337-General
Prospectus of the Edin-
burgh and Glasgow, 319—
Plan of one from Leith to
New Monkland, 497-Re-
port of the Commissioners
for Caledonian, 518-Re-
solutions of subscribers to
the Edinburgh and Glas-
gow, 566

Carnival at Rome, anecdotes
of the, 124, 197
Carolan, the Irish bard,
anecdotes of, 503
Castle and city of Edin
burgh, origin of the, 836
Caubul, &c. present state of
the kingdom of, 840, 913
Celtic Etymologies and An-
tiquities, 314

Cessford Castle, descrip-
tion of, 323

Distillation, state of the law
regarding Highland, 110
Domestic Embarrassments,
on the cause of our, 754
Druids, Review of Toland's
history of the, 285, 361
Dunblane Cathedral,descrip-
tion of, 403

Charity Workhouse of Edin-
burgh, receipt and expen-
diture of, 897,
Charles, George, trial of, for
sheep-stealing, 19
Chemistry, memoirs of the
progress of, 51, 133, 175,
254, 374, 416, 486, 565,
728, 815, 886
Christiana, description of Dunfermline, manufacture
the town of, 511
of table-linen in, 418
Church of Scotland, review of Earthquakes in Cuinana,272
Dr Cooke's history of, 447 Edinburgh, Fugitive pieces,
Clan-Albin, a national tale, review of, 636
review of, 849

Dundee Lunatic Asylum,
report concerning the, 824

Lunatic Asylum


Dr, Extracts from
his History of the Church
of Scotland, 356-Review
of, 447

Copenhagen, state of Socie-
ty and literature at, 195.
Corryarraick, on the im-
provement of the district
of, 737

Country, on the love of,
823, the late William,
memoir of, 15-Review of
his Fugitive Pieces, 636
Crines punished with death
in England, 114
Criticism on Young's Night
Thoughts, 483
Cumana, earthquakes in,272
Dawson, William, Esq of
Graden, memoir of the latc,

Delille, the French Poet,
eulogy on, 31, 97
Discipline, a Novel, Review
of, 126

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of, report respecting, 92-
Tavern bill in, in 1703, 115
-Report of Police Commis.
sioners of, 116-Description
of buildings to be erected on
the Mound at, 163-Re-
marks on the Exhibition of
Paintings at, 327, 411—On
the wall built on the Castle
Hill of, 403-Plans for
buildings between Leith
and, 576-On the archi-
tectural improvements of,
665, 742-Strictures on
criticisms on the exhibi-
tion of paintings at, 674
-View of the Musical
Festival in, 812, 903-
Origin of the Castle and
City of, 836-Receipt and
Expenditure of the Charity
Work-house of, 897
Education, cursory thoughts
on, 182

Helena, St. description of
the island of, 653
Hemp, new substitute for, 11.
- and Flax, new method
of preparing, 677
Herald Office, Query re-
specting fees in the, 248
Hesse Cassel, anecdote of the
Court of, 199
Highland distillation, state
of the law regarding, 110
Roads and Bridges, re-
port of Commissioners for,
583, 659.

Iceland, an eruption of the
Geysers of, 17

Jury Trial on Civil Cases,
report of the Committee of
Writers to the Signet on,
167 Letter on the same
subject, 168.

Kelly, Thomas, tried and
condemned for highway
robbery, 26
Kirk-session, proceedings in
1708, review of, 348
Lamont, J. a Catholic priest,
tried for performing the ce-
remony of marriage, 830
Landscape Painting, on the
mode of studying, 107—
Theory of expression and
character, 180-Style, 257
Laplanders of Finmark,
manners and situation of
the, 36

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Eglinton Castle, description
of, 3.

Elba, visit to the island of, 112
Electrical phenomena on
Mount Etna, 115

Elgin Cathedral, description
of the interior of, 243
Etna, Mount, electrical phe-
nomena experienced on,115
Fingers and Toes, account

of a family having super-
numerary ones, 408
Flodden Field, on an error of

the Editor of, 912
France, Review of travels in,
during 1814-15, 762
'French National Institute,
proceedings of the, 346

-Manners, change effect-
ed by the Revolution on,501
Gardening, on Scottish, 121
Geysers of Iceland, descrip-
of an eruption of the, 17
Gillespie, the Rev. William,
Review of his poems, 770
Gold, mode of washing for,
in Africa, 276
Gordon, Lieut-Colonel, me-
moir of, 16

Grain, on the present full in
the price of, 894
Great Britain, Journal of a
tour and residence in, re-
view of, 527
Guy Mannering, a novel,
Review of, 608
Hanover, genealogical ac
count of the House of, 884
Hartree, description of, 723

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Metaphysical, Ethical, and
Political Philosophy, view of
the progress of, review of,

Military ensigns during the
Civil War, 336
Milne, Professor, of Glasgow,
documents respecting a sin-
gular charge made against,
352, 440

Mineral Water found near
Dunblane, 101
Minto House, description of,
Mushrooms, on the culture
of, 252

Musical Festival in Edin-
burgh, account of, 812, 903
Natural History, Monthly
Memoranda in, 11, 93, 173,
252, 335, 415, 485, 564,
652, 727, 805, 890
Newark Castle, description
of, 803

New Holland, coral reefs and
islands on the coast of,680,
account of the natives of,682
Nithsdale Minstrel, review
of the, 932

Nubibub, Sir Humpkin Buz's
journey to the city of, 8
O'Neil, Henry, tried and con-
demned for highway rob-
bery, 26

Paintings, remarks on the
Edinburgh exhibition of,
327, 411-London, exhibi-
tion of, 405-Strictures on
criticisms on the Edinburgh
exhibition of, 674
Parish or Savings Banks, on
the advantages of, 3, 424
Park's Travels, extracts from
new volume of, 276
Park, the late Mungo, ad-
venture of, with three lions,

biographical account

of, 339

and Mr Scott, ance-
dotes of, 729
Paterson, John, tried for
sheep-stealing, 19

-, William, tried for
poisoning his wife, 184, 260
Perseverance, the ship, nar-
rative of the destruction of,
Playfair's Life of Professor
Robison, review of, 602
Portugueze Settlements on
the coast of Africa, state of

the, 200


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Printing Machine, particu-
lars respecting a new one,

Press, description of
Ruthven's patent one, 83
Property, on the depreciation
of, 754

Revenue of England & Scot-
land, 657, 817
Robison, Professor, biogra-
phical account of the late,
review of, 602
Romance and Minstrelsie, o-
rigin and progress of, 573

Russian medal, curious one
found in the old church at
Libberton, 9

Sansanding, in Africa, ac-
count of, 279
Savings Banks, on the ad-
vantages of, 3, 424
Science, memoirs of the pro-
gress of, 51, 133, 175, 254,
374, 416, 486, 565, 728,
815, 886
Scotland, improvements and
new institutions in, 14
State of gardening in, 121
-woods and plantations of,
123 Proceedings of the
Highland Society of, 177,
494 Different kinds of ap-
ples in,280-Table of culti-
vated and uncultivated lands
in, 284-Presbyterian Go-
vernment in, 356-Eccle-
siastical state of, 523-Pro-
posed improvement in con-
veying intelligence from

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London to, 588-Abstract
of the new Stamp Duties in,
675, 734-Aeronautic Ex-
peditions, in 807,899-Des
scription of, in the reign of
James I. 883

Armies allied against Bona-
parte, amount of, 620
Army estimates, 622
Assize of Bread bill, motion
for repealing the, 59
Bank-restriction bill, debate
on the, 305

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words, on the inter-
pretation of old ones, 664
regiments, conduct
of at Waterloo, 650
Sinclair, Colonel, account of
his expedition into Norway,

Stamp Duties in Scotland,
abstract of the new ones,
675, 734

Steam Boat, account of one
invented in 1737, 164
Stewart, Dugald, Esq., Re-
view of his Metaphysical
Philosophy, &c. 924
Streets, observations on the
planning of, 741
Table Linen manufactured
in Dunfermline, 418
Tapestry, ancient, in the Ca-
thedral of Aix, account of,
Tavern-bill in 1703, 115
Teneriffe, description of the
Peake of, 268
Thomson, author of the Sea-

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Picture of Evening, 616
Poems by G. Knowles, late
minister of Birse, 135, 214,

the Sailor, 216
Song, at the Musomanic So-
ciety of Anstruther, 56

Clouden Banks, 775,

sons, original letter of, 888
Travels in France, during

"" The cap I catch't thy
daddie wi', 855
Songs sung at a Foot-Ball
match at Carterhaugh, 935

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Waterloo, accounts of the
battle of, 405, 643.
Wealth of Nations, review
of Buchanan's new edition
of, 207

Wellington, letter written by
the Duke of, on the pummel
of his saddle, after the bat-
tle of Waterloo, 652
Wernerian Society, proceed-
ings of the, 244

Whale, account of a white
one caught in the Frith of
Forth, 415
Whitbread, Samuel, Esq. par-
ticulars of the death of, 489
Wine-Making, on the pro-
cesses of, 324, 820
Woods and Plantations of
Scotland, 123
Works, New, published in
Edinburgh, 49, 131, 294,
372, 454, 525, 614, 694,
774, 854, 934.

Stanzas written in winter, 696
Thames, a Fragment, 776
Verses on reading Walter
Scott's Poems, 616

by J. M'Diarmid, 936
on a visit to Scotland,
after 27 years absence, 936
Washington, verses occasion-

ed by the expedition to, 376
Waterloo, lamentation over
the fallen at, 856.


Bank of England, state-
ments of Mr Grenfell, and
motions for papers concern-
ing, 458, 621

Bath, Order of, opposition
to the new extension of
the, 382

Bonaparte's return from El-
ba, debates on this subject,
378, 382-Declaration of
the Allies against, 458--
Letter of, to the Queen of
Naples, 541
Burdett, Sir Francis, speech

marriage, 699, Vote thanks
to the Duke of York, 700
Congress of Vienna, discus-
sions on the proceedings
of, 219, 379-Lord Castle-
reagh's defence of, 38
Continental affairs, interest-
ing discussions in the House
of Commons concerning,
57-8, 223, 461- In the
House of Lords, 217, 218,
379, 384, 458

Corn Laws, debates on pro-
posed alterations on the,
217, 220, 223, 297-8-9,
301,303,377-Bill passed,

of, on the Corn-bill, 304
Charges Lord Castlereagh
with selling seats in Par-
liament, 305-presents pe
tition from Westminster for
Peace and Parliamentary
Reform, 544
Canada, motions for papers
respecting the war in, 59,
Castlereagh, Lord, defends
his cond ct at the Vienna
Congress, 380
Civil List, motions for in-
quiring into the expendi-
ture of, rejected, 385,543—
Statements of Mr Tierney
respecting, 543


teresting discussions
Continental affairs, 57-8,
219,223,379, 384, 460-1,
On the Property Tax, 49,
459-Debates on the Corn-
laws, 220, 223, 299, 301,
303-Statement of the
Ways and Means for the
year, 221-Debate on the
Bank-restriction bill, 302,
Military employed to pro-
tect Members voting for
the Corn-bill, 303-Corn-
bill passed after an angry
discussion, 305-Debates
on Bonaparte's return from
Elba, 378, 382-Questions
respecting treaty of Vienna,
460 Debate on the ques-
tion of Peace or War, 461
-On the London petition
against the Property Tax,
462-On the conduct of
Murat, King of Naples, 540
--Bill for renewal of the
Property Tax passed, 542
Inquiry into Civil List ex-
penditure, 543-Refuse pe
tition from Westminster
for Peace and Reform in
Parliament, 544-Debate
on the Regent's message,
ib.-Statement of foreign
expenditure, and amount
of troops arrayed against
Bonaparte, 620-Motion
in favour of the Irish Ca-
tholics rejected, 621-
Supplies for the year, 694
--Vote thanks to the
Duke of Wellington, and
L. 20,000, for victory of
en Duke of Cumberland's



Cumberland, Duke of, grant
of £. 6000 moved to, 699,
-and rejected by a majo-
rity of one, 700
Dutch loan to Russia to be
paid by Britain, 697
East India Company, mo-
tion of Lord Milton re-
specting, 543
Foreign expenditure, state-
ment of, 620
French emigrants, money
voted for relief of, 460
Gibraltar, motions respect-
ing Spanish refugees deli-
vered up by the Governor
of, 58, 217, 220, 301.
Gore, Governor, discussions
respecting conduct of, in
Canada, 698

Grey, Lord, his speech a-
gainst the war with Bona-
parte, 538

Ireland, motion for extend-
ing the Property-Tax to,
rejected, 460
Irish Catholics,petition from,
539-Motion of Sir H.
Parnell in favour of, reject-
ed, 621
Irish Budget, 698
Jury-trial in Scotland, De-
bates on the bill for intro-
ducing, 218, 297, 298
London, Livery of, petition
against the Property-Tax,

LORDS, HOUSE of-Discus-
sions on the Corn-laws,
217, 297, 89, 377-In-
teresting debates on Con-
tinental affairs, 217, 458
-Debate on the Scots Ju-
ry-trial bill, 218, 297-8
-Corn-bill passed, 377—
Prince Regent's message

relating to affairs in France,
ib.-Debate on the return
of Bonaparte from Elba,
378 Address the Prince
Regent on the conclusion
of the American war, 457
Debate on the Property.
Tax, ib. On the question
of peace or war, 537-
Vote thanks, and £ 6000
a year to the Duke of Wel-
lington for the victory of
Waterloo, 617, Throw out
Pillory abolition bill, ib.—
Regent's speech on proro
guing Parliament, 618
Marjoribanks, Sir J. moves
thanks to the Duke of
York, 700
Mendicity, state of, in Lon-
don, 697

Militia, debates on the le-
gality of keeping it embo-
died, 217, 301.
Murat, King of Naples, de-
bate in the Commons on
the conduct of, 540
Navy Estimates, 460
Ordnance Estimates, 697
Orr, Captain, petitions Com.
mons against the sentence
of a Court Martial, 786
Peace or War, debate in the
Commous on the question
of, 461-in the Lords, 537
Pillory, bill for abolishing
the punishment of, 382-
thrown out in the Lord,

Property-Tax, debates and
petitions against its con-
tinuance 219, 457, 459,
462-Motion for extend-
ing it to Ireland rejected,
461-Petition of the Lon
don Livery against, 462-
Renewal of, carried in the
Commons, 542
Regent, Prince, addressed on
the conclusion of the Ame-
rican war, 457-Message
of to Parliament on the
affairs of the Continent,
and debate of the Lords
on, 537-His speech on
proroguing Parliament,618

Inquiry into his expen
diture negatived in Com-
mons, 621

Riot Act, motion for bill!

amend it refused, 543
Riots in London on account
of the corn-bill, 303


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