Imatges de pÓgina

Vansittart, Mr, his state-
ment of Ways and Means
for the year, 221
Waterloo, victory of, thanks
and money voted to the
Duke of Wellington for,
617, 698

Ways and Means, 221
Wellington, Duke of, thanks
and two hundred thou-
sand pounds voted to, 617,
Westminster, petition of the
electors of, for peace, and
a reform in Parliament,
rejected in the Commons,

Roseberry, Lord, petitions
Lords for a divorce from
his Countess, 457
Royal household, motion to
inquire into the salaries of,

Scotland, debates on the bill
for extending Jury-trial to,
218, 297-8
Speaker, speech of the, to the
Prince Regent at the proro-
gation of Parliament, 618
Tavistock, Marquis of, speech
of, in eulogy of Mr Whit-
bread, 700
Treaty of Vienna, discus-
sions concerning, 460

Abdy, Sir W. obtains 70001.
damages from Lord C. Ben-
tinck, for criminal conver-
sation with his wife, 952
Algiers, navy of, defeated
by the Americans in the
Mediterranean, 550--Peace
in consequence, concluded
with America, 706
America, United States of,-

Peace concluded at Ghent,
between and Great Britain,
61-Proceedings in the
Congress of, 63-Docu-
ments relating to the ne-
gociations at Ghent, 143,
-New tax-bills, and other
measures of Congress, 144,
-Report on the state of
the navy of, ib.-Squadron
of, defeats the Algerine na-
vy, 550-and compel the
Algerine government to
make peace, 706-Naval
force of, in the Mediterra-
nean, 707-Naval prepa-
rations of, on the British
frontiers, 859-President
of, prohibits the people
from interfering in the con-
test between Spain and its
colonies in South America,
860-Contributions levied
by the navy of, on the Bar-
bary states, ib.-Dreadful
gales on the coasts of, 861
Emigrations from Ireland
- to, 952

- South, successful ef-
forts of the Revolutionists
in, 145, 863--Efforts in
Spain to send an expedi-

Whitbread, Mr, charges Ld.
Castlereagh with miscon-
duct at the Vienna Con-
gress, 219-altercation be-
tween and Mr H. Davies,
302-His speech on the
proceedings of the Vienna
Congress, 379-- His mo-
tion against the war re-
jected, 161 Eulogy bestow-
ed on the memory of, by
the Marquis of Tavistock,
&c. 700


tion against, 146-State of
the civil war in Mexico,
707-and disastrous fate of
the Spanish expedition sent
against it, ib. 864-Prepa-
rations at Buenos Ayres to
resist the arms of Spain,
703-Liberal constitution
established in the Provin-
ces of Rio de la Plata, 863
Art, monuments of, &c. at
Paris, carried off by the al-
lied powers, and restored to
their former owners, 785.
Austria, tax of 50 per cent.
laid on labour in, 148-
Loan raised in, to prosecute
the war against Bonaparte,

Barlow, Sir George, obtains
£.2000 damages from Ma-
jor Barlow, for criminal
conversation with his wife,

Bentinck, Ld. Charles, found
liable in £7000 damages
to Sir W. Abdy, for crimi-
nal conversation with his
wife, 952
Berthier, Marshal, throws
himself from a window and
is killed, 471
Bonaparte returns from El-
ba with a handful of troops,
and regains the throne of
France without opposition,
227-Proposes to establish
afree government in France,
306-Writes pacific letters
to the Sovereigns of Europe,
i. 312-Declaration of, to
the French people, 309-

York, Duke of, thanks vo-
ted to, by the Commons, on
the motion of Sir John
Marjoribanks, 700

Address of his ministers to,
310-Declaration of the
French Council of State on
their adhering to, ib.--So-
vereigns of Europe declare
war against, 312-Gives a
new constitution to France,
386-Makes preparations
for defence, 388-Leaves
Paris for his army, and is
decidedly overthrown in
battle at Waterloo, 469-
Returns to Paris, and ab-
dicates the throne, 470-
Goes voluntarily on board
a British ship of war, off
Rochefort,550-Arrives off

Plymouth, 622-Addres-
ses a letter to the Prince
Regent of Britain, 623-
Curiosity excited at Ply-
mouth by his arrival, ib.-
His conduct on board the
Bellerophon, 624,--Sails for
St Helena in the Northum-
berland, 626-Protest of,
against his transportation,
628-Documents respect-
ing his treatment at St He-
lena, 777

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France, and the internal
state of the Kingdom, 388,
708 Dismissed from the
Ministry of Louis, and sent
ambassador to Dresden,
782-Proposal to recal him
and put him on his trial.
France Arrest and escape
of General Excelmans, 65
-Discovery, and re-inter-
ment of the bodies of the
late King and Queen, 146
-Invasion of by Bona-
parte, he seizes the govern
ment without resistance,
Louis flying to Flanders,
227-Ineffectual attempts
of the Bourbons, to rouse
the people of, against Bona-
parte, 307-New Consti-
tution of, under Bonaparte,
386-Ceremony of the
Champ de Mai, 465-Meet-
ings of the new legislature
of, 467-Abdication of Bo-
naparte, and establishment
of a Provisional Govern.
ment in, 545-Paris capi-
telates to the armies of
Wellington and Blucher,
546-Re-establishment of
Louis on the throne of,
548-Heavy contributions
levied in Paris by the Al-
lied troops, 549-State of,
under the pressure of fo-
reign armies, 628-Prose-
cution of the adherents of
Bonaparte, 629-Trial and
execution of Colonel Labe-
doyere, ib.-Liberty of the
Press abolished in, 630-
Amount of the foreign
troops in, ib.-Disturban-
ces in Paris, ib.-Reports
on the conduct of the al-
lies, and on the internal
state of the country, 708-
Change of Ministry in, 782
-Speech of the King to the
legislative chambers, 783
-Sketch of the treaty be-
tween the allies and the
King of, 784-Copy of the
treaty, 940-Pictures and
statues carried to Paris du-
ring the late wars, claim-
ed and carried off by the
Allies, 785-Unsettled state
of the country, 864-Laws
enacted for suppressing se-
dition in, 865-Trial of
Marshal Ney for high trea

Canada, operations in, 64-
Quarrels between the Bri-
tish and American troops
on the frontiers of, 859
Ceylon, preparations of the
British troops in, against
Candy, 139-Final con-
quest of the island of, 702
China, statement by the Em-
peror of, of a rebellion in,
140-Origin and termina-
tion of some disputes be
tween the British factory
at Canton and the Chinese,

Cochrane, Lord, escapes from
the King's Bench prison,
and is retaken in the House
of Commons, 232
Congress of Vienna, intel-
ligence from, 66--Discus-
sions of, closed, 230-De-
termination of, to dethrone
Murat, king of Naples, 308
-Declares war against Bo-
naparte, 308, 312-Coali-
tion treaty of against Bona-
parte, 385-Act of, for the
settlement of Europe, 778
Cumberland, Duke of, mar-
riage of, to the Dowager
Princess of Salm, 712
Domingo, St, Blacks in, pre-
pare to resist the yoke of
France, 59-Address of
the Council of Hayti to
their King, Christophe, 141
Dominica, submission of
the run-away negroes of,

Dublin, theatre of, destroy-
ed by the audience, in a
quarrel with the manager,

Europe, the Great Powers
of, declare war against Bo-
naparte, 312-Conditions
of their league, 383-A-
mount of troops brought
into the field against France,
471-Determine to replace
the Bourbons on the throne
of France, 548-Declara-
tion of, for transporting
Bonaparte to St Helena,

Florida, West, taken posses-
sion of by the Americans,
Fouche, minister of Police
in France, interesting re-
ports of, on the conduct of
the Allied powers towards

son, 866-His condemna-
tion and execution, 946—
Behaviour of the French
Court to the Duke of Wel-
lington, 945-Prosecution
of the adherents of Bona
parte, ib.-Trial of M. La
valette, 946-Government
obliged to restrain the ley-
alty of the legislature, 948
-Persecution of the Pre-
testants in the South of, ib.
Genoa given to Sardinia by
the Vienna Congress, 148
Germany, military prepara-
tions throughout, 148—Act
of Confederation of the
States of, 631-Struggles
in consequence of the new
Constitutions of, 632—Dis-
putes between the King and
States of Wurtemberg, 782
-Settlement of the German
indemnities at Paris, 957
Ghent, treaty of, between
Great Britain and America,
61-Documents respecting
the negociations at, 143
Ratification of the peace of,
Guadaloupe captured by the
British in the name of Louis
XVIII, 706
Indies, East,-Conquest of
the island of Macassar, or
Celebes, 137-Conduct of
the British government to-
wards the Sultan of Palam-
bang, ib.-Preparations to
attack the king of Candy,
139 Unsuccessful attacks
on the fortress of Kalunga,
in Nepaul, 463-Final con-
quest of the island of Cey-.
lon, and settlement of the.
Candian provinces, 702-
Reverses of the British arms
in Nepaul, 704—Successes
of the British arms in Ne-
paul, and termination of
the war, 857, 939
Indies, West,-Preparations
in St Domingo to resist the
government of France, 59
-Address of the Black
Council to their king, Chris-
tophe, 141-Disputes be-
tween the governor and the
legislature of Dominica,
143 Guadaloupe taken
by the British in name of
Louis XVIII, 706-De-
struction of Port-Royal, Ja-

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maica, by fire, ib.-Dread-
ful gales in the, 861
Ireland,-Riot at the Dub-
lin Theatre, 68-Disturbed
state of, 7S8, 952-Success-
ful efforts of Government to
keep down the rebellious
spirit in, 868-Murder of
Mr Baker, a Magistrate of
Tipperary, 952-Emigra-
tions from, to America, ib.
Italy,-memorial of Murat,
king of Naples, vindicating
his right to the throne, 147
-Quarrel between Murat
and the Pope, 148-Genoa
given to the king of Sardi-
nia, ib.-attempt of Murat
to revolutionize the whole
of, 230-Defeat of Murat
by the Austrians, and resto-
ration of Ferdinand to the
throne of Naples, 390-
arrest and execution of Mu-
rat, in an attempt to regain
his throne, 867
Kalunga, unsuccessful at-
tacks of the British on the
fortress of, in East Indies,

Monsoon, dreadful effects of
the, in Poonah, East In-
dies, 138

Murat, King of Naples, vin-
dicates his right to the
throne, 147-Declares for
Bonaparte, and attempts to
render Italy independent,
230-Invades the Roman
States, 308-Is signally de-
feated by the Austrians, 390
-Flies into France, and
fights under Bonaparte at
Waterloo, 471-Invades I-
taly from Corsica, and is ar-
rested and shot, 867
National Finances of Bri-
⚫tain, 472

Naval Intelligence, 230
Netherlands, new constitu-
tion for the kingdom of,


Labedoyere, Col. trial and

execution of at Paris, 629
Leopards, adventure of a

British cadet, with an extra-
ordinary one in Bundlecund,

London, Riots in, excited by
the new corn-bill, 231-
Meetings in, to oppose the
war against Bonaparte, 390
Louis XVIII. flies from
Paris, on the approach of
Bonaparte from Elba, 229
-and establishes his Court
at Ghent, from whence ad-
dresses proclamations to the
people of France, 389-fol-
lows the Allied armies into
France, and is replaced by
them upon the throne, 548
Manilla, volcanic eruption at,
Maria Louisa, late Empress
of France, state of, at Vien-
na, 951

Mexico, state of the civil war
in, 707-Success of the Re
volutionists of, 863

-Dissatisfaction of the peo-
ple with it, 712
New Orleans, disaster of the
British arms at, 226
Ney, Marshal, tried for high
treason against the King
of France, 866-condemn-
ed and executed, 946
Paris capitulates to the allied
troops, 546-Contributions
levied on, 549-Disturban-
ces in, 630-Museum of,
stript of all its foreign mo-
numents of art, 785
Pedestrianism, extraordinary
effort of, defeated by the
interference of the Justices
of Peace, 787
Plymouth, extraordinary
scenes at, on account of the
presence of Bonaparte, 623
Poland, proclamation of the
Emperor of Russia to the
people of, 66
Pomerania ceded by Sweden
to Denmark, 951
the Pope forbids the liberty
of the Press in his domi-
nions, 148 Flies from
Rome on the invasion of
his states by Murat of Na-
ples, 308

Porlier, the Spanish Gene-
ral, attempts unsuccessfully
to overturn the government
of Ferdinand, 785-Is t-


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in London, occasioned
by the new corn-bill, 231
Seamen of Shields and New-
castle, &c. refractory con-
duct of, 786-Subdued by
the interference of a mili-
tary force, 868
Southcott, Joanna, the pre-
tended prophetess, death
and dissection of, 67
Spain, desperate situation of,
and tyrannical persecutions
of the Patriots by King
Ferdinand, 60, 950-Pu-
nishments inflicted on the
Patriots, 632- Unsuccess-
ful attempt to overturn the
government of, 785
Switzerland confirmed in its
independence, 148
Volcanic eruption at Manil-
la, 139

Wales, New South, accounta
from the settlement of, 939
Waterloo, great battle and
decisive overthrow of the
French army under Bona-
parte at, 469
Wellington, Duke of, totally
defeats Bonaparte at the
battle of Waterloo, 469—
Proclamation of, to the
French, on entering their
country, 546-Enters Pa-
ris, by capitulation, ib.-
Letter of, justifying the
seizure of the monuments
of art in the Fre Mu-
seum, 785-Behaviour of
the French Court to, 945
Wilson, George, is stopt by
the county magistrates of
Kent from completing an
extraordinary pedestrian
match, 787

Wirtemberg, disputes be-
tween the King and the
States of, 782



Pipers at, ib.-Miss O'Neil,
the actress, appears at the
theatre of, 635--Dinner at,
on the Prince Regent's
birth-day, 713-Grand ma-
sonic procession at, 795-
Mrs Siddons performs ten
nights at the theatre of, 954
Elgin, foundation for an hos-
pital laid at, 633
Executions of Pennycuick
and Knight, for robbery, 150
-of Worthington, Kelly,
and O'Neil, for robbery,

ACCIDENTS,-fatal one at
Edinburgh, 233 - Melan-
choly one at Greenock, 314

at Benstin Limework,396
at Dundee, 551-at 0-
ban, 715-at Quarff, near
Lerwick, 870-at Edin-
burgh on St Andrew's night,

Anderson, J., tried for mur-
der, 152

Archdukes John and Lewis,
of Austria, visit of, to Scot-
land, 953


Burns, the Poet, foundation
of a mauseleum for, laid at
Dumfries, 553
Canal from Edinburgh to
Glasgow, proposal for a, 633
Chinese New Testament, 158
Circuit Intelligence, 391-
Proceedings in Spring at
Stirling, Inverary, and Glas-
gow, ib-at Ayr, Dumfries,
and Jedburgh, 393- at
Perth and Aberdeen, 394-
at Inverness, 395-In Au-
tumn, at Jedburgh and
Dumfries, 789 — at Ayr,
790-at Inverary, Stirling,
and Glasgow, 791-at In-
verness, 793-at Aberdeen,
794 at Perth, 795
College of Edinburgh, money
granted by Government to
finish the building of the,
315, 553
Competition of Pipers, 634
Court of Session, important
decision of the, 233
Eclipse smack, of Leith, loss
of the, 954
Edinburgh, bill for supply-
ing the city of with water,
233-Improvements on the
Trinity College Church of,
552-Meeting at, and sub-
scription for the sufferers at
Waterloo, ib.-Jury Court
of, ib.-Parliamentary grant
for finishing the College of,
553-Riot at, and death of
a police officer, ib.-Public
improvements of, 633-Ra-
ees, 634-Competition of

Farquhar, W. trial of, before
the Sheriff of Ayr, for fraud,

General Assembly, proceed-
ings of, 473

Greenock and Port-Glasgow
authorized to import goods
from the East Indies, 315
Justiciary, High Court of,-
trial for sheep-stealing, 149
-Of Pennycuick & Knight,
for robbery, ib.-Of A.
Macdonald, for assault and
robbery, 150-Of J. Ander-
son, for murder, 152-Of J.
Worthington, for highway
robbery, ib.-Of John Keir,
for assault, 313-Of Arch.
Drummond, for theft, ib.-
Of D. Young and J. Pren-
tice, for uttering forged
notes, ib.—Of J. M‘Kinlay.
and J. M Millan, for mur-
der, ib.-Of G. Paterson, for
housebreaking and theft,
314 Of D. Hunter and
W. L. Swan, for fraud and
forgery, ib.-Of A. Pater-
son and A. Marr, for theft
and housebreaking, ib. Of
J. Gow and J. M'Intyre, for
theft, 477-Of T. Frew, &c.
for theft, 635
Leith, effects of a strong
easterly wind at, 156-Gal-
lant exploit at, 635
Libberton, new church at, 233
Lyndock, Lord, freedom of
Edinburgh presented to, in
a gold box, 714


Macdonald, Alexander, tried
for highway robbery, 150
Magdalene asylum, collec
tions made in Edinburgh
for the, 234
Marjoribanks, Sir John, Lord
Provost of Edinburgh, din-
ner given by, on the Prince
Regent's birth-day, 713-
Requested by the Council of
Edinburgh to sit for his
picture, 797
Melancholy occurrence occa
sioned by a flood at Green-
ock, 314
Murder, dreadful one at
Langrig, 155

O'Neil, Miss, the celebrated
actress, appears at Edin
burgh Theatre, 635
Pennycuick, Thomas, tried
and executed for highway
robbery, 149
Pitt Club, anniversary din-
ner of the, 233
Pugilistic battle between Mo-
lineaux and Cooper, 316
Riot at Edinburgh, 553
Russian bear shot at Edin-
burgh, 478

Sadler, Mr. ascends from
Glasgow and Edinburgh
in his balloon, 869
Salmon, large one caught at
Perth, 478
Shipwrecks, dreadful ones,

Siddons, Mrs, acts ten nights
at the Edin. theatre, 954
Somnolency, remarkable in-
stance of, 713
Speculative Society, anniver
sary meeting of the, 69
St Andrew's Day, celebra-
tion of at Edinburgh, 954
Storm, dreadful one, on the
coasts of Britain and Ire-
land, 71

Synods of Glasgow and Ayr,
proceedings of, 396
Worthington, J. tried and
executed for highway rob-
bery, 152

Whales, driven ashore at
Skye, 635



Colville, 871

King, 235, 544
Commercial Bank of Knights, list of new

Scotland, 73
Cook, 53
Cranston, 235

ones, 554
Lamb, 637
Langrishe, 234
Leith, 478
Lessassier, 397

ficers, 871
Ryder, 636
Salt, 555
Sawyer, 956
Saxton, 224
Schomberg, 799
Scottish Antiquaries,

Crawford, 715
Cunningham, 56
Curwen, 234
Davidson, 715
Dawkins, 956


Longfield, 234
Lushington, 555

Macdonald, 317

Dewar, 871
Donaldson, 73
Douglas, 235, 638,
799, 870

Downie, 799

Duncan, 555

Dundas, 234
Durie, 638

Macfarlane, 871
Mackenzie, ib.
Maclean, 478
Macleod, 317
Maconochie, 478
M'Kay, 871
M'Naughton, 636
Magistrates of Edin
burgh, 797
Manuel, 73
May, 478
Mearns, 955
Military Promotions,
158,396,637, 638,
Mitford, 234

Dutch Orders confer-
red on British offi-
cers, 872

Earls, list of new
ones, 799
Edgecombe, ib.
English, 317
Erskine, ib.
Faulkner, 317
Foster, 234

Fraser, 478
Gilpin, 236
Glassford, 316

Adam, 817, 476
Allan, 396

Angus, 715
Annesley, 235

Arbuckle, 478

Arbuthnot, 956

Astronomical Institu-
tion of Edinburgh,
73, 955

Austrian Orders con-
ferred on British of-
ficers, 87
Bagot, 956

Bank of Scotland,

Baronets, list of new
ones, 74, 397

Barons, list of new
ones, 637

Bartly, 235

Bath, Order of the,
397, 553,636, 798,

Bavarian Orders con-
ferred on British of-
ficers, 872

Bayley, 636
Beatson, 636

Begg, 871

Bell, 73, 236

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Montgomery, 316
Monypenny, 478
Morier, 956

Munro, 871

Napier, 397
Neale, 715
Ochterlony, 956
Odell, 234

Parish, 638
Paul, 73
Peacocke, 638
Pearson, 396

Physicians, College

of, 956
Porter, 236

Prince Regent, 235,
553, 636, 637
Pym, 317

Rattray, 73

Ritchie, 158
Robe, 235
Rochfort, 799
Rose, 637

Rosenhagen, 478

Ross, ib.

Royal Society of Edin-
burgh, 234, 955
--Medical Society,

-Physical Socie-
ty, ib.
Runnington, 554
Russian Orders con-
ferred on British of-

Widows' Fund,


Scott, 316, 715, ib.

Simpson, 73
Speculative Society,

Stanley, 636
Sterling, 799
Stirling, 555
Tait, 636

Temple, 159
Therry, 234

Thriepland, 316
Towers, 798
Turnbull, 235, 636
Uxbridge, 555
Walker, 396
Ward, 799, 956
Waugh, 715
Webber, 234
Wernerian Society,

Werry, 956
Williams, ib.
York, 553

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