Imatges de pÓgina
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Page 83. For “ The Lord Mayor reclining on an otto-
man,' - read Puck, as The Lord Mayor, reclining on an

Page 206, line 2 of note, omit Hampden.



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ROM the courts above a visitor

Hither come I, an inquisitor SK But the dress of English Droll.

Not in philosophic stole,
For in that memorable year
When Mercury turn'd auctioneer,


1 An Eleatic Philosopher, of Abdera in Thrace. Born 513; died 404, B. C.

? In the “ Sale of Philosophers," as described by Lucian, the heads of the different sects are brought to the hammer, Mercury being the auctioneer. Pythagoras fetches ten Minæ, Diogenes, with his rags and cynicism, two obolshe

may do for a house-dog! Aristippus (the founder of the Cyrenaic sect) is too fine a gentleman for any body to

Democritus and Heraclitus are alike unsaleable. Socrates, with whom Lucian seems to confound the Platonic philosophy, after being well ridiculed and abused, is bought by Dion, of Syracuse, for the large sum of two talents. Epicurus produces two Minæ. Chrysippus, the

venture on.


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