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dient for me. O let me never murmur or repine under any affliction thou feeft fit to lay upon me; for thy tender mercy is over all thy works; and my fins deferve much greater pains than I now feel. Grant therefore, O gracious Lord, that I may meekly and quietly fubmit to thy will, and never be rafhly or unbecomingly transported into any indecent expreffions, or caufed to entertain a hardthought of thy providence, under the extremity of my pains; but whatever evils: or forrows I may feel, let me ftill love thee, and believe thee to be a kind and merciful Father; ftrengthen and support me with the confolations of thy Holy Spirit, and fanctify this affliction to me, that it may produce in me the fruits of a true and lincere repentance, who feek for relief, mercy, and forgiveness, only through the merits and in the name of Jefus Chrift our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A prayer to be used for a fick child.


Father of mercies and God of all com fort, to whom alone belong the iffues of life and death, we flee unto thee for fuccour in behalf of this child here lying: under thy hand in a weak and fickly ftate. Vifit bim, O Lord, with thy falvation; deliyer him, in thy good time, from his bodily



pain; comfort him in his greatest extremity, and fave his foul, for thy mercies' fake.

We know, O Lord, that if thou wilt, thou canst raife him up, and prolong his days here on earth: wherefore we humbly befeech thee, if it be thy pleasure, to raife him up again, that he may, together with his years and ftature, grow in wisdom and in thy fear, and thereby to comfort his parents, and to glorify thee, by doing good in his generation.

But whether be live or die, let him be. thine; and either preferve him to be thy true and faithful fervant here on earth, or elfe réceive him into those heavenly manfions, where the fouls of them that fleep in the Lord Jefus enjoy perpetual reft and felicity. Grant this, O Lord, for thy mercies fake in the fame thy Son, our Lord Jefus Chrift, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghoft, one God, world without end.. Amen.

A prayer for all states and conditions of men.. and of all mankind, I humbly.befeech thee toreceive thefe my prayers which Loffer unto thy Divine Majefty, for all forts and conditions of men, that thou wouldst be pleafed to make thy ways known unto them, thy faving health unto all nations. More


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efpecially I pray that thou wilt infpire the univerfal church with the fpirit of truth, unity, and concord, that all who profefs and call themselves Chriftians may be led in the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of fpirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteoufnefs of life. Finally, I moft humbly befeech thee of thy good goodnefs, O Lord, to comfort and fuccour all them who in this tranfitory life are in trouble, sorrow, need, fickness, or under any other affliction, or diftrefs in mind, body, or eftates; that it please thee to comfort and relieve them according to their feveral neceffities, giving them patience under their fufferings, and a happy iffue out of all their afflictions; and this I beg for Chrift's fake. Amen.

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A Thanksgiving.

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Lmighty God, Father of all mercies, I thy unworthy fervant do give thee moft humble and hearty thanks for all thy goodness and loving kindness to me and to all mankind. I blefs thee for my creation, prefervation, and all the bleffings of this life; and for all thy fervants, departed this life in thy faith and fear; befeeching thee to give me grace fo to follow their good example, that with them

I may be a partaker of thy kingdom; but above all, I bless thee for thine ineftimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jefus Chrift; for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory. And I beseech thee, give me that due fenfe of all thy mercies, that my heart may be unfeignedly thankful, and that I may fhow forth thy praise, not only with my lips, but in my life, by giving up myself to thy fervice, and by walking before thee in holiness and righteousness all my days, through Jefus Chrift our Lord; to whom with thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

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