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The Preface. A prayer for the morning 7
Keble's Week's Preparation Ä meditation for the even-
exceeding faulty puge il ing


Such language fitter for a sen- A prayer before examina-

sual lover than a worshiper



of the all-purs, and all- Directions concerning ex-

knowing Gild


Bishop Stillingtleet's testimo- A Form of Eramination.

ny against that way of wor- i Otour duty towardsGod 15


ii 2 our neighbour 19

The love of God, as taught by 3 towards one's self 23

Keble's Week's Prepara-! 4 if a child


tion, very different from 5

if a parent


that taught us by Christ; 6 -if a brother or sister28

himself and by St. John 7 if a wife


The pruyers and meditations 8 if a husband 30

in this New Week's Pre-i 9 if a servant


paration are such as can be 10. if a master or mis-

warranted from the word of tress


God itself


if a magistrate


Bishop l'leetwood's testimo- A profession of godly sorrow

ny against the manner of

for Monday evening


worship made use of in Ejaculations


K’eble's Week's Prepara- A prayer of resignation to


iii) the will of God


An account of this work iiij A prayer to conclurle our de-
The duty of frequent com-

votions for every day



iv 'Ejaculations at going to

The obligations for preparing bed

ourselves for the Lord's

For Tuesday:

vjA meditation for the moins
The communion office inust ing

be carefully attended to v A prayer for the morning 4%

The usefulness of actual pre- A meditation for the evene




Dr. Waterland's commenda- A prayer for the evening 49

tion of the Week's Prepa. For Wednesday,


vi A meditation for the morn-

The warning on Sunday be-i ing


fore the most holy sacra- A confi:ssion of sins


vi A prayer for God's mercy 57

73. Frck's Preparation. A ineditation for the ever-

Ejaculations when we awakeli


when we arise A prayer for the evening 51

For Monday:

For Thursile.

A meditation for the morn- A meditation for the morn



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Arprayer for the morning 66A prayer after

A meditation for the even.



67 A prayer when the priest is

A prayer for the evening 70 receiving the bread and

For Friday.


A meditation for the morn-| A prayer before receivingi 18

714 prayer just before recei-

A prayer for the morning 75 sing the bread 119

A meditation for the even- Directions concerning the re


78.ceiving the bread 119

A prayer for the evening 82 A prayer after the bread 120.

For Saturday.

before the cup


A meditation for the morn-Direciions concerning the


84 receiving of the cup 121

A prayer for the inorning $7 A prayer when you have re-

A meditation for the even- ceived both kinds 122


88 A thanksgiving when retired

A prayer for the evening 91 from the Lord's table 122

For Sunday: A short prayer when the com-

A meditation for the morn- munion service is ended 127


92 Instructions how to live well.

A prayer for the morning 96 after a worthy receiving

Ejaculations when first come of the holy sacrament 128

into church

98|A prayer after you have re-

A prayer before or after the turned home


prayers of the church 99 Directions for a Christian

A. prayer after sermon

100 behaviour in the afternoon
Directions before recei on the day we receive the

102 blessed sacrament of the

"The Companion for the Altar.

Lord's Supper 134

Ejaculations before you leave

102 Daily Prayers.

Ejaculations when you ap- A morning prayer


103 An evening prayer


Directions concerning the

103 Occasional Prayers.

A prayer at offering our A prayer during sickness 141


106 A prayer on taking phy-

Directions concerning the sic


prayer for the church mi-when labouring under


107 any grievous pains 144

the exhortation 109

to be used for a sick

the confession 1101 child


the absolution


for all states and con-

the humiliation 114) ditions of men


the consecration 115 A general thanksgiving 147

Reasons for publishing this Book. THO

THOUGH I may possibly incur the displeasure rat

those whose secular views may be frustrated or diie appointed by the publication of this New Week's Prepa. ration;.yet I have the consolation of being 'fully assured, that this present undertaking will want no ajro. logy to those who have religion truly at heart. Nor am I under any apprehension of being condemned for adding one more to the number of devotional books, already extant upon the subject of the holy sacrament of the Lord's Supper; because the tempers and talents of men are so different, that what does not allect one may possibly touch another.

I am also persuaderi, that ihe present Proprietors of Keble's Old Wiek's Preparation, cannot desire the continuance of a book which has already been found so injurious to Christin anity; for it abounds with rapturous and wanton éxo pressions, and warmth of constitution, not reason, much less religion, bas the chief and sovereign influa ence. Undoubtedly writers of this cast have shame. fully suffered the softer passions to mix tou strongly with their zeal for religion.

By what means true devotion is destroyed.

Here the true spirit of devotion, which is in its own nature a liberal and reasonable service, is made wholly to evaporate in unnatural heats, and ecstatic fervours, such as are a disgrace and reproach to the diguity of a rational nalure. And instead of speaking the language of a serious, rational, unaffected piety, they abound wholly with rapturous flights of unhallowed Jove, and strains of mystical dissoluteness; or, as an ingenious author terms it, spiritualized concupiscence, invented by the carnal and wanton appetites and wishes of the unmarried nuns and friars; and thence either by design, or by the dėlusion of the devil, or both, fóisted into the devotions of the reformed church, under a pretence of purer flames of divine love and spiritual rapture; whereas they pollu:e the soul with luscious images, warm it into irregular ferments, and fire it with a false passion ; dissipating all due composure

and recollection of mind, and laying open the heart to all the wild extravagancies of frantic enthusiasmr ; a manner of address niuch filler for a dissolute lover, than an acceptable worshiper of the all-pure and all-knowing Gud.

It was against this kind of deviation, that great light of the church of England, the learned and pious Bishop Stillingflect thus exclaimed: "Is it possible (said he) that any man can imagine, it is no dishonour to the Christian religion to make the perfection of the devotion of it to consist in such strange unaccountable unions and raptures, which take away the use of all (modesty) reason and common sense!"

In-what the love of God consists. “It is true, we are commanded often tv love God with all our heart, but withal we are told, we must not fancy this love to be a niere languishing passion; no, the love of Christians towards God is no tond amorous affection, but a due apprehension and esteem of the divine excel. lencies, a hearty senscofall his kindness to us, and a constant readiness of mind to do his will. And thus the be. loved Son of God hath declared what he means by the Inve he expects from his disciples: If ye love me, (says Christ,) keep my commandnients; and ye are my friends if ye do whaiscever I command you. And if (says St. John) any man say I love God, and hateth his brother, he his a liar; for he that loveth not his brother, whom he hach seen, how can helove God, whom he hath not seen? No man hath seen God alany time. If we love one anosher, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. Thus the beloved disciple, who understood the great mysteries of divine love, hath expressed then to us. And,

" Here (you sie) are nobiind elevations of the will; noccsta'ic or luscious expressions; no, it is very plain that all such mystical noriuns, and luscious metaphors and expressions had another spiring and a more impure foun. tail, than the Coris:ian doctrine.” For, as the said devout and judicious prelate ads, “supposing that mystical woy of perfection were possible, i rould see no necessity at all of Christ's coming into the world, nor of


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