A Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton: In the County of Lincoln, and of the Roman Antiquities Lately Discovered There; Together with Anecdotes of the Family of Bolle

T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1810 - 65 pàgines

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Pàgina 58 - Blessed be the time and season, That you came on Spanish ground ; If you may our foes be termed, Gentle foes we have you found : With our city, you have won our hearts each one, Then to your country bear away, that is your own.
Pàgina 58 - My chains and jewels every one shall be thy own, And eke ten thousand pounds in gold that lies unknown. '* On the seas are many dangers, Many storms do there arise, Which will be to ladies dreadful, And force tears from watery eyes.
Pàgina 58 - Spaniards fraught with jealousy we often find, But Englishmen through all the world are counted kind. " Leave me not unto a Spaniard, You alone enjoy my heart ; I am lovely, young, and tender, Love is likewise my desert : Still to serve thee day and night my mind is prest, The wife of every Englishman is counted blest." " It wold be a shame, fair lady. For to bear a woman hence, English soldiers never carry Any such without offence.
Pàgina 45 - While it was in my power I did my duty, but that being taken away by a higher power, it is my duty to obey.
Pàgina 57 - And by birth and parentage of high degree. As his prisoner there he kept her, In his hands her life did lie ; Cupid's bands did tie them faster By the liking of an eye. In his courteous company was all her joy, To favour him in anything she was not coy.
Pàgina 58 - I have neither gold nor silver To maintain thee in this case, And to travel is great charges, As you know in every place...
Pàgina 55 - New lungs, and cure the sourness of the breath. But neither Median woods (a plenteous land), Fair Ganges, Hermus, rolling golden sand, Nor Bactria, nor the richer Indian fields, Nor all the gummy stores Arabia yields, Nor any foreign earth of greater name, Can with sweet Italy contend in fame.
Pàgina 57 - Thou hast set this present day my body free, But my heart in prison still remains with thee.' ' How shouldst thou, fair lady, love me, Whom thou know'st thy country's foo? Thy fair words make me suspect thee : Serpents lie where flowers grow.
Pàgina 57 - Cupid's bands did tie them faster " By the liking of an eye. " In his courteous company was all her joy, " To favour him in any thing she was not coy. " But at last there came commandment " For to set the ladies free, " With their jewels still adorned, " None to do them injury. " Then said this lady mild, " Full woe is me, " O let me still sustain this kind captivity !
Pàgina 62 - Wallingford, when he found himself encompassed by the enemy's army of horse and foot, saw he could not defend himself, or make other resistance than by retiring with his men into the church, which he hoped to maintain for so many hours, that relief might be sent to him ; but he had not time to...

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