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Johnson returns to London-Dr. Butter--Mr. Wedderburne-Mr. Macklin-Joinson's

Opinions on Marriage-Death of Dr. James-Johnson's Remedy for Melancholy-
Baretti-Lobo's “ Abyssinia"-Captain Cook-Omai—The Mitre Tavern-Lord
Charles Hay-Public Schools and Universities--Mr. Maclaurin-Law of Libel-
The Roman Catholic Religion-"The all-knowing" Mr. Jackson-Anecdote of
Mr. Fowke -Jack Ellis, the Money Scrivener-Johnson's Ideas of Gaming-On
Conjugal Infidelity-Mr. Macbean-The Usury Laws–Dr. Cheyne-Cibber's
" Lives of the Poets"-Literary Reviewers-Smollett-—"The Spectator"-Dr. Barry
-Garrick -Genius of Thomson – Dispute between Goldsmith and Dodsley-
Mr. Cradock-Dr. Harwood-Supper at the Crown and Anchor-Wine-drinking
Johnson visits Bath .



Boswell visits Bath--Addison and Eustace Budgell—Dr. Blair-Johnson's Conversation

and Opinions on various Subjects—Excursion to Bristol-Chatterton's Forgery-
Return to London-Madame Sevigné-Sharpe's Letters on Italy-The Infidel-
Johnson's Opinions on Luxury-On Conversation-On the Bible-On the Liberty
of the Pulpit-Meeting between Johnson and the celebrated John Wilkes—Their
after-dinner Conversation-Garrick-M'Swinney-Colley Ciwoer-Horace's “ Dif-
ficile est propriè communia dicere"-Elkanah Settle, the “ City Poet"--Johnson's
Ideas of Scotland--Mr. Wilkes and the Attorney-General-Mrs. Knowles, the
Quaker Lady-Johnson expresses his Delight with Mr. Wilkes's Company-The
fascinating but infamous Margaret Caroline Rudd



CHAPTER III.-1776-1777.
Buurell's Departure for Scotland-Correspondence respecting Dr. Goldsmith's Epitaph

-A literary Round Robin-General Correspondence between Johnson, Boswell,
Sir Joshua Reynolds, Levett, Steevens, and Sir A. Dick-Count Manucci-Mr.
Paterson-Johnson's Suasorium-Granger's Biographical Dictionary-Mr. Langton
-Discordances of the Boswell Family-Dr. Blair's Sermons-Prayer for Easter-day
--Steevens-Dr. Memis's Lawsuit-Sir Allan Maclean's Suit-Sir A. Dick's Rural
Pursuits - Shaw's Erse Grammar --Johnson's Remarks on the Erse Dialect
Johnson's Engagement to write “ The Lives of the English Poets"


Dr. Johnson's Agreement to write “ The Lives of the British Poets"-Dilly, the Book-

seller-Charles O'Connor-Bishop Pearce--Prologue to Kelly's Comedy-Savage's
Tragedy of “Sir Thomas Overbury "-Sheridan-Harris-Thomson-Anderson-
Dr. Dodd-Boswell's Letter from the Tomb of Melancthon-Seward-De Groot
Dr. Watts-Dr. Vyse-Sir Allan Maclean's Lawsuit-Johnson's Visit to Ashbourne
-Death of Harry Jackson-Sir Philip Sidney-Lord Hailes-Sale of Macquarry's
Estates, Ilva and Staffa-Projected Trip to the Baltic-Folly of Melancholy .


CHAPTER V.-1777.
Boswell's Arrival at Ashbourne--Grief for the Loss of Friends" Journey to the

Western Islands"-Ashbourne School-Poor Curates-Johnson's zealous Inter-
ference and Correspondence on behalf of Dr. Dodd-Petition of the City of London
in his Favour-Dodd's Petition to the King-Mr. Jenkinson-Mr. Fitzherbert-
Dr. Taylor-Hamilton's Poems—The Rev. Mr. Seward-Johnson's Opinions of
Hume-Gen. Paoli's Sentiments on the Fear of Death-Dr. Butter-Duties of a
Biographer-The Stewart Family-Coxeter's Collections of the Poets-Johnson's
Criticisms on Lyric Poetry




Keddlestone, the Seat of Lord Scarsdale-Dr. Manningham-Bennet Langton-Arrival

at Derby-Dr. Butter-Dr. Nicholls-Anecdote of Dr. Dodd-Blair's Sermons-
Early Rising and its Difficulties--Sleep-Johnson's Opinion of Water-drinking-
Rutty's “Spiritual Diary"-Autobiographers-Blair's Lectures-Johnson's Style
of Writing-“ Biographia Britannica "-Melancholy and Madness-London Suciety
-Boswell's Ancestor, Lord Douglas—The Legal Profession-Ashbourne Church-
Intimacy between Johnson and Dr. Taylor-Johnson's Conversational Powers-
Mrs. Macaulay-Duke of Devonshire-Burke's Letter on America-Ilam-Differ-
ences among Christians-Mungo Campbell-Johnson and the Dead Cat-Lord
Rochester's Poems Prior – Hypochondriac Reading - Homer and Virgil - Lord

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Johnson's Remarks on Philology-Granger's “ Ode on Solitude"-Effects of Music-

Johnson's Opinions on Happiness-Conference in Dr. Taylor's Garden-Slave Trade
-American Independence-Corruption of the British Parliament-Boswell's De-
parture for Scotland–Edensor Inn, and ludicrous Character given of Johnson-
Correspondence between Boswell and Johnson—The Negro Cause decided—Mr.
Florence Wilson-Mr. Saunders Welch-Advice to Travellers-Parnell, the Poet-
“ Taxation no Tyranny”–Rumoured Death of Johnson


Boswell's Arrival in London-Mrs. Desmoulins-Johnson's Benevolent Liberality-.

Mr. Howard, of Lichfield-Tom Davies-Johnson's Advice on Law Pleading-
Characteristic Trait of Johnson-Thomas à Kempis-Lord Trimlestown-Sir Robert
Sibbald-Johnson's Advice on strict Adherence to Truth-His Opinion on Ghosts
- John Wesley - Henry Constantine Jennings and Alcibiades' Dog - Boar of
Florence-Emigration-The House of Commons--Place-hunters-Irish Language
--Thicknesse's Travels—Anecdote of Sir Godfrey Kneller-Dr. Kennedy's Tragedy
-On Shooting a Highwayman-Mr. Dunning-Dr. Campbell and his Wine-drink.
ing-Mrs. Montagu-Mr. Harris-Johnson's Opinion of Wine-drinking-Goldsmith
- Charles V.--Sermons-Scotland-Davies-On Absenteeism



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Delany's Observations on Swift"-Horace's Villa-Mr. Cambridge-Goldsmith's

“ Traveller"-Literature of France-Old Age-Garagantua-Dr. Kenrick-Dr.
Burney-Potter's Æschylus-On Poetic Translations-Writings of Sir Wm.
Temple-Elphinston's Translation of Martial-Hawkins's "Siege of Aleppo"-Sir
Wm. Scott-On Subordination-Fame-Proper Use of Wealth-Soldiers and Sailors
-Charles Fox-De Foe-Cock-lane Ghost-Johnson's Anger at being asked frivolous
Questions—Travelling-Boswell's system of Shorthand-Dr. Dodd's “Thoughts in
Prison"-Writings of Pennant-Johnson and Dr. Percy-Correspondence
Jobnson's high Opinion of Dr. Percy

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CHAPTER X.--1778
Dinner at Langton's—Chapter concerning Snakes-Soame Jenyns-Styles of different

Painters-Mr. Topham Beauclerk--Luxury-On Governments, Maccaronic Verses
-Mr. Orme's Admiration of Johnson-Cookery_"The Duke of Berwick's Memoirs"
-Liberty and Restraints of the Sexes--Degrees of Happiness-Soame Jenyns's
" Internal Evidence"-America-Edwards on Grace-Free-will-Mandeville - Vice
and Virtue-Hanrah More-Prosecution of Murray the Bookseller-On Death and
Annihilation-Wesley's Ghost Story-Mrs. Knowles-Jane Harry and her Conver-
sion to Quakerism-Good Friday-Household Mismanagement-Works on Travels

Fleet Street



Meeting with Edwards, an old Fellow Collegian-Practice of the Law-Life of a Clergy-

mau-Philosophy-Wine-drinking-Leaving a Fortune to a College-Tom Tyers-
Jornson's Opinion of a Profession--The Law-Sir Wm. Scott-Dr. Leland-Burke
--Goldsmith and Lord Camden-Garrick-On Surviving Friends-Work on Agri-
culture-Mr. Duncombe—Psalmanazar-Hon. Daines Barrington—The Pillory-
Johnson's Ire against the Americans-Extravagance of Wealth-Revelation-
Energy of Johnson's Diction-Demosthenes Taylor-Mrs. Cholmondeley-Definition
of a Pamphlet-A Lady's Verses on Ireland-Goldsmith's Copyright-Johnson's
“ Historia Studiorum"-Edward Cave-Avarice--Bon-mots-Egotism



Mauritius Lowe, the Artist-Whigs and Tories-Cowards-Wine-drinking-Mrs. Rudd

-Tasso—Thucydides and Homer-Mrs. Boscawen-Conversation respecting Johnson
-Pope--Greece and Rome-State of Ancient Britain-Mr. Henry-Dr. Robertson-
Embassy to the King of Sian-Allan Ramsay-Johnson's Rudeness to Boswell-
Dr. Blair's Sermon-Addison-East Indians-Lord Kaimes's Sketches-Madame
Lapouchin--Molly Aston-Dining at the Mitre-On Sensual Intercourse-
Imagination-Virtue and Vice-The Bat


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The Earl of Marchmont-"Transpire,” and “get abroad”—Peers the Judges of Law-

Pope-Divorces-Extravagance-Parson Ford's Ghost-Hummums—Virtue and
Vice-Lord Chesterfield's Speeches written by Johnson-Kaimes's Sketches--Sir
George Villiers's Ghost-Johnson's Condemnation of French Manners--Lord
Charlemont-A Country Life-On Subordination-Rev. Mr. Horne-Dr. Mead-
General Burgoyne's Army—“Rasselas” and “ Candide"-Francis's Horace-Mr.
Fullarton-Lord Chatham-Education-Boswell's Departure for Scotland-Corres-
pondence-Thomson's Sister- Visit to Warley Camp—Mr. Langton-Dr. Burney
Rev. J. Hussey-Sir Joshua Reynolds's “ Discourses"



publication of Johnson's "Lives of the Poets"-Death of Garrick-Rev. Mr. Falconer-

Philidor-Tasker's Ode-A Man of the World-Golüsmith's “ Vicar of Wakefield"
-Letters of Junius—Sheridan-Advantages of London-Good Friday-Easter-day
-Skinning an Eel-Claret, Port, and Brandy-Shakspeare's Witches—Beauty of
Loch-Lomond-Dr. Drummond-Love of Liherty-Execution of Hackman-Alterca
tion between Johnson and Beauclerk-Mallet-Mr. Fitzherbert-Friendship
Garrick-Chesterfield-Johnson's Ideas of Drinking-Dr. Taylor-Parental Affec-
tion-Johnson's Interview with Lord Marchmont-Pope-Parnell's “Hermit"-
Boswell's Departure for Scotland-Correspondence-Boswell's Introduction to John
Wesley--Death of Edward Dilly


CHAPTER XV.-1779_1780.
Dr. Johnson's Leisure-hour Amusements—Col. Stuart's Regiment-Selection of

Guardians-East Indies—“Capability Brown "-London Poor-Johnson's attend-
anca at Church-Lord Bolingbroke and Pope's “Essay on Man"-Johnson's
various Residences in London--Conjugal Infidelity-Johnson's Aversion to Roman
Catholics—Study of Greek-Miss Graham-Middlesex Election-House of Commons
-Whitefield-Infidels-Johnson's Aversion to visiting Ireland—The Ambassador
and “ The Rambler"-Boswell leaves London for Chester-Correspondence-
Boswell's numerous Visits at Lichfield and Chester_“Lives of the Poets"--Dr.
Lawrence-On the Loss of a Wife-Death of Beauclerk-Mr. Melmoth—" Fitz-
Osborne's Letters”—Evening at Mr. Vesey's—Distinguished Coterie




Johnson's Account of the Riots in London-Lord George Gordon committed to the Tower

-John Wilkes- Conduct of Mr. Akerman, Governor of Newgate-Correspondence
--Boswell's Brcther David-Dr. Beattie-Davies's Memoirs of Garrick-Dr. Dunbar
-Advice to Divines-Johnson's Instructions on the Composition of Sermons-
Civilisation of a Parish-Dr. Wheeler-Boswell's pressing Invitations to Johnson-
Southwark Election-Lady Southwell and Mauritius Lowe-Mr. Macbean-Lord
Thurlow-Mr. Thrale's Election Defeat-Mrs. Desmoulins a candidate for the office
of Matron of Chartreux

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