R.M. De Witt, 1858 - 206 pàgines

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Pàgina 152 - EVEN such is time, that takes in trust Our youth, our joys, our all we have, And pays us but with earth and dust; Who, in the dark and silent grave, When we have wandered all our ways, Shuts up the story of our days; But from this earth, this grave, this dust, My God shall raise me up, I trust!
Pàgina 47 - Time rolls his ceaseless course. The race of yore, Who danced our infancy upon their knee, And told our marvelling boyhood legends store, Of their strange ventures happ'd by land or sea, How are they blotted from the things that be...
Pàgina 93 - ... woman ! lovely woman ! Nature made thee To temper man : we had been brutes without you ; Angels are painted fair, to look like you : There's in you all that we believe of Heaven, Amazing brightness, purity, and truth, Eternal joy, and everlasting love.
Pàgina 108 - ... her stay, And at the Monarch's feet she lay." Inverting these couplets will be found to diminish the effect considerably. There...
Pàgina 196 - WE are now, reader, arrived at the last stage of our long journey. As we have, therefore, travelled together through so many pages, let us behave to one another like fellow-travellers in a stage-coach...
Pàgina 26 - Twill break his heart. LOREDANO. Age has no heart to break. He has seen his son's half broken, and, except ' A start of feeling in his dungeon, never Swerved. BARBARIGO. In his countenance, I grant you, never...

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