The Palace & the Hospital: Or, Chronicles of Greenwich


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Pàgina 70 - O could I flow like thee, and make thy stream My great example, as it is my theme! Though deep, yet clear, though gentle, yet not dull, Strong without rage, without o'er-flowing full.
Pàgina 172 - Is not a Patron, my Lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help...
Pàgina 174 - We walked in the evening in Greenwich park. He asked me, I suppose, by way of trying my disposition, " Is not this very fine?" Having no exquisite relish of the beauties of nature, and being more delighted with " the busy hum of men," I answered " Yes, sir ; but not equal to Fleet-street." JOHNSON. "You are right, sir.
Pàgina 187 - Now, gentlemen, I would rather be the author of that poem than take Quebec.
Pàgina 70 - Then in came Denham, that limping old bard, Whose fame on the Sophy and Cooper's Hill stands ; And brought many stationers who swore very hard That nothing sold better, except 'twere his lands.
Pàgina 316 - Previously to his retiring to rest, he sat down to study, as was his common practice, and was shortly after alarmed by finding the cap in...
Pàgina 70 - Thames ! the most loved of all the Ocean's sons, By his old sire, to his embraces runs, Hasting to pay his tribute to the sea, Like mortal life to meet eternity. Though with those streams he no resemblance hold, Whose foam is amber and their gravel gold, His genuine and less guilty wealth t' explore, Search not his bottom, but survey his shore, O'er which he kindly spreads his spacious wing, And hatches plenty for th...
Pàgina 151 - ... even with those of the present government, who are most instrumental in my death. I freely forgive such, as ungenerously reported false things of me ; and I hope to be forgiven the trespasses of my youth by the Father of infinite mercy, into whose hands I commend my soul.
Pàgina 90 - In fine, a most excellent person he is, and must be allowed a little for a little conceitedness ; but he may well be so, being a man so much above others.
Pàgina 125 - Columbia, laborer, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil...

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