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Contaiping An Impartial RELATION

of all TRANSACTIONS, Foreign
and Domestick.

Chronological Diary

The remarkable OCCURRENCES,

viz. Births, Marriages, Deaths, Removals, Promotions, &c. that happen'd in this Year: Together with the Characters and Parentage of Persons deceafed, of eminent Rank.

For the Year 1730.

LONDON, Printed and fold by R, NUTT in the Old Baily,

near Ludgate, where compleat Secs and single Parts may be had, át is. cach Register. Sold also by E. Nuls at the Royal Exchange, R. Gosling in Fleet-ftreet, D. Browne with. out Templo Bar, Ç. King in Weftminfer-Hall, and at the Sun Fire Office behind the Royal Exchange.

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e is design'd for such Persons as think fit to bind the last Four Registers in one Volume : And for the same Reafon is added a Table of the Principal Matters contain'd in them.

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N the laft Quarterly Register we gave an Account of the Proceedings and Adjournment of the General Court of Nerv-England ; and were, for Want of Room, oblig'd to break

off before we intended ; but we will now present our Readers, according to our Promise then, with what is fince come to our Hand, relating to these Affairs.


N E :N G L M N : Proceedings of the Qeneral Court of New-England, contia

nued from Page 309 of the last Regifter. 09

N the 20th of August, 1729, his Excellency Wil.

liam Burnet, Esq; met the Great and General Court at Salem, and in the Afternoon made a Speech to them, and on the 23d was pleased to adjourn the said Court to the 27th of that Month, then to meet at Cambridge. The faid Speech is as follows: The SPEECH of his Excellency William Burnet, Elas

Eaptain-General and Governor in Chief in and over his Majesty's Provinces of the Massachusets-Bay in Newa England, &c. to the Great and General Court of Affema bly of the said Province, met at Salem, on Wednesday, August 20, 1729.

Gentlemen of the Council, and House of Representatives, :1

Have de ferr'd to speak to you hitherto, on purpose

that you might remain free and disengaged from any Share in the Disputes I have had with the late House of Representatives, 'till I had obtain’d the Judg.



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ment of the Crown upon them: I have at last receiv'd it in a full Manner, and in authentick Form, attested by a Clerk of Council; and I shall now read it to you, as a Matter of the greatest Weight and highest Concern that can be laid before you at this Time.

At the Court at Kensington, the 22d Day of May, 1729,

PRESENT, The Queen's Moft Excellent Majesty, Guardian of the

Kingdom of Great Britain, and his Majesty's Lieute. nant within the same, in Council.

His Royal Highness the Prince of WALES. Archbishop of Canterbury,

Earl of Grantham, Lord Chancellor,

Earl of Godolphir, Lord Privy Seal,

Earl of Loudoun, Lord Steward,

Earl of Findlater, Lord Chamberlain,

Earl of Marchimont, Duke of Somerset,

Earl of Ilay, Duke of Bolton,

Earl of Uxbridge, Duke of Rutland,

Earl of Suffex, Duke of Argyll,

Viscount Londsdale, Duke of Montrose,

Viscount Cubham, Duke of Kent,

Viscount Falmouth, Duke of Ancaster,

Lord Wylmington, Duke of Newcastle,

Mr. Speaker, Earl of Westmoreland,

Mr. Chan. of the Exchequer, Earl of Burlington, Master of the Rolls, Earl of Scarborough,

Sir Paul Methuen, Earl of Coventry,

Henry Pelham, Es9; Upon reading this Day at the Board a Report to his Majelty from the Lords

of the Committee of his Maje1ty's most Honourable Privy Council dated the 22d of the last Month, in the Words following, viz.

Our Majesty having been pleased, by your Order

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this Committee an Address from the House of Representatives of the Province of Mussachusets-Bay, offering the Reasons and Grounds of their Proceedings and Conclusions against the settling a fixed Salary of 1000 l. per Annum on the Governor of that Province, for the Time being, according to your Majesty's Instructions to the present Governor; and complaining against the Gover. nor for having adjourn'd the General Court from Boston to Salem :


The Lords of the Committee, in Obedience to your Majesty's faid Order, did proceed the fame Day to take the faid Address into their consideration : But being inform’d, that the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plan. tations had under their Examination fevera! Letters from William Burnet, Esq; your Majesty's Governor of that Province, relating to the Behaviour of the faid Arsembly upon this Afair, the Lords of the Committee did thereupon send a Copy of the said Address to the said Lords Commissioners, that they might have the whole Matter before them, and directed them to report their Opinion thereupon to this Committee.

And the faid Lords Commissioners having accordingly confidcr’d the said several Papers, and heard Mr. Attorney and Solicitor General, in Support of your Majesty's said Instructions, and also Counsel in Behalf of the said Affembly, have reported upon the whole, That the said Assembly feem'd entirely averse to settle a certain Salary upon the present Governor, and those who shall succeed him ; yet the faid Lords Commissioners judge it abfolutely necessary, That the Assembly should fettle a fixed Salary of 1000l. per Annum at least upon the Governor during the whole Time of his Government. It being absolutely necessary to your Majesty's Service, That the Independency of the Governor upon the Assembly fhould be preserv'd.

And that as to the Complaint against the Governor for removing the Assembly from Bafton to Salem, his late Majesty in Council, upon a former Complaint of this Nature, against Col. Shute, had 'determined that Point in Favour of the Governor. And therefore the said Lords Commissioners were of Opinion, The present Governor had acted in this Matter agreeable to that Deter, mination,

The Lords of the Committee hereupon beg Leave to acquaint your Majesty, That notwithstanding the said Lords Commissioners for Trade had fully heard all the Reasons that were offer'd on the Behalf of the Assembly, yet the Agents of the faid Affembly petition'd this Com mittee on the 19th of this Inftant, praying that they might be admitted to be heard before their Lordships: Whereupon their Lordships thought it proper to know upon what Point they would infift

, That your Majesly's Attorney and Sollicitor-General might be prepar'd to answer the same; and they desir'd to be heard upon the Reasons they had to offer,

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