Imatges de pÓgina
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and should have been Immortal, 'though
God the Son had not united himself with
our Nature. These to me, seem to gainsay
the words of Christ, for it is not by the
Reasonabless, but their Union with the Soul
of Christ, that makes them immortal : I sup-
pose, they will not say, that our Bodies shall
rise from death, only because they are hu-
man Bodies: No, for both these are the ef-
fects of this Union, which Christ called the
Eating his Flesh, and Drinking his Blood and
nothing else; and therefore St. John faith,
God hath given to us Eternal Life, and this 1 John
Life is in his Son; he addeth, He that bath 5:11,
the Son hath Life, and he that hath not the Son
hath not Life.

To this most Holy Son of God, and Son
of Man, onr ever bleffed Redeemer and Sa-
viour, together with the Eternal Father and
the Divine Spirit of both, Benediction, Ho-
nour and Thanksgiving for ever and ever.
Amen, Amen.

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