Re-Imagining Educational Leadership

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If one is concerned with the future of education this book is a must. While it is humbling it is also an inspirational invitation for transformation' - "Florida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy


It is clear that school leadership has had to adapt to the changing educational climate and this has required changes at all levels, as well as shifts in balance. This book addresses these challenges and demonstrates a variety of illustrative examples of how successful these changes can be. This is a useful primer for those studying leadership in schools and some of the associated theories and practice . There are wide and well-considered references across the educational and management lendscape and it provides thought-provoking views on how leadership can be practised'-ESCalate

The fact that we know you are watching, Brian, helps all of us both to perform well in the present and to invent a future in which we perform better still I commend Brian's writings to anyone committed to world-class public education' "- Professor Sir Michael Barber, Expert Partner, Global Public Sector Practice, McKinsey and Company, Former Head of Prime Minister's Delivery Unit at 10 Downing Street


In Re-imagining Educational Leadership Brian Caldwell has set an outstanding framework for school leaders and educators to fundamentally rethink schools and school leadership. The book is very perceptive and links ideas and concepts to the practical reality of schools in an inspiring and imaginative way. This is a 'must read' book for all those involved in developing inspiring leadership in our schools. This is a major contribution to the educational literature'" - Professor Brent Davies, Professor of International Leadership Development at the University of Hull


Brian Caldwell has successfully brought together an analysis of past and current practice in leadership but, most significantly, he has outlined key thoughts, ideas and perspectives to inspire leaders in their personal learning journey in the future... This book will become one of the key sources of ideas for leadership in schools over the next few years. It is both accessible and thought provoking while never losing the practical relevance to schools and school leaders. This is a "must read" for all those involved in educational leadership and 21st century schooling' - "International Journal of Educational Management


We do not know the precise form that education will take in different settings in 25 years' time. No-one does. No-one should claim to have this foresight. Leadership is required, however, regardless of the form that education takes.

In this book, Brian Caldwell draws on his work on self-managing schools, his most recent work in the UK with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, and on evidence from around the world, to describe how leadership is changing the world of education on a scale that can best be described as transformation. Such leadership differs in important ways from what has been expected in the past: it requires a change in role at all levels, and shifts the balance from what is often a dispiriting and discouraging experience to one that is exhilarating.

The author's insight and recommendations are essential reading for all school leaders, potential school leaders and policy makers at local and national levels who seek to secure high levels of achievement for all students in all settings.

About the author

Brian J. Caldwell is Managing Director of Melbourne-based Educational Transformations, and Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne where he served as Dean of Education from 1998 to 2004. He is Associate Director-Global of International Networking for Educational Transformation, a project of the London-based Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. Brian is internationally known as an expert in educational leadership. Awards include the Gold Medal of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders, the Hedley Beare Educator of the Year Award (Victoria), and the College Medal (Australia) of the Australian College of Educators.

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Chapter 1 Imagination and reimagination
Reimagining the selfmanaging school
Chapter 2 The need to reimagine the selfmanaging school
Chapter 3 Transformation
Chapter 4 Synergy
Chapter 5 Sagacity
Chapter 6 The new image of the selfmanaging school
The new enterprise logic of schools
Exhilarating leadership
Chapter 12 Exhilarating leadership
Chapter 13 Master class
Chapter 14 Leader voice
Chapter 15 Master strategy
Chapter 16 Going global going faster
Chapter 17 The new image of the educational leader

Chapter 7 The new enterprise
Chapter 8 The new school
Chapter 9 The new system
Chapter 10 The new profession
Chapter 11 The new leader
A framework for the assessment of governance in education
Knowledge management Sample indicators

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