Imatges de pÓgina

To the Earl of P---B---W.

Written in the Year 1726.

MORDANTO fills the Trump of Fame,

The Christian World his Deeds proclaim, And Prints are crouded with his Name:

IN Journeys he out-rides the Post, Sits up till Midnight with his Hoft, Talks Politicks, and gives the Toast.

Knows ev'ry Prince in Europe's Face, Flies like a Squib from Place to Place, And travels not, but runs a Race.

From Paris Gazette A-la-main,
This Day arriv'd without his Train,
Mordanto in a Week from Spain.

A MESSENGER comes all a-reek,
Mordanto at Madrid to seek :
He left the Town above a Week.

Next Day the Post-boy winds his Horn, And rides through Dover in the Morn: Mordanto's landed from Leghorn.

MORDANTO gallops on alone,
The Roads are with his Foll'wers ftrown,
This breaks a Girth, and that a Bone.

His Body active as his Mind,
Returning found in Limb and Wind,
Except fome Leather loft behind.

A SKELETON in outward Figure,
His mieagre Corps, though full of Vigour;
Would halt behind him were it bigger.

So wonderful his Expedition,

you have not the least Suspicion,
He's with you like an Apparition.

SHINes in all Climates like a Star;
In Senates bold, and fierce in War,
A Land-Commander, and a Tarr.

HEROICK Actions early bred in,
Ne'er to be match'd in modern Reading,
But by his Name-fake Charles of Sweden.

ADVICE to the Grub-ftreet Verse


Written in the Year 1726.


E Poets ragged and forlorn,

Down from your Garrets haste,
Ye Rhimers, dead as soon as born,

Not yet consign'd to Paste ;
I know a Trick to make

O, 'cis à quaint Device:
Your still-born Poems shall revive,

And scorn to wrap up Spice.



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Get all your Verses printed fair,

Then let them well be dry'd ; And, Curl must have a special Care

To leave the Margin wide. Lend thefe to Paper-sparing Pope;

And, when he fits to write,
No Letter with an Envelope

Could give him more Delight.
When Pope has filled the Margins round,

Why, then recall your Loan ;
Sell them to Curl for Fifty Pound,

And swear they are your own.

The DOG and THIEF.

Written in the Year 1726.

UOTH the Thief to the Dog; let me into


your Door,

And I'll give you these delicate Bits : Quoth the Dog, I should then be more Villain than

you’re, And besides must be out of my Wits : Your delicate Bits will not serve me a Meal,

But my Mafter each Day gives me Bread; You'll fly when you get what you come here to steal, And I must be hang'd in your Stead.


The Stock-jobber thus, from Change- Alley goes down,

And tips you the Freeman a Wink; Let me have but your Vote to serve for the Town,

And here is a Guinea to drink.

Said the Freeman, your Guinea To-night would be

Your Offers of Bribery cease ;
I'll vote for my Landlord, to whom I
Or else, I




pay Rent,

From London they come, filly People to choufe,

Their Lands and their faces unknown ; Who'd vote a Rogue into the Parliament-house,

That would turn a Man out of his own?

Dr. S-t to Mr. Pope, while he was

writing the Dunciad.

Written in the Year 1726.

Pope has the Talent well

to speak, But not to reach the Ear's His loudest Voice is low and weak,

The Dean too deaf to hear.

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A while they on each other look,

Then diff'rent Studies chuse; The Dean sits plodding on a Book,

Pope walks, and courts the Muse.

Now Backs of Letters, though design'd

For those, who more will need 'em, Are fill'd with Hints, and interlin'd,

Himself can hardly read 'em.

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Each Atom by some other struck,

All Turns and Motions tries; Till in a Lump together stuck,

Behold a Poem rise !

Yet to the Dean his Share allot;

He claims it by a Canon ; That without which a Thing is not,

Is, caufa fine quâ non.

you boast

your Wit ;

Thus; Pope, in vain

For, had our deaf Divine Been for your Conversation fit,

You had not writ a Line.

Of * Sberlock thus, for Preaching fam'd,

The Sexton reason'd well,
And justly half the Merit claim'd,
Because he rang tbe Bell.


N.B. Not the present Bifhop of BANGOR, but his Father, who was Dean of St. Paul's; the Son being only famous for

***ing Speech in the H- of L

his en

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