Imatges de pÓgina

The Author having been told by an intimate

Friend, that the Duke of Queensberry had employed Mr. Gay to inspect the Accounts and Management of his Grace's Receivers and Stewards, (which, however, proved afterwards to be a Mistake) writ to Mr. Gay the following Poem.

Written in the Year 1731.


Ow could you, Gay, disgrace the Muses

To ferve a tastelefs C—rt, twelve Years in vain?
Fain would I think, our Female Friend sincere,
Till B-, the Poet's Fae possess’d her Ear.
Did Female Virtue e'er so high afcend,
To lose an Inch of Favour for a Friend?


SAY, had the Court no better Place to chuse
For thee, than make a dry Nurse of thy Muse?
How cheaply had thy Liberty been fold,
To squire a || Royal Girl of two Years old!
In Leading-strings her Infant-steps to guide ;
Or, with her Go-cart, amble Side by Side,

But, + princely Douglass, and his glorious Dame, Advanc'd thy Fortune, and preserv'd thy Fame,



Mrs. H-RD, now C ss of s | Mr. Gay was appointed Gentleman-Usher to one of the Princesses, which he refused.


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Nor, will your nobler Gifts be misapply'd,
When o'er your Patron's Treasure you preside.
The World shall own, his Choice was wise and just,
For, Sons of Phæbus never break their Trust.

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Not Love of Beauty less the Heart inflames
Of Guardian Eunuchs to the Sultan Dames,
Their Passions not more impotent and cold,
Than those of Poets to the Luft of Gold.
With Pean's purest Fire his Favourites glow ;
The Dregs will serve to ripen Ore below;
His meanest Work : For, had he thought it fit,
That, Wealth should be the Appenage of Wit,
The God of Light could ne'er have been so blind,
To deal it to the worst of human-kind.

But, let me now, for I can do it well,
Your Conduct in this new Employ foretell.

And first: To make my Observation right,
I place a STATESMAN full before my Sight:
A bloated M-in all his Geer,
With shameless Visage, and perfidious Leer.
Two Rows of Teeth arm each devouring Jaw;
And, Ostrich-like, his all digesting Maw.
My Fancy drags this Monster to my View,
To fhew the World his chief Reverse in you.
Of loud unmeaning Sounds, a rapid Flood
Rolls from his Mouth in-plenteous Streams of Mud;
With these, the C-t and Ste-house he plies,
Made up of Noise, and Impudence, and Lies.


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Now, let me shew how B- and you agree,
You serve a * potent Prince, as well as He.
The Ducal Coffers, trusted to your Charge,
Your honest Care may fill ; perhaps enlarge.
His Vaffals easy, and the Owner bleft;
They pay a Trifle, and enjoy the rest.
Not so a Nation's Revenues are paid :
The Servants Faults are on the Master laid,
The People with a Sigh their Taxes bring;
And cursing B-, forget to bless the

Next, hearken Gay, to what thy Charge re

quires, With Servants, Tenants, and the neighb'ring Squires. Let all Domesticks feel your gentle Sway: Nor bribe, insult, nor flatter, nor betray. Let due Reward to Merit be allow'd ; Nor, with your KINDRED balf the Palace crowd. Nor, think


self secure in doing wrong, By telling Noses with a Party strong.

Be rich; but of your Wealth make no Parade; At least, before your Master's Debts are paid. Nor, in a Palace built with Charge immense, Presume to treat bim at bis own Expence. Each Farmer in the Neighbourhood can count, To what your lawful Perquisites amount. The Tenants poor, the Hardness of the Times, Are ill Excuses for a Servant's Crimes :


* A Title given to every Duke by the Heralds.

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With Int'rest, and a Præmium paid beside,
The Master's pressing Wants must be supply'd ;
With hafty Zeal, behold the Steward come,
By his own Credit to advance the Sum ;
Who, while th' unrighteous Mammon is his Friend,
May well conclude his Pow'r will never end.
A faithful Treas'rer! What could he do more?
He lends my Lord, what was my Lord's before.

The Law fo ftrictly guards the Monarch's

That no Physician dares prescribe by Stealth :
The Council fit; approve the Doctor's Skill;
And give Advice before he gives the Pill.
But, the State-Emp'ric acts a safer Part;
And while he poisons, wins the Royal Heart.

BUT, how can I describe the rav’nous Breed? Then, let me now by Negatives proceed.

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SUPPOSE your Lord a trusty Servant fend,
On weighty Bus’ness, to some neighboring Friend:
Presume not, Gay, unless you serve a Drone,
To countermand his Orders by your own.

SHOULD some impericus Neighbour sink the Boats;
And drain the Fish-ponds; while your Master doats ;
Shall he upon the Ducal Rights intrench,
Because he brib’d you with a Brace of Tench?


Nor, from your Lord his bad Condition hide; To feed his Luxury, or footh his Pride.


Nor, at an under Rate his Timber fell ;
And, with an Oath, assure him ; all is well.
Or, * swear it rotten ; and with humble Airs,
Request it of him to compleat your Stairs,
Nor, when a Mortgage lies on half his Lands,
Come with a Purse of Guineas in



Have + Peter Walters always in your Mind ; That Rogue of genuine ministerial Kind : Can half the Peerage by his Arts bewitch ; Starve twenty Lords to make one Scoundrel rich: And, when he gravely has undone a Score, Is humbly pray'd to ruin Twenty more.

A Dext'rous Steward, when his Tricks are

found, | Hush money sends to all the Neighbours round: His Master, unsuspicious of his Pranks, Pays all the Coft, and gives the Villain Thanks ; And, should a Friend attempt to set him right, His Lordship would impute it all to Spight: Would love his Fav'rite better than before; And trust his Honesty just so much more. Thus Families, like R-ms, with equal Fate, May sink by premier Ministers of State.


* These Lines are thought to allude to some Story concerning a great Quantity of Mohoganny, declared rotten, and then applied by some Body to Wainscots, Stairs, Door-Cafes, &c.

# He hath practised this Trade for many Years, and still continues, it with Success; and after he hath ruined one Lord, is carnestly follicited to take another. # A Cant Word.

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