Imatges de pÓgina
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So never offer'd once to ftir ;
But coldly said, Your Servant, Sir.
Does he refuse me? HARLEY cry'd ;
He does, with Insolence and Pride.


Some few Days after, HARLEY spies
The Doctor faften’d by the Eyes
At Charing Cross, among the Rout,
Where painted Monsters dangle out.
He pulld the String, and stopt his Coach,
Beck’ning the Doctor to approach.



SI, who could neither fly nor hide,
Came sneaking to the Chariot-Side,
And offer'd many a lame Excuse:
He never meant the least Abuse-
My Lord The Honour you defign'd.
Extremely proud- but I bad din'd
I'm sure I never fou'd negleft-
No Man alive bas more Respect

70 66 Well,

54. Benigne, Respondet, 55. Negat ille mihi?

56. Negat improbus, & te Negligit, aut horret. 57.

Volteium mane Philippus, Vilia vendentem tunicato scruta popello, Occupat, & falvere jubet prior

65. Ille Philippo Excufare laborem




“ Well, I shall think of that no more,
“ If you'll be sure to come at Four.
The Doctor now obeys the Summons ;
Likes both his Company, and Commons ;
Displays his Talent ; sits till Ten;
Next Day invited, comes again :

domestick ; feldom fails
Either at Morning, or at Meals :
Came carly, and departed late:
In short, the Gudgeon took the Bait,
My Lord would carry on the Jest,
And down to Windsor takes his Guest.
S-t much admires the Place and Air,
And longs to be a Canon there ;
In Summer, round the Park to ride,
In Winter never to reside.
A Canon! That's a Place too mean ;
No, Doctor, you shall be a Dean ;
Two dozen Canons round your Stall,
And you the Tyrant o'er them all :

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.-Sic ignovifle pútato Me tibi, fi cænas hodie mecum. Ut libet. Ergo Poft nonam venies :

74. Ut ventum ad cænam est, dicenda, tacenda locutus
Tandem dormitum demititur. Hic ubi fæpe
Occultum visus decurrere piscis ad hamum,
Mane cliens, & jam cercus conviva ;-

81. -Jubetur
Rura suburbana indictis comes ire Latinis.
Impositus mannis arvum cælumque Sabinum
Non cessat laudare.

27. Videt: ridetque Philippus,

You need but cross the Irish Seas,
To live in Plenty, Power, and Ease.
Poor S-t departs; and, what is worse,
With borrow'd Money in his Purse;
Travels, at least a Hundred Leagues, :
And suffers numberless Fatigues.

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SUPPOSE him, now, a Dean compleat,
Demurely lolling in his Seat ;
The Silver Verge, with decent Pride,
Stuck underneath his Cushion-Side.

Suppose him gone thro’all Vexations,
Patents, Instalments, Abjurations,
First-Fruits and Tenths, and Chapter-Treats,
Dues, Payments, Fees, Demands, and Cheats,
(The wicked Layety's contriving,

To hinder Clergymen from thriving)
Now all the Doctor's Money's spent,
His Tenants wrong him in his Rent ;
The Farmers, spightfully, combin'd,
Force him to take his Tythes in Kind;
And * Parvifol discounts Arrears,
By Bills, for Taxes and Repairs.


Poor St, with all his Lofles vext, Not knowing where to turn him next,


107.-Oves furto, morbo periere capelles ; Spem mentita feges, bos eft enectus arando ;

* The Dean's Agent, a Frenchman.

113. Offenfus damnis, media de nocte caballum Arripit, iratusque Philippi tendit ad ædes.



Above a Thousand Pounds in Debt,
Takes Horse, and in a mighty Fret,
Rides Day and Night at such a Rate,
He soon arrives at HARLEY's Gate :
But was so dirty, pale, and thin,
Old * Read would hardly let him in.

I 20

SAID HARLEY, welcome Rev'rend Dean;
What makes your Worship look so lean?
Why, sure you won't appear in Town,
In that old Wig, and rufty Gown?
I doubt your Heart is set on Pelf

So much, that you neglect yourself.
What? I suppose now Stocks are high,
You've some good Purchase in your Eye;
Or is your Money out at Use?
Truce, good my Lord, I beg a Truce; 13
(The Doctor in a Passion cry'd,)
Your Raillery is misapply'd :
Experience I have dearly bought,
You know I am not worth a Groat,
Bat it's a Folly to contest,

When you resolve to have your Jeft:
And since you now have done your worst,
Pray leave me, where you found me first.


* The Lord Treasurer's Porter.

121. Quem fimul afpexit scabrum intonfúmque Philippus : Durus, ait, Voltei, nimis, attentusque videris Elle mihi.

136. Quod te per Geniuin dextramque Deofque Penate, Obfecro, & obteftor; vitæ me redde priori..

HORACE, Lib. 2. Sat. 6.

Part of it imitated.

Written in the Year 1713.


OFTEN wish'd that I had clear,

For Life, six Hundred Pounds a Year ;
A handsome House to lodge a Friend,
A River at my Garden's End;
A Terras Walk, and half a Rood
Of Land, set out to plant a Wood.


Well: Now I have all this and more:
I ask not to encrease my Store;
And should be perfectly content,
Could I but live on this Side Trent ;
Nor cross the Channel twice a Year,
To spend fix Months with Statemen here:


I must by all means come to Town, 'Tis for the Service of the Crown.

66 Lewis ; ...

1. Hoc erat in yotis : modus agri non ita magnus, Hortus ubi, & tecto vicinus jugis aquæ fons, Et paulum filvæ super his foret.

7. Di melius fecet.

Auctius atque

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