The Ministry Of The Saints: Rediscovering The Destiny of Every Believer

Destiny Image Publishers, 28 de jul. 2011 - 176 pàgines

Do you attend church seeking God, only to find that that are still not satisfied?

Do you long for a more personal experience---A real experience with your God?

More and more people are searching---just like you. They are looking everywhere for answers that will lead to a deeper, more meaningful reality of their walk with God. This reality will release the saints to do what they are called to do.

  • You are about to discover that your unique life is intended to play
    a significant role in a new Holy Ghost renovation of the Church.
  • You will realize that genuine ministry is not based on the gifts
    of a single man but in a "multi-faceted, many-sided ministry"---
    of which you are a vital part.
  • You will understand why "the one man show" is over. True ministry is
    many people working together to accomplish one goal---fulfilling the
    ministry of Christ.
A new style of leader with a new heart for the saints is required for such a revolutionary shift in thought and action. Dr. Mark Hanby lays out Paul's original goal for all five-fold ministry---"the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Christ." His nearly fifty years in worldwide ministry has uniquely prepared him to see the need of church and to call forth the saints, everyday believers like you and I, to fulfill their place in God's plan for the earth.

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Defining Multiplicity of Ministry
Prerequisites for Establishing a Multiplicity of Ministry
Preparing for a Multiplicity of Ministry
Multiplicity of Ministry Within the Local Church
The Alignment of Church Government
Ministry Titles
The Operation of the FiveFaceted Ministry
The Requirement of Spiritual Implementation
Ministry of the Saints
Bringing the Church to the World

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Sobre l'autor (2011)

Dr. Mark Hanby is internationally known as a dynamic speaker and teacher of church government and spiritual order. Widely esteemed as a true apostle to the ministry and church at large, he has traveled the globe giving oversight and support to leadership in the Body of Christ. Although they travel extensively, Mark and his wife Linda find time to relax and enjoy their lovely ranch home nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

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