A History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans, Volum 6

J. Mawman, 1825

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Pàgina 216 - is a prince of most royal courage : rather than "• miss any part of his will, he will endanger one " half of his kingdom : and I do assure you, I " have often kneeled before him, sometimes for " three hours together to persuade him from his " appetite, and could not prevail.
Pàgina 188 - I have hitherto had so great plenty, that all the days of my life I am most bound of all creatures, next the King's grace, to love and serve your grace ; of the which I beseech you never to doubt that ever I shall vary from this thought as long as any breath is in my body.
Pàgina 188 - I desire that much, and if it be God's pleasure, I pray him to send this matter shortly to a good end, and then I trust, my Lord, to recompense part of your great pains.
Pàgina 216 - Kingston, had I but served God as diligently as I have served the King, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Pàgina 235 - ... protector and only supreme head of the church and clergy of England.
Pàgina 460 - ... bishops, speak slanderously of priests, and rebuke and taunt preachers, both, contrary to good order and Christian fraternity. If you know surely...
Pàgina 204 - Although Wolsey privately regretted the delay, his spirit would not brook this insult to his order. Rising with apparent coolness, he said, " Sir, of all men living, you have least reason to dispraise Cardinals ; for if I a poor Cardinal had not been, you would not at this present have had a head upon your shoulders wherewith to make such a brag in disrepute of us who have meant you no harm, and have given you no cause of offence.
Pàgina 254 - ... he should be obliged to take, he did not intend to bind himself to anything contrary to the law of God, or prejudicial to the rights of the king, or prohibitory of such reforms as he might judge useful to the church of England*.
Pàgina 200 - I beseech you to pity me, a woman and a stranger, without an assured friend and without an indifferent counsellor. I take God to witness that I have always been to you a true and loyal wife, that I have made it my constant duty to seek your pleasure, that I have loved all whom you loved, whether I have reason or not, whether they are friends to me or foes. I have been your wife for years, I have brought you many children. God knows that when I came to your bed I was...
Pàgina 209 - He explained to me his hard case in the worst rhetoric [that was ever heard. Both his tongue and his heart failed him. He recommended himself to the pity of the king and madame (Francis...

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