Imatges de pÓgina




Publish'd from her


To which are prefix'd,

Several Curious Letters written

to the Editor on the Subject.

Printed for WARD and CHANDLER, at the

Ship without Temple-Bar; JOHN Wood and
CHARLES WOODWARD, at the Dove in
Pater-Nofter-Row; and THOMAS WALLER,
in the Middle-Temple Cloysters.


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HAD last Night the Honour of being in Company with your Spouse, the Conversation happening to turn on the excellent Character of Pa

mela, (now made publick) he said “ Mrs. Jervis the House-keeper, mentioned in " those Letters, was Aunt to his Wife, who had “ others by her, found among the Papers of Mrs.Jervis, written by Pamela to her Aunt, Co« pies of others to different People, and Originals " of several which she herself had receiv'd, fuffi« cient to furnish a Volume, if not more, and to ' compleat her Life.

“ « This Account, Madam, occasions you the « T-rouble of my Address, as it would be an Ine “ jury to the Memory of that incomparable Lady « and to the Publick, which stands in necd of “ such Examples of Virtue, to let them longer le


« in Oblivion, befide, Madám, you may make

the pious Pamela be a Relief to the modest « Poor (éven after her Death) by suffering these « Pieces to be printed A Profit will certainly ( arise froin their Sale, the Town being so für

prizingly (considering our present. Degeneracy)

prepoiless d in her Favour by the two Volumes " of Letters which are publish'd, and as your " easy. Fortune sets you above applying to your

own Use such unexpected Money, you may “ fucceed your Aunt in the Post of Almoner, as cc

did in that of House-keeper to the illustrious • Pamela.

I am, Madam,

Your very humble Servant,
To Mrs. Mary

B. W.


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IN Answer to the Favour of yours, I aftáre

you ! shall readily' come into anty Proposal " which may contribute to the perpetuating the « sweet Odout of my låte inestimable Lady's Mc

« Mt. Brenville informed you truly, with re" gard to the Letters l' have' by me, but I am “ no Judge as to their making either one or more « Volumes.

“ I did indeed succeed my' Aunt in the Care « of the Family in Bedfordjhire, but you will “ observe in perusing the Letters in my Potter" fion, that I had the Honour of being admitted

to that exemplary Lady's Service some Time “ before the Death of my Aunt Fervis. I am <<"mentioned by my Maiden Name, Vaughan, “ House-keeper at the Lincolnshire Estate after “ Mrs. Jerukes was dismis’d.


si Beside the Letters you mention in yours I “ have some loose Notes, which, poffibly, with “ what I may be able to recollect of Passages “ while in her Service, to her Death, (a Period,

when it occurs to my Memory,which will still call « forth my Tears) may enable you to compile the “ Life of that Pattern of Humility and. Piety.

" Whenever you please to fix a Day, I will put all the Papers I have into your Hands for

your Perufal, and if you think they-inay be of “ use to the Publick, and an Advantage to the “ Neceffitous, I shall chearfully resign them to ir

your Discretion. "If you are not of Opinion that they will an, « swer these Views, I must infiit on your re: “ turning them, I prize these Papers greatly, and “ have been the better for ofren reading them. “ Indeed some of my Acquaintance who have read “ this literary Correspondence, have said it was « with Pleasure and Profit, that they contain “ such excellent Instructions for our Conduct in “ this Life, as, if follow'd, may secure our Hape “ piness both here and hereafter, " The Reverend Mr. M

to whom “ I lent them, said, for he knew my Lady, " that none but herself could so, well have « drawn her. Picture : She was what the apa s pears in her Writings, a dutiful and loving « Daughter, a moft observant and obliging " Wife, a humane and confiderate Miftress, and

tender Mother to the Poom I do not “ mention, continued the Divine, ber Prudence, « with regard to her children, though I was.


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