Imatges de pÓgina

Bill of Mortality, as observed and reported by Isaac Ball,

M. D. Assistant in the Board of Health of New York, commencing January 1st, and ending Dec. 31, 1815.

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Variola, (small-pox,) varicella, (chicken-pox, &c.) have prevailed in the city and suburbs of New York. The first has been attended with great mortality, and by the number of its victims (about one hundred and ninety,) it has certainly proved that vaccination is either much neglected, or not universally resorted to for prevention. Not a single instance of failure, however, has been heard of, that has been attended with fatal

small pox.

Of this loathsome disease Sydenham has witnessed the great influence or agency of the atmospheric constitution, to propagate and extend its ravages, at different periods of time, with aggravated symptoms, which seemed to constitute various sorts of small.pox. (Vide Syd. by Rush, sec. iii. c. 1.) Hence, besides its casual introduction from abroad, the keeping of variolous matter by physicians, or other persons, even for practical use or experiments, is much to be deprecated as an additional cause of danger. At this late period (January 30,) we cannot foretel, amidst so large a population, how and when it will be extirpated.--New-York Med. Repository, Feb. 1816.




NATHANIEL CHAPMAN, M. D. Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Physic, and of Clinical Medicine.

John SYNG DORSEY, M. D. Professor of Materia Medica.

At a public Commencement held at the University on the fifth day of April, 1816, the Degree of DOCTOR OF MEDICINE was conferred on the following gentlemen, who submitted the Theses subjoined to their respective names.

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E. Boudinot Stockton,



On Diseases of the Head from

Affections of the Stomach.
On Sleep.
On Hæmoptysis.
On the Functions of the Ner-

vous System.
On the Influence of Physical

Causes on the Moral Faculty.
On Rheumatism.
On Dyspepsia.
Account of an Epidemic Dy-

On the laws Regulating the

Temperature of the Body. 2 L

No. 22.

Joseph K. Swift,
John Harris, .
Joseph A. Tate,

Ralph Lee,


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District of Columbia. Edmund Fitzhugh,

On Animal Heat.

Philip W. Spark, William G. Nice,


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On Eupatorium Perfoliatum.
On the External Application of

On Cynanche Trachealis.
On the Epidemic of 1815.
On Typhus Fever.
On Secale Cornutum.
On Hepatitis.
On Typhus Fever.
On Specifics.
On Typhus Pneumonia.
On Scrofula.
On Amenorrhea.
On Chronic Aphthæ.
On Dysentery.
On Typhus.
On Cynanche Trachealis.
On the Physiology of the Skin.
On the Modus Operandi of


Peterson W. Harper, John C. Pegram, . William A. O. Brown, Alexandler Erskine, Thomas N. Cameron, Joseph Dudley, William H. Robertson, Wallace Estell, John G. Crouch, Robert G. Mosely, William R. M Caw, Robert B. Honeyman, Creed Haskins, Samuel C. Dickenson, John T. Garland, M. S. Watkins,

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Philadelphia, March, 1816.
The following Managers were elected for the present year,
Joseph Crukshank,

Samuel Pancoast, Jun.
Charles Marshall,

William Leedom, Benjamin Thaw,

Matthew L. Bevan, Dr. Thomas C. James,

William Hembell, Jun. Dr. Joseph Parrish,

Benjamin Jones, Jun. Dr. John W. Moore, Isaac Snowden.

The following Officers of the Institution were chosen by the managers.

Joseph Crukshank, President.
Joseph P. Hornor, Treasurer.
Isaac Snowden, Secretary
Inspectors of the Apparatus.

William Hembell, Jun,

William Leedom.
Committee of Correspondence.
Doctor Thomas C. James,

Joseph Parrish,
John W. Moore.

Botanical Garden. The Subscribers inform the public, that the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania are taking measures to establish a BOTANICAL GARDEN, in or near the city of Philadelphia. The funds granted them by the Legislature not being ade. quate, the public are invited to extend their patronage to this interesting and important object.

A Botanical Garden, calculated to afford the highest benefit on the Medical School, the greater facilities to the study and improvement of the Science, and recreation to the citizens at large, requires considerable expense in its establishment, as well as in its subsequent maintenance and improvement.

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