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College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

JULY 2d, 1816. The following officers of the College were this day duly clected.

Doctor Adam Kuhn.

Vice President.
Doctor Thomas Parke.

Doctor Caspar Wistar,

Samuel P. Griffitts,
William Currie,
Thomas T. Hewson.

Doctor Thomas C. James.

Doctor Joseph Parrish.



PENNSYLVANIA HOSPITAL. Patients remaining in the house April 22, 1815 146 admitted from that time to April 27, 1816 681

827 of these the number Cured is


Children born in the house 11



827 Out-Patients. Cured

891 Relieved

39 Disorderly

30 Delivered

2 Died

138 Remain



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MAY 13th, 1816.

The following Physicians were chosen for the ensuing twelve months:

Doctors Thomas Parke,

P.S. Physick,
John Syng Dorsey,
Joseph Hartshorne,
John C. Otto,
Samuel Calhoun.

For the Department,
Dr. Thomas C. James.

For Out-Patients,

Dr. John W. Moore. JUNE 24.-Dr. Joseph Parrish was elected physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital, in the place of Dr. Physick, resigned.


May 11th, 1816.

Ar an extra-commencement held this day, the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on DANIEL DRAKE, of Cincinnati, in the state of Ohio.


State of the weather at Philadelphia during the first six months of 1816.


Thermometer-Lowest, at 8 A. M. 6. 15th of the month, Highest, at 3 P. M. 46. 23d.



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Winds-northerly and westerly-Delaware frozen on the 9th, and broke up on the 24th-several snows.


Thermometer-Lowest, at 8 A. M. 8. 9th and 15th days of

the month.

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Highest, at 3 P. M. 58. 4th.


Winds-southerly and westerly, for the most part-not much rain-no snow-a mild month.-A severe earthquake on the second inst. about one o'clock P. M. at Lisbon, and one early in the morning of the same day at Madeira-duration from 3 to 4 minutes at each place.

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Thermometer-Lowest, at 8 A. M. 14. 8th day of the month. Highest, at 3 P. M. 70. 27th.


Mean, Winds-variable-chiefly northerly and westerly.-Three or four snows this month; little rain.-Ice-islands met with off the coast on the 31st.-Earthquake in England on the 17th.

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Thermometer-Lowest, at 8 A. M. 33. 16th day of the month. Highest, at 3 P. M. 75. 27th and 29th.



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Winds-westerly winds prevailed the last three weeks of the month dry.-Ice in the gutters on the 16th. The news. papers of this month mention the existence of the plague at Naples.--Spots in the sun appeared in this and the following month.


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Thermometer--Lowest, at 8 A.M. 38. 16th day of the month.

Highest, at 3 P. M. 76. 22d and 31st.

. 58. Winds--westerly most prevalentan uncommonly dry, cool month-some snow on the 24th.—Shad large but not so plentiful as common. Locusts in North and South Carolina, and in Georgia, in this and last month.-An earthquake on the first day of the month at New York. The bank of the Mississippi gave way near New Orleans, and the city was inundated to an extensive degree,

Thermometer-Lowest, at 8 A. M, 50. 7th day of the month.

Highest, at 3 P. M. 90. 14th.

70. Winds variable-westerly and easterly most prevalentweather alternately hot and cold-refreshing rains--some heavy thunder.—The coldness and dampness of the preceding months have been injurious to vegetation--but there is a prospect of a good harvest in many places-Fruit abundantheavy snows in Vermont, Massachusetts and Canada.--Hæ. moptoe unusually prevalent here in the beginning of the spring. Intermittents, of a common mild character, and acute rheumatism, frequent throughout the spring-Erysipelas uncommonly prevalent in May and June--small pox continues-measles ands carlatina have occurred for some time past, though not to any considerable degree, .

Vol. VI.

3 G

No. 23.


Medicine, Surgery, &C.

Lectures on Inflammation, exhibiting a view of the General Doctrines, pathological and practical, of Medical Surgery. By John Thomas, M.D. F.R.S.E. Professor of Surgery in the Royal College of Surgeons, &c.

An Essay on the Yellow Fever, with observations concerning Febrile Contagion, Typhus Fever, Dysentery and the Plague; partly delivered at the Gulstonian Lectures before the College of Physicians, in the years 1806 and 1807. By Edward Nathaniel Bancroft, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c.

Reports of the pestilential disorder of Andalusia which appeared at Cadiz, in the years 1800, 1804, 1810 and 1813, with a detailed account of that fatal epidemic, as it prevailed at Gibraltar, during the autumnal months of 1804, &c. By Sir James Fellowes, M.D. F.R.S.E. and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians London, &c. &c.

A Practical and Historical Treatise of Consumptive Diseases, deduced from Original Observations, and collected from authors of all ages. By Thomas Young, M.D. F.R. and L.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c.

A Treatise on Forensic Medicine, or Medical Jurisprų. dence. By O. W. Parthy.

Elements of Pathology and Therapeutics; being the outlines of a work intended to ascertain the Nature, Causes and most efficacious modes of prevention and cure of the greater number of diseases incidental to the human frame; illustrated by numerous cases and dissections. By Caleb Hillier Parry, M.D.F.R.S. &c. Vol. I. General Pathology.

A critical Inquiry into the Pathology of Scrofula; in which the origin of that disease is accounted for on new principles; and a new and much improved method is recommended and explained for the treatment of it. By George Henning, M.D.


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