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ty-two individuals who were formerly Beneficiaries, that since they cominenced preparation for the ministry, they have taught schools and academies 201 years; instructed 26,865 children and youth ; have been instrumental of 183 revivals of religion, and of the hopesul conversion of about 20,000 souls,-each soul worth more than a world, according to the estimate of Jesus Christ. They now instruct in Bible Classes in their parishes, 14,800 individu. als; and preach statedly to about 40,000 hearers. There are contributed in their parishes annually, for various benevolent purposes, 16,000 dollars. If ninety-two Beneficiaries bave effected so much good, what has been accomplished by all who have received aid from the Society! And be it remembered, that all this is clear gain to Zion and the world, and that it has been effected through the instrumentality of the American Education Society.

Is it said, that some of these young men would have educated themselves by their own efforts? Be it so. But the Society by its publications, agents, and efforts generally, bas been the means of inducing more young men, who could edncate themselves, to prepare for the ministry and enter it, than would have educated themselves, from among those, who have gone forth as beralds of salvation, by the aid imparted to them. So that as much as this amount of good has been accomplished by the American Education Society. During two or three years past, as many as one tenth of all the ordinations and installations of ministers in the United States, an account of which has been published in the different periodicals, have 'been of ministers who were assisted in their education by this Society. These men are now scattered to the four quarters of the globe, preaching faithfully the gospel of the blessed God, as foreign missionaries, home missionaries, or as settled and located pastors. Surely, then, this

cause is worthy of the patronage of all the friends of liberty, learning, and religion. It is the cause of God, and must prevail. “Who art thou, O great mountain ? Beiore Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain.” Such spiritual wastes will not reign forever, with unbroken empire. There will be hearts to feel and bands to help. The bread of life shall be imparted to a perishing world. Come, then, beloved of the Lord, commiserate ihe pitiable state of those, who are destitute of the means of grace.

The salvation of a world, lying in wickedness, demands your immediate and highest efforts. Be it remembered, too, that, would you perpetuate an evangelical ministry in this land, and all that we hold dear in a civil, literary, and religious view, what you do must be done quickly.-The Western States, which will ere long, sway the destiny of the nation, are increasing most rapidly in population. According to the last census it appears, that some of them have doubled, others trebled, the last ten years.

And the large and increasing population of these States are worse than destitute of the ministrations of the gospel. All kinds of infidelity, irreligion, and vice prevail. Popery is coming in like a food. There also, if not prevented, will be the seat of the Beast, another spiritual Babylon, where the mother of harlots may again establish her inquisitions, forge her chains, and practise her abominations. Ministers, the people will bave, that is certain and if we do not supply them, they will be supplied by the energy of the Jesuits. . To this end vigorous efforts are now making. * Large sums of money aie annually sent over by the church of Rome, to be expended in the erection of houses for worship, and the support of her religious institutions. Twenty-one priests and a hundred

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thousand dollars have been brought into this country at one time. Already has she one “ Archbishop, eleven bishops, more than three hundred priests,” (a large proportion of whom are scattered up and down the great Valley of the Mississippi) “ seven ecclesiastical seminaries, ten colleges and collegiate institutions, several acadamies for boys, twenty nunneries, to which are attached semale academies, besides numerous other primary and charity schools, under the instruction of priests and nuns." Periodicals have been established in Boston, Ms., Philadelphia, Pa., Charleston, S. C., Baltimore, Md , and one* lately in the West, having the imposing tiile, •The Shepherd of the Valley ;' and similar publications are contemplated in New York, Savannah, and New Orleans, for the express purpose of propagating the Roman Catholic religion, --a religion which is calculated to subvert all republican principles and institutions, 10 annibilate the pure gospel of the blessed God, and to establish a hierarchy and a. despotism, a hundred fold worse than that from which our forefathers Aed. Let Popery be established here generally, and there may be written on the whole country, “ Ichabod," the sad memorial of departed glory. In view of this, for the fate of my country I tremble. Could I so elevate my voice, I would sound ilie note of alarm, till it should be heard from Maine to the Rocky, Mountains. Something must be done, and done soon, or the country is ruined. Every right and every privilege, and blessing we inherit from our fathers, procured by their prayers, sufferings and blood, will be wrested from


and sacrificed on the shrine of a most fearsul despotism. There will be a reaction, tremendous, and awsully disastrous in its effects. There is no other religion on the face of the earth, consistent with republican institutions, but the Protestant. Indeed, our civil government is

founded upon our religion. When our forefathers were persecuted in their native country, on account of their religious faith and practices, they fled to this land, then a howling wilderness. Here they established a civil government, consistent with their religion. Rely upon it, then, that if any other religion, but that which the pilgrims brought to this couniry, and is embraced in the different evangelical denominations of Christians, prevails, utter destruction will befal this fair republic,—this land of civil and religious freedom. This is just what every Catholic sovereign desires and is now attempting to effect, by aiding and abetting in this direful work of spreading Romanism through the land.* I would speak with the patriotic sentiments and feelings of 1776, the period of our revolution. The times call for alarm. Let the country be aroused ere it be too late to preserve itself froin the iron grasp of him, “who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped ; so that he as God, sitteih in the temple of God, shewing himself, that he is God." May heaven in mercy forbid this dreadful doom. Let the prayers and exertions of Christians, and patriots forbid it. The Lord Jesus Christ is King in Zion. He bas displayed bis banner, and on it is written, and in lines of blood, “ King Jesus expects every one of bis subjects to do his duty.”+

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" Train up a child in the way he should

go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Tliese are the words of king Solomon, who was much famed for his wisdom. Dr. Scott, in his commentary on the passage, thus remarks : - When cbildren are instructed from their infancy in the truths and ways of God; when they are inured to submission, industry and the government of their passions; when they are restrained and corrected, with a due mixture of firmness and affection ; when they are trained up, as soldiers are disciplined to handle their arms, endure hardship, keep their ranks, and obey orders; and when ail is enforced by good examples set before them, and constant prayer made for and with them, they generally retain their early impressions even to old age. Such are the observations of one, whose skill in this sacred duty was happily tested in his own family. All his children became hopefully pious. This, too, at the time of his decease, was the case with most of his grand-children.

The subject of this dissertation is the religious education of children. Notice will be taken of the nature of such an education, and of the reasons for it.

I. What is it to religiously educate the young ? A most essential part of this duty is to give them pious instruction. In doing this, children should be

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