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Destitution of Christian instructers great.-The number
necessary, calculating one to a thousand.-Great deficiency,
even in New England, and more especially in the Western
and Southern States.- Reference to Dr. Rice and Dr. Miller.
-Question how ministers shall be raised up to supply the
demand for them.--Information must be given respecting the
deficiency--societies established to educate young men-min-
isters bring them forward-and prayer offered for success.-
Appeal to Christians in behalf of the American Education
Society.—Good done by ninety-two of its Beneficiaries-ob-
jection answered and an exhortation to immediate and more
vigorous effort,


Christ the great peace-Maker, yet war has hitherto prevailed.
-Reasons why it should be abolished—it is the law of vio-
lence—is opposed to the precepts of the Gospel-to the exam-
ple of Christ-followed with distressing evil effects.--Means
of abolishing it-ministers of the Gospel should advocate peace
-parents and teachers of youth should inculcate it, and show
the horrors of war-publications in favor of peace and oppos-
ed to war should be circulated-and societies formed to abolish
war and establish peace,


Kingdom of Christ sustained and carried forward by means.
- The present system of benevolent enterprizes among Chris-
tians necessary,-shown wherein and how-testimony of a ju-
dicious Father in the ministry.-Illustration.--Nature of the
agency required.--Illustrated by reference to particulars.-
Present system set forth with remarks-suggestion as to the
mode of operation best to be pursued.—Objections considered
and answered—too many engaged as agents—present method
too expensive-agents not needed,



REVIVALS OF RELIGION. What a revival is attention of saints and sinners awakened. to religious subjects-impenitent convicted of their sins--are converted—a reformation takes place.—When it may be expected—when Christians are excited to frequency and ferven. cy in prayer-when church discipline is duly observed—when religious instruction awakens interest and leads to reflectionwhen brotherly love and union prevail—when ministers manifest increased fidelity and zeal.-Why it may be hoped revivals will be more multiplied and extended than they ever have been—the truth will be preached more faithfully

-means of grace will be multiplied-also evident from the Bible.-Remarks :-opposition to revivals, opposition to the temporal and eternal good of men and the glory.of God–The duty of Christians in relation to revivals. They should let their light shine,



MILLENNIUM. The present a wonderful day-attitude of infidelity-state of Christendom-declaration of the prophet Isaiah respecting the latter-day glory of Zion. There will be a time when the church will be in a state of far greater prosperity and happiness than she has ever yet enjoyed-prophecy confirming this, Scott and Faber.-Some characteristics of that time.-Remarks:

-the comfort and encouragement afforded by the prophecies of the Bible-church safe and may rejoice in her safetyopposition to Zion wicked and foolish-those who labor for the extension of Christ's kingdorn co-workers with God Signs of the times indicate the latter-day glory as near-far greater things in religion yet to be attempted and accomplished,



Bible Societies,
General Union for the Observance of the Christian Sabbath,
Tract Societies,
Foreign Missionary Societies,
Jews Societies,
Home Missionary Societies,
Education Societies,
Sabbath School Societies,
Temperance Societies,
Colonization Societies,
Seamen's Friend Society,
Prison Discipline Society,
Peace Societies,
Charitable Contributions,
Benevolent Agencies,
Revivals of Religion,

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