Sketches of an Epoch: Enlightened Minds - Misguided Hands

AuthorHouse, 12 de març 2008 - 236 pàgines

Man’s behavior has become excessively wicked, and has done violence to his own soul. Despite the subpoena of the Ten Commandments, he has not obeyed the lawful order of God’s government. He is thereby held in contempt of the Supreme Court of Heaven. The contemnor’s charge is beyond reasonable doubt, having impaired the dignity of the law and failure to respect his Creator. Evidently, his behavior has been disorderly, insolent, and brazen. Therefore, a bench warrant with a penal notice has been issued for him to be arraigned before the Supreme Judge of the universe, (Revelation 14: 6-7).


This book reminds us that our own epoch, like others before has its own assumptions and illusions about life. Each generation is influenced by the previous one, and any defense of virtues becomes an offense. People simply adjust to rising temperature of wickedness. Repentance is the greatest disinfectant for the stench of a sinful soul. In this confusion, Christ is more than the spider in the web of human affairs: more than the bee in the hive of life’s circumstances. He is often the honey in the comb that sweetens life’s bitterness.

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