Handbook for the Military Surgeon: Being a Compendium of the Duties of the Medical Officer in the Field, the Sanitary Management of the Camp, the Preparation of Food, Etc.; with Forms for the Requisitions for Supplies, Returns, Etc.; the Diagnosis and Treatment of Camp Dysentery; and All the Important Points in War Surgery: Including Gunshot Wounds, Amputation, Wounds of the Chest, Abdomen, Arteries and Head, and the Use of Chloroform

Robert Clarke & Company, 1861 - 121 pāgines

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Pāgina 2 - States, hay will be used instead of straw, and provided by the troops. Straw not actually used as bedding shall be accounted for as other public property.
Pāgina 95 - No injury of the head is too slight to be despised or too great to be despaired of...
Pāgina 4 - ... a canvas bed similar to the present stretcher, and of two poles each sixteen feet long, to be made in sections, with head and foot pieces constructed to act as stretchers to keep the poles apart.
Pāgina 115 - When a circumscribed or diffused aneurism which has formed after a wound has been opened, whether by accident or design, it is placed in the situation of a wounded artery, and should be treated as such. If the aneurism has arisen from disease of the vessel, and the wound or opening...
Pāgina 4 - He will ascertain who are present at sunrise, and sunset, and tattoo, and report absentees. 1122. . . .At surgeon's call the sick then in the companies will be conducted to the hospital by the first sergeants, who will each hand to the surgeon, in his company book, a list of all the sick of the company, on which the surgeon shall state who are to remain or go into hospital ; who are to return to quarters as sick or convalescent ; what duties the convalescents in quarters are capable of ; what cases...
Pāgina 89 - It is essential to life. 21. The treatment of all these injuries must be eminently antiphlogistic, principally depending on general and local blood-letting, absolute rest, abstinence from food, and in some cases almost even from drink, the frequent administration of enemata, the early exhibition of mercury, and especially of opium, in the different ways usually recommended, with reference to the part injured.
Pāgina 21 - ... color ; then place it nearer the fire, and when of a good brown chocolate color, put it in a jug and pour over 3 pints of boiling water, cover the jug until cold, then strain it into a clean jug and it is ready for use. Never leave the toast in it, for in summer it would cause fermentation in a short time.
Pāgina ii - Forceps. 2 Scissors, straight, and curved. 1 Artery Needle, with 4 points. 12 Surgeon's Needles. 1 Tourniquet. 1 Small Amputating Knife. 1 " Catling. 3 Bistouries. 1 Hernia Knife. 3 Scalpels. 1 Cataract Knife. 1 " Needle. 1 Tenaculum. 1 Double Hook. 6 Steel Bougies, silv'd, double curve, Nos.
Pāgina 88 - If the punctured or incised wound be small, and the extravasation or effusion within the cavity seems to be great, the wound should be carefully enlarged, and the offending matter evacuated. 14. A wound should not be closed until it has ceased to bleed, or until the bleeding vessel has been secured, if it be possible to do so.
Pāgina ii - Each Medical Officer will be supplied with the following surgical instruments for his personal use, which he will retain in his immediate possession so long as he remains in the Army, and for the complete and serviceable condition of which at all times he will be held responsible : AMPUTATING. 1 Capital Saw. 1 Metacarpal Saw. 1 Capital Amputating Knife. 1 Medium " " 1 Small " " 1 Large Catling. 1 Small

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