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angry and exceptious against their kind endeavours. If any evil accidents or indiscretions happen, let him not presently be outrageous to aggravate them, or break out into any reproachful or unseemly behaviour against them but let him be pleased with the least expression of their kindness, and interpret every thing favourably; and on all occasions let him make it his study to oblige those who are obliging to him in this time of necessity, receiving with thankfulness their good offices, and praying God to reward them, for his Son Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

A prayer for spiritual improvement by sickness.
(Front Dr. Inet.)

O MERCIFUL Father, who scourgest those whom thou lovest, and chastisest those whom thou wilt receive let thy loving correction purify thy servant, and make him great in thy favour by his present humiliation. O let him learn "thy statutes" in the school of " af fliction:" let him" seek thee early" in it; and when his "heart is overwhelmed, lead him to the rock of salvation."

Let thy" rod" awaken him from his former security in sin, and let him sensibly find that thou "chastisest him for his profit, that he may be partaker of thy holiness."

Teach him, by this proof of thy fatherly correction, to be more dutiful for the time to come; to repent of his former offences, and to " redeem the time past," by a double diligence for the future, if thou shalt in mercy raise him up again. Let the remainder of his life be thine, and let nothing separate him from thy love and service, but let it be his whole care and study to provide oil for his lamp, and prepare for eternity; that so" all the days of his appointed time he may wait till his change come," and be ready whensoever his Lord shall call him. Amen.

For a sick person who is about to make his will.

O LORD, who puttest into our hearts good desires, and hast inclined thy servant to "set his house in order," as well in relation to his temporal, as his spiritual con

cerns, grant that he may do it with exact justice, according to the rules of our own religion, and the dictates of right reason. He unfeignedly thanks thee for thy great mercies, in having so liberally provided for him, that he may be rather helpful than chargeable to any, and die a benefactor, and not in debt.

We charitably hope, that what he is now about to dispose of, was all procured by fair and righteous dealings, that he may comfortably feel, that " it is more blessed to give than to receive."

Let him be ready with good Zaccheus, to make restitution in the best manner he is able, and to say with Samuel :


Behold, here I am; witness against me before the Lord: whose ox have I stolen, or whose ass have I taken, or whom have I defrauded? whom have I oppressed, or of whose hand have I received any bribe to blind mine eyes therewith? and I will restore it."

Lord, give him strength to order all things in as due and regular a manner as if he were well. Let his memory be perfect, and his judgment sound, and his heart so rightly disposed, that he may do nothing amiss, or through partiality, but that justice and integrity may be seen through the whole conduct of his will.

(If rich, add this.)

Let the light of his charity likewise shine gloriously before men, that out of the abundance thou hast been pleased to bless him with, he may plentifully give to the poor and distressed, though no otherwise related to him but as they are members of Jesus Christ, and brethren and sisters of the same communion.

Let him, O let him, now, O Lord, and at all times, if thou shouldst graciously continue him here any longer, make to "himself such friends of the unrighteous mammon, that when these fail, they may receive him into everlasting habitations." Amen.

A prayer for a sick penitent.

(From Mr. Kettlewell.)

RIGHTEOUS art thou, O God, in all the pains and sorrows which punish our sins and try our patience.

and we have none to accuse and complain of for the same but ourselves. This is the acknowledgment which thy servant makes, whom thou hast now af flicted. He receives it as the chastisement of a sinner, and is willing to bear chastisement for his sins, that he may thereby be reclaimed from them. Correct him, O Lord, that thou mayest not condemn him; and let him be judged by thee for his sins, and judge himself for them here, that he may have nothing but mercy without judgment to receive at thine hands hereafter.

But judge him, O God, with mercy, and not in thine anger. Judge him not according as his sins have deserved, but according as his weakness can bear, and according as thy compassions are wont to mitigate thy judgments: and let his afflictions work in him a true repentance," not to be repented of," and prove a happy means, in the hand of thy mercy, to reclaim him perfectly from all the errors into which he hath fallen; and to confer that rest and peace upon his soul, which is denied to his body: for our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's sake.

THOU smitest him, O gracious God, that thou mayest cure him; and punishest his sin, that thou mayest thereby amend and reclaim the sinner: and he is weary of his sins, which have brought upon him all these sorrows, and which, as he seems now deeply sensible, will bring infinitely worse, unless he prevent the same by his timely and sincere repentance.


- Help him, therefore, to search them out; and when he sees them, let him not stop at any one, but stead. fastly resolve to renounce and amend all let thy love make him hate every evil way, and render his purposes against them strong and resolute, and his care in fulfilling the same vigilant and patient; and grant that the remainder of his days may be one continual amendment of his former errors, and dedication of himself to thy service. He desires life, only that he may serve thee; Lord, continue and confirm him in this


Lord, cure his folly by his misery; and teach him by the loss of his ease, to purchase the blessing of

true repentance, and the comfortable hopes of thy merciful acceptance thereof; through our Lord and Sa viour Jesus Christ. Amen.

A prayer for a sick person who intends to receive the blessed sacrament.

O THOU infinite and eternal Spirit, from whom every good motion of our hearts proceedeth! who both quickenest the dead, and after thou hast given life, givest the increase: increase, we beseech thee, the good seeds of thy grace, which thou hast sown in the heart of thy servant, by inclining him to receive the sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord, in which thou art more immediately present, to illuminate the faithful, and to comfort and refresh all that are weary and heavy-laden with their sins."

O, cause thy face thus comfortably to shine upon thy distressed servant, who now intends to draw near to thee in this sacrament, as thou hast commanded him.

Help him, in the mean time, O Lord, to fit and prepare himself for this holy communion: fill his soul with reverence and godly fear; with earnest desires and longings after divine life; with serious repentance for all his past offences, and hearty resolutions of living for ever after unto Jesus, who died for him. O, let him meditate upon his bleeding Saviour with a "broken and a contrite heart," which thou hast promised." not to despise:" forgive him all that is past, and give him grace for the future, to "live more soberly, righteously, and piously, in this present world," if it shall be thy good pleasure to continue him in it.

A prayer for a sick person that wants sleep.
(From Bishop Patrick.)

ADORED be thy love, thy wonderful love, O most gracious God, who hast so many ways expressed thy bounty towards us. Thy mercies in Christ Jesus surpass all our thoughts: we are not able to number all the other blessings thou hast bestowed upon us. How much do we owe thee for the quiet sleep of but one night! We see, in this thy poor afflicted servant, how

much we ought to thank thee for this single blessing, that our eyes, when we would close them, are not held waking.

Pardon, good Lord, our ingratitude for this and all the rest of thy undeserved mercies: and be pleased graciously also to visit him, who still languishes on his sick-bed, looking up to thee from whom cometh our help. Renew his wasted spirits with comfortable sleep; compose him to a sweet and undisturbed rest; refresh him thereby so sensibly, that he may be restored to such a degree of strength as may make him able, in some measure, affectionately to acknowledge thy goodness, when thou hast dealt so bountifully with him; or if thou delayest to bestow that blessing on him, in the multitude of his thoughts within him, let thy comforts delight his soul. If he still continues without any rest, grant that his mind may rest, and repose itself in the bosom of thy dearest love, and may feel the most sensible consolations from heaven, not only quieting, but greatly rejoicing his heart. Preserve the use of his understanding, and let the enemy have no advantage of him; but make him able to say, "I will wait patiently for the Lord, till he incline his ear unto me, and hear my cry.-O, hear his prayer O Lord, and give ear unto his cry: O, spare him, that he may recover strength before he go hence :"* for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

A prayer to be said when the sick person grows

(From Bishop Patrick.)

O LORD, look down from heaven, in pity and compassion upon this thine afflicted servant, who is not able now to look up to thee: the more sorrowful his condition grows, the fitter object he is of thine infinite mercies; who acceptest, we humbly hope, of the submission he made of himself, in the beginning of his sickness, to thine almighty wisdom and goodness. And therefore, since it is thy pleasure to suffer his distemper to proceed to this dangerous extremity, do thou no

*Psalm xl. 1. and xxxix. 12, 13.

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