Imatges de pÓgina




Com pas sion, s. pity Ca the dral, s. the head church Com pen sate, v a. to recomof a diocese

pence Ca the dral, a. Episcopal Com pi ler, s. a collector from Che ru bick, a. angelick

various authors Chi ine ra, s. a wild fancy Com plai nant, s. one who comChurch war den, s.

an officer
chosen to take care of the Complete ly, ad, fully

church and church-yard Com ple tion, s. accomplishCi ta tion, s. the calling a per ment

son before a judge Com plex ion, s. colour of the Co er cive, a. having the pow face er of restraining

Com pli ant, a. yielding Co e val, a. of the same age,

si Coin

po nent, S, that constitutes: a cotemporary

a compound body Co ha bitą v n. to live together Com po sure, s. order

as husband and wife Comp trol ler, s. director Go heir ess, s. a woman having Com pul sive, a. forcible

an equal estate of inheri- Com punc tion, s. repentance tance

Com punc tive, il. causing reCo he rence, s. union Col lec tion, s. the act of gath- Con ceai ment, s. the act of ering togather

concealing Col lec tive; a. gathered into Con cen traţe, v.a. to drive ine

to a narrow compass Col lec tor, s. a tax gatherer Con cen trick, a. having the Colli sion, s. striking together same centre ; Col lu sion, s. deceit

Con-cep tion, s. idea' Gol lu sive, a, deceitful Con cerning, prep. relating to Com bus tion, S. conflagration Concern ment, s. business Com mand er, s. a chief Con ces sion, s. a grant Com mand ment, s. mandate Con cise ness, s. brevity Com mence ment, s. beginning Con clu sion, s. final decision Com mis sion, s. a trust Conclu sive, a. decisive Com mis sion, v a. to appoint Con cor dant, a. agreeing Com mit ment, s. the sending Con cre tion, s. coalition to prison

Con cur renoe, s. union Com mit teè,.S. they who are Con cur rent, a. acting in conappointed to direct some

junction business

Con cus sion, s. a shaking Com mo tion, s. tumult Con den sate, v a. & n. to thick, . Com mu nion, s. intercourse Com pact ly, ad. closely Con do lence, s. grief for th: Com pactness, s. firmness

sorrow of others Com pan ion, S« a partner Con duc tor, s. a leader

2 H.

one mass


Con si der,}

of the

Con duc tress, s. she who leads Coquet ry,,s. affectation
Con fec tion, s. a sweetneat Cor rect ness, s. accuracy
Con fession, s. acknowledge- Cor ro sinn, s. eating away

Cor rup ter, s. He who vitiates Con for mist; s. one who con- Cor rupt ly ad viciously forms

Cre a tion, production Con fu sion, s. tumult Cre a tor, s. he who gives exisCon junction, s. union

tence Conjunct ly ad. jointly Cur mud geon, s. a miser Con junc ture, s. occasion

D Con nex ion, s. union

De ceit ful, a. fraudulent Con sen sion, S. agreement De cem ber, s. the last month va. & n. to think

year maturely De ci pher, v a. to write out, Con sis tent, a. not contradic

to unfold tory

[comfort De ci sion, s. determination Con so ler, -s. one who gives De clension, s. lessening Edually Con struc tion, s. building De cli vous, a: descending graCon su mer, s. one who destroys De coc tion, s. boiling Con sum mate, v.a. to compleat De co rous, a. decent Con sump tion, S. waste De cur sion, s. running down Con tem ner s. a despiser De fec tion, 3. revolt Con temp late, v a. & n. to De fec tive, a. faulty study, to muse

De fence less, a. naked Con tent" less, a. discontented De fi ance, s. a challenge Con tent ment, s. satisfaction De file ment, s. polution Con tex ture, so the system Defl our er s. a ravisher

v n. to remain De fraud er, s. a deceiver Can ti nue,

V as to protract De jec tion, s. lbwness of spirits
to re peat

De li cious a. sweet
Con tor tion; s. a twist De light ful, a. pleasant
Con trac tion, s. abbreviation De lin quent, s an offender

v a. to give to De lud er, s. a beguiler Con tri bute, a common stock De mean or, s. carriage

v n. to bearapart De me rit ?s. ill deserving v ao Con tri tion, s..penitence

Sto deserve blame Con tri vance, S. scheine De iner sion, s. a drowning Con tri ver, S. an inventor De mo lish, v a. to destroy Con tro}'ler, s. one who restrains De mure ly, ad. affectedly Con tru sion, s. a bruise

modest Con ven tion, s. an assembly De part ment, s. an alotment Con-ver. sion, s. a change

De par túre, s. 3 going away Con vey ance s. a transmitting De pen dance, s. a reliance Con viv al

De pen dent, s. one who lives a.

in subjection

De pres sion

De pen dent, a. hanging down Dis cour teous, a. uncivil De po uent, s. one who gives Dis cre dit, v a. to deprive of testimony

credibility so that which is in- Dis creet ly, ad. prudently De po sit, trusted to the care Dis cus sion, S. examination of another

Dis dain ful, a. scornful De po site, va. to lay up Dis fran chise, v a. to deprive

of privileges. De ri sion, s. scorn

Dis gust ful, a. nauseous De scrip tive, a. describing

Dis heart en, v a: to discouragę. De ser tion, s. a forsaking Dis hon our, s. reproach, v a. to, De sign ing, a. insidious

disgrace De spis er, s. a scorner Dis man tle, v a. to strip De spite ful, a. malicious

Dis mis sion, S, sending away
De spon dent, a. despairing Dis pa rage, v a. to injure
De spotick, a. absolute in power Dis peo ple, v a. to depopulate
De struc tion, s, waste

Dis per sion, s. a scattering
De struc tive, a. wasteful Dis po sal, s. regulation
De tach ment,s. a body of troops Dis section, s. anatomy,
sent out

Dis sem bler, s, a hypocrite
De tain er, s. he who detains: Dis sen tion, s. disagreement
De tec tion, s. discovery of guilt Dis sen ter, s. one that disagrees
De ter mine, v a. to fix Dis sua sive, a. persuading a-
De trac tion, și scandal

gainst. De vas tate, v a. to lay waste Dis taste ful, a. nauseous De vo tion, s. piety

Dis tem per, s. disease De vour er, s, à consumer Dis tinc tive, a, making a disDe vout ly, ad piously [way

tinction Dif fu sive, a. scat red every Dis tin quish, v a. to note the Di ges tion, s, Concoction of diversity

food in the stomach Dis tor tion, s. irregular may Di gression, s. a deviation

tion Di lem ma, so a difficult choice Dis trac tion, s. confusion Di men sion, s. bulk, space

Dis tri bute, v a. to divide Di mi nish, v n. to grow less Dis trust ful, a. suspicious

v a, to make less [tion Dis tur bance, so interruption, Di rec tion, s. tendency of mo. Di ver sion, s. sport Di rector, s. instructor, Di ver tive, a. amusive Dis cern'ing, a. judicious, Di ves ture, s, act of putting off, va. to change the Di vi ner, s. one that professes natural hue

divination Dis com fit, v a. to defeat á Di vi sion, s. act of dividing Dis som fort, s. uneasiness Di vi sor, s. the number by Di cor dance, s. disagreement which the dividend is diDis coy er, v a. to disclose ded

Do mes tick, a. belonging to the En coun ter, v a. to meet face to house

face, v n. to engage in fight Dra ma tick, a. represented by En cou rage, v a. to animate action

En croach ment, s. the act of Ei

advancing upon the proEc cen trick, a. deviating from

perty of another the centre

[book En cum ber; v a. to load E di tion, s. publication of a En dear ment, s. the cause of Ef fec tive, a. efficient

love Ef ful gent, a. bright

En dea vour, s. labour directed E ject ment, s. a casting out

to some end E lec tion, s. act of chosing En dea your; v a. to

attempt Eli sion, s. division

y p. to labour for certain El lip sis, s. something left out purpose El lip tick, a. having the form En dict ment, s.-a declaration of an ellipsis

: made in favour of law E lope ment, s. departure from En dorse ment, s. writing on restraint

the back E lu sion, s. an artifice

En dow ment, s. gifts of nature Ein bar go, s. a stopput to trade. En du rance, s. continuance Em bat tle v a. tó range in or- En fee ble,.v: a. to weaken dér of battle

En fet ter, v a. to bind in fetters Em bel lish y a; to adorn En gage ment, employment Em bez zle, v a. to appropriate Engen der, v to beget

by breach of trust Enjoy ment, s. fruition Em bla zon, v a. to adorn with En kin dle, v a. to enflame

figures of heraldry En large ment, s. increase E mer gent, a. sudden En light en, v a. to illuminate, E mol lient, a. softening En rap ture, v a. to transport E mo tion, s. disturbance

with pleasure Em

pan nel, v a. to summon a En rol ment, s. register

En su rance, s. exception from Em plas ter, v a. to cover with

a plaster

En tan gle, v a. to ensnare
Em ploy er, s. one who employs En tire ly, ad. fully
En am el, v a. to inlay v n. to En treat y, s prayer

practise the use of enamel En ve lop, v a. to inwrap En a mour, v a. to infiame with En ven om, v a. to poison love

E pis tle, s. a letter En camp ment, s. the act of en- E qua tor, s. a great circle whose camping

poles are those of the world En chan ter, s. a magician Er rat tick, a. wandering En clo sure, s. a space enclosed E rup tion, s. a breaking out En com pass, v a. to enclose Es cutch con, &e the shield of a En coun ter, s. conflict-battle family


Ex act ness,


spe ciał, a. principal Fa mi ly, s. household Es pous

al, a. used in the act of Fa na tick, a. enthusiastice, espousing

$. an enthusiast Es sen tial, a. necessary

Fi du cial, a. confident
Es tab lish, v a. to settle For bear ance, s. mildness
E va sion, s. excuse

For bid ding, a. raising abhomi Ex ac tion, s. extortion

S. accuracy Fore cit ed, a. quoted before Ex cep tion, s. objection Före fa ther, . an ancestor Ex che quer, s. the court to Fore know ledge, S. prescience

which are brought all the Fore run ner, s. an harbinger

revenues of the crown Fore stall er, s. one who anticEx cite ment, so a stirring up

pates the market Ex clu sion, s. a shutting out For get ful, a. not retaining in Ex cla sive, a. denying 'admis

memory : sion

Forth com ing, a. seady to apEx cres cence, $. something

growing out of another Free boot er, s. a robber
without use

Free heart ed, a. liberal
Ex cur sion, s. an expedition Frus tra tion, s. disappointment
Ex am ple, s. a pattern Fuga cious, a. fleeting
Ex emption, s. immunity

G Ex is tent, a. possession of be- Gain say er, s. an opponent ing

Gen teel ness, s. elegance Expan sion, s. extent

Gi gan tick, a. bulky Ex

pec tant, a. waiting in ex- Gra da tion, s. regular progress pectation

Gym nas tick, a. relating to athEx pense less, a, without cost letick exercises Ex pen sive, a. costly

H Ex pert ness, s. skill

Here af ter, ad. in a future state Ex pli cit, &: plain

Hi a tus, S. an aperture Express ly, ad. in direct terms Hob goblin, s. a spirit Ex pul sion, s. expelling

Horta tion, s. exhorting Exten sive, a. wide [nate How ev er, ad. in what manner Ex ter mine,

v a. to extermiEx ter nal, a. outward

Hystericks, s. kind of fats Ex tinc tion, s. destruction

I Ex tor tion, s. the act of gaining Ich neu mon, s. an animal that by rapacity

breaks the crocodile's eggs Ex traction, s. descent Il li cit, a. unlawful Ex treme ty, ad. in the utmost Il lu mine, y a. to enlighten, degree

Il lu siop, s. mockery, errour F

Il lu siye, ai deceiving by false Fa mil iar, a. affable, s, an inti show mate

Il lus trate, v a. to explain


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