I Was There

AuthorHouse, 1 de jul. 2005 - 168 pàgines
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I WAS THERE R. A. Horne An old spiritual asks the question, "Where were you when they crucified my Lord?" John, the Beloved Disciple, was there, under the Cross, on Jesus' left. I WAS THERE is a novel that purports to be the first person autobiography of the disciple who Jesus loved, written down or dictated by him many years after Jesus' death, in Ephesus where he had fled with Mary. It purports to be the "lost book of John" upon which another John based his gospel. It retells many of the familiar Bible stories, but it also tells of John's faith, his love, his doubts, the burdens of extreme old age, of the first followers of Jesus, and of John's death.

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