Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son: Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation, Volum 1


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Pàgina 248 - Feeder told Mr. Toots that he was going to throw a little spirit into the thing. After that Mr. Feeder not only began to dance as if he meant dancing, and nothing else, but secretly to stimulate the music to perform wild tunes. Further, he became particular in his attentions to the ladies ; and dancing with Miss Blimber, whispered to her — whispered to her ! — though not so softly but that Paul heard him say this remarkable poetry, " Had I a heart for falsehood framed, I ne'er could injure You...
Pàgina 273 - ... stem it with his childish hands — or choke its way with sand — and when he saw it coming on, resistless, he cried out! But a word from Florence, who was always at his side, restored him to himself; and leaning his poor head upon her breast, he told Floy of his dream, and smiled.
Pàgina 278 - The golden ripple on the wall came back again, and nothing else stirred in the room. The old, old fashion ! The fashion that came in with our first garments, and will last unchanged until our race has run its course, and the wide firmament is rolled up like a scroll. The old, old fashion — Death ! Oh thank GOD, all who see it, for that older fashion yet, of Immortality ! And look upon us, angels of young children, with regards not quite estranged, when the swift river bears us to the ocean...
Pàgina 2 - Son," in exactly the same tone as before. Those three words conveyed the one idea of Mr. Dombey's life. The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in, and the sun and moon were made to give them light. Rivers and seas were formed to float their ships ; rainbows gave them promise of fair weather ; winds blew for or against their enterprises ; stars and planets circled in their orbits, to preserve inviolate a system of which they were the centre. Common abbreviations took new meanings in his eyes,...
Pàgina 268 - Where the old rotten summer-houses once had stood, palaces now reared their heads, and granite columns of gigantic girth opened a vista to the railway world beyond. The miserable waste ground, where the refuse-matter had been heaped of yore, was swallowed up and gone ; and in its frowsy stead were tiers of warehouses, crammed with rich goods and costly merchandise.
Pàgina 1 - ... settee immediately in front of the fire and close to it, as if his constitution were analogous to that of a muffin, and it was essential to toast him brown while he was very new. Dombey was about eight-and-forty years of age. Son about eight-and-forty minutes. Dombey was rather bald, rather red, and though a handsome well-made man, too stern and pompous in appearance, to be prepossessing.
Pàgina 183 - ... said Mrs. Blimber, with an engaging smile. Mr. Dombey answered " Not at all ; " applying those words, h is to be presumed, to the partiality, and not to the forgiveness. " — And it may seem remarkable in one who is a mother also." resumed Mrs. Blimber. " And such a mother," observed Mr. Dombey, bowing with some confused idea of being complimentary to Cornelia. " But really,
Pàgina 176 - Blimber's cultivation. Every description of Greek and Latin vegetable was got off the driest twigs of boys, under the frostiest circumstances. Nature was of no consequence at all. No matter what a young gentleman was intended to bear, Doctor Blitnber made him bear to pattern, somehow or other.
Pàgina 176 - ... everything), suddenly left off blowing one day, and remained in the 'establishment a mere stalk. And people did say that the Doctor had rather overdone it with young Toots, and that when he began to have whiskers he left off having brains.
Pàgina 274 - Where, dearest?' 'There! at the bottom of the bed.' 'There's nothing there, except papa!' The figure lifted up its head, and rose, and coming to the bedside, said: 'My own boy! Don't you know me?