Hidden in Time

Rosetta Books, 2 d’ag. 2017 - 611 pàgines
From the bestselling author of the Secret of the Rose series comes this Holy Land thriller featuring archaeologist Adam Livingstone.
Jerusalem 1121 AD. A Frenchman from the order of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon continues on a quest far more secretive than the crusades. Descending into the caverns below the city, he will find what he’s been looking for. But an earthquake will ensure the artifact and its secrets remain untouched for centuries . . .
Now archeologist Adam Livingstone’s discovery of the Ark of Noah has stunned the world. But as he and his team struggle to remove the priceless treasure, there are many who conspire against them . . .

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This book is along the vein of Dan Brown's works (The DaVinci Code, Inferno) but is written from a Christian archeologic perspective. It's not as fast paced as Brown's works but does create a lot of ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


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Michael Phillips is a prolific bestselling author, with sales of his fiction, nonfiction, and devotional writings exceeding seven million copies worldwide. A leading authority on the works and message of George MacDonald and their connections to C.S. Lewis, he and his wife Judy are former bookstore owners and split their time between George MacDonald’s Scotland and their home in California.

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