Imatges de pÓgina


d let the Pious Chriftian, at certain Periods, make Death the Subject of his Retirements.

And having Dyed, as it were, by Anticipation, and put himself into a Pofture of Dying, let him then proceed to Practice: By Meditating and Improving the forementioned Duties and Graces, as the State of his Soul fhall require.

That the following Treatife may be Serviceable to the Church of God; and may, through Divine Bleffing, be Inftrumental to the Salvation of Precious Immortal Souls; is the humble and hearty Prayer of its unworthy Author.

La De And


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And he hopes he shall not be

impertinent, if he thus far Commends it to Publick Accep

tance. Viz.


"Hat Books of this Subject, if given at Funerals, may be of great Advantage to the Living: And would be much more seasonable Expreffions, of Respect and Kindness, to the Memory of the Dead, than fome other Diftributions.

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