Being-in-Christ and Putting Death in Its Place: An Anthropologist's Account of Christian Performance in Spanish America and the American South

LSU Press, 2003 - 414 pàgines
In this bracingly original anthropological study, Miles Richardson uses forty years of empirical research to examine the ways Christians address the uniquely human question of death. Rooted in the author's personal story of why he became an anthropologist, the book illuminates how two groups, Catholics in Spanish America and Baptists in the American South, create being-in-Christ and thereby put death in its place. Richardson's striking scholarly thrust joins four-field anthropology (biological, cultural, archaeological, and linguistic) and a rigorous evolutionary framework to a post-modern dialogic, reflexive stance. s lively immediate method draws us into a creative dialogue with his text and into solidarity with the worshipers inside two distinctly rendered composite settings; the dark Nueva Esperanza iglesia, where Christ dwells in sight, touch, and taste; and the brightly lit Mt. Hope church, where the Lord is experienced in the Word of sermon and song. We journey across the Spanish American landscape to holy places where the immanent Christ works miracles and Good Friday signifies his sacrificial suffering, while in the American South pilgrimages lead to antebellum hom

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Prologue i
The Presence of Christ in the New World during Colonial Times
The Presence of Christ in the New World during Modernity
The Journey Ours and Christs
BeinginChrist in the Presence of Death

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