The History of the Life of Peter I., Emperor of Russia ...

J. Read, 1739 - 409 pàgines

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Pàgina 100 - Muscovy ; he was, indeed, resolved to encourage learning and to polish his people by sending some of them to travel in other countries, and to draw strangers to come and live among them.
Pàgina 100 - ... he is subject to convulsive motions all over his body, and his head seems to be affected with these; he wants not capacity, and has a larger measure of knowledge than might be expected from his education, which was very indifferent; a want of judgment with an instability of temper, appear in him too often and too evidently; he is mechanically turned, and seems designed by nature rather, to be a ship-carpenter than a great prince.
Pàgina 100 - ... too often and too evidently; he is mechanically turned, and seems designed by nature rather, to be a ship-carpenter than a great prince. This was his chief study and exercise while he stayed here; he wrought much with his own hands, and made all about him work at the models of ships.
Pàgina 342 - Grand. when he looked upon the Swedish prisoners, the fate of so many unhappy men touched him sensibly, and he more than once spoke of the indignation he felt at the conduct of a prince who could sacrifice, in so wanton and useless a manner, to his ambition, so many brave and faithful subjects, of whom he ought to have been the father and protector. At the same time, whatever Peter's feelings may have been at the sight of so many gallant men, reduced to such a deplorable condition, they did not prevent...
Pàgina 101 - ... wants during his residence in England. He was first lodged in York Buildings ; but afterward, in order to be near the sea, he took possession of a house called Sayes Court, belonging to the celebrated John Evelyn, "with a back door into the king's yard, at Deptford " ; there, says an old writer, " he would often take up the carpenters...
Pàgina 60 - ... leave; but, as every thing belonged to his Majefty, he needed only to lay his commands upon him. This reply pleafed the Czar fo much, that he ordered Alexander to ftay and attend him, which he obeyed with great joy.
Pàgina 122 - The people tell you further that he built himself a little cell, in which he ended his days. In this place there now stands a chapel, in which they say he was buried, and that his body remains as uncorrupted as at the instant of his death. Over the door of the cell the monks show a millstone, which they...
Pàgina 269 - ... manner in which he received them entirely gained him their affection. In the first assembly, composed of the primate, several bishops, palatines, and senators, it was resolved to renew the confederation of Sendomir, — and the grand question was, " Whether they had any king or not *" which, passing in the negative, they talked of declaring the throne vacant, and agreed to summon a diet, to meet at Lublin in the following May. Peter attended this meeting with his son Alexis, then seventeen years...
Pàgina 202 - was able to do : me infpired him with that " humanity, which, in the opinion of his " fubjects, nature feemed to have denied him. " A word from her mouth in favour of a *' wretch, juft going to be facrificed to his anger, would difarm him; but if he was fully refolved to fatisfy that paffion, he would give orders for the execution when *' me was abfent, for fear flie mould plead

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