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first coming was in great meekness and humility, because that was our day, in which he came to redeem us by his mercy: but at his second coming , it will be his day, when he shall arın hiinself with all the terrors of his justice, to revenge upon sinful man the cause of his injured mercy with a final irrevocable vengeance. Miserable sinners ! how will you be able to stand before his face, or endure his wrathful countenance ? Ah! then it is you will begin to cry out to the mountains and rocks to fall upon you, and hide you from the wrath of the Lamb , from the face of him that sitteth on the throne. Nay, such a dread and terror will. the very sight of the incensed judge carry with it that you will even wish a thousand times to hide your guilty heads in the lowest abyss of hell, rather than endure this dreadful appearance: but all in vain , you must endure it,

Consider, thirdly, that before the judge shall be borne the royal standard of the cross , shining more bright than the sun, to the great comfort of the good, and the unspeakable anguish and



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confusion of the wicked, for having 'made so little use of the inestimable benefit of their redemption. Here they shall see plainly how much their God has suffered for their salvation; how great has been his love for them, that boundless and unparalleled love, which brought him down from his throne of glory, and nailed him to the cross. O! how will they now condemn their obstinacy in sin, their blindness and ingratitude ! O! bow will this glorious ensign justify in the face of the whole unive se the conduct of God, and the eternity of 'hell's torments: for what less than a miserable eternity can be sutficient punishnient for so much obstinacy in evil, after so much dove ?

Consider , foarthly , how at the command of the sovereign Judge, which shall be instantly obeyed, the servants of God shall be selected from out of the inidst of that vast multitude , and placed '

with honour on his right hand; whilst the wicked, with those evil spirits, whose part they have taken, shall be driven with ignominy to the teft. I dreadful and eternal separation, after which these two companies shall never imore meet. And thou, my soul, where dost thou expect to stand at that day? In which of these two companies shalt thou be ranked ? Thou hast it now in tliy choice : choose then now that better part , which will never be taken from thee. Fly, now from the midst of Babylon ; renounce pow the false maxims, corrupt customs, and sinful pleasures of worldlings; separate thyself from the wicked in time, that thou mayest not be involved in their eternal damnation.


Consider , fifthly, what will then be the thoughts of the great ones of this world; what fury, envy, bitter anguish and confusion will then oppress their souls? When they shall see the poor in spirit, the neek and bumble, who were so contemptible in their eyes whilst they were here in this mortal life , now honoured and exalted in the sight of the universe, and themselves treated with such contempe? Hearken to their complaints, as foretold by the wise man, Wisd. v. These are they whore heretofore we laughed at, and whoin we made the subjects of our scoffs.

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Senseless wretches as we were esteemed their life madness, and their end without honour. See how they are now reckoned


the children of God, and with the saints is their eternal lot. Ergo erravimus a via veritatis. Alas! after all, 'tis we are the persons that have been mistaken ; 'tis we that have unfortunately run on in the wrong way! And they were truly wise in making a better choice, which afforded thern coinfort in life, and now has entitled them to endless joys.

Consider , sixthly, how much the anguish and confusion of the wicked will be increased, at the opening of the books of conscience, ' hen the guilt of "their whole lives shall be laid open to 'the public view of the universe. Poor sinner! what will thy thoughts be, when those crimes, which thou hast committed in the greatest secresy ,

and which thou wouldst not have had known for the world; those abomi. nations which thou imaginest covered with the obscurity of night and dark.

and which thou didst flatter thyself, thy friends and acquaintance would never know; those works of ini

quity ,

ness ,

quity, which perhaps thou couldest not find in thy heart to discover to one person,

tied by all laws to a perpetual secrecy , shall all now be exposed in their true colours to the eyes

of the whole world, angels and men, good and bad , to thy eternal shame. Ah! Christians , it is now in your power to prevent , by a sincere repentance and confession, this confusion which you must otherwise one day suffer.

On the last Sentence of the Good

and Bad.

Onsider, first, how this great

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definitive sentence in favour of the just, and for the condemnation of the wicked. And first, the screreign Judge, turning himself towards his elect, with a most sweet and amiable countenance, shall invite them into the happy mansions of everlasting bliss : Come , ye blessed of in Father , take possession of the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world. Matt. xxv. O happy invitation ! happy, thrice happy E jii


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