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glory, and shining more bright than the sun. Their love and charity for each other is more than can be conceived they have all but one heart, will, and soul; so that the joy and satisfaction of every one is multiplied as many fold, as there are blessed souls and angels in heaven, by the inexpressible delight each one takes in the happiness of all, and every one of the rest. O! Christians, let us then imitare their virtues here, that we may enjoy their happy society hereafter, and with them eternally sing to our God the immortal songs of Sion.

Consider, fifthly, that what renders the joys of heaven, and the felicity of its blessed inhabitants completely great, is the consideration of the duration of this bliss, and that infallible certainty and security which they enjoy; that their happiness is even linked with God's eternity; that as long as God shall be God, they shall remain with him in his blessed kingdom. O! my soul, how pleasant, how delightful is it to look forward into this vast eternity, and there to lose thyself in this happy prospect of endless ages: O!

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re bright 0! bless thy God, that has prepared such immortal joys for the reward of such small services, and designed them for thee from all eternity! Nor shall this immense eternity render those enjoyments the least disagreeable or tedious by the length of possession; but as God is an endless ocean of all good, and his divine essence an inexhaustible, infinite treasure of delights, so the happiness of those that eternally enjoy him shall be always fresh and always new. Conclude then, O Christian soul, to despise and forsake all that is earthly and temporal, and from this hour to begin thy journey towards this glorious, heavenly and eternal kingdom. There thou shalt find a}} that thy heart can desire, immortal honours, immense riches, pure, and etemal pleasures, life, health, beauty never fading, &c. O! this alone is thy true home the land of the living.



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On the small Number of the Elect.



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Onsider, first, those words of Christ, Many are called but few are chosen ; which contain a great and awful

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awful truth, frequently inculcated by the mouth of truth itself, to rouse unthinking mortals from that profound lethargy, into which the enemy has lulled them. This is one of those lessons which he has laid down for a foundation of christian morality, in his divine sermon on the mountain, St. Alatt. vii. 13, 14, where he exhorts us to enter in at the narrow gate,for broad is the gate, and wide is the way, that leads to damnation and many there are that enter by it. O how narrow is the gate, and strait the way that leads to life, and few there are that find it. Hence in the same sermon he declares, that not every one that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father that is in heaven, viz. by a faithful compliance with the law of God and his gospel, Without this, he assures us that it will avail us nothing, even to have done miracles in his name. Many shall say to me on that day (of judgment), Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name and done many wonders in thy name? And then I will

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declare to them, that I never knew you. depart from me ye workers of iniquity. Good God! what will become of us, if those, that have even done miracles in thy name, shall nevertheless be excluded thy eternal kingdom?

Consider, secondly, how many ways this frightful truth has been declared. or prefigured in the Old Testament. Of all the inhabitants of the earth only eight souls, viz. Noah and his family, were preserved by the ark from the waters of the deluge of six hundred thousand of the children of Israel, who. came out of the land of Egypt under the conduct of Moses, only two persons, Joshua and Caleb, entered Ca naan, the land of promise; which figure the apostle St. Paul expressly applies to us Christians, I Cor. x. To the same effect the prophet Isaias chap. xxiv. 15, 14. likens those that shall escape the divine vengeance, to the small number of olives that is left on the tree after the fruit is gathered, or to the few bunches of grapes: that are found on the vines after a well gleaned vintage. Ah! Christians hear then and obey the voice of your


Saviour, who bids you, St. Luke xiii. 23. Contend (that is, strive with all your force) to enter in at the narrow gate, for many, I assure you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able: because the generality of Christians though they use some endeavours to enter, yet they do not strive with all their force; they are not thoroughly in earnest in their seeking, and therefore shall never find. Hear again with fear and trembling the great apostle St. Peter, when he tells you, that if the just shall hardly be saved, where shall the sinner appear? First epistle, chap. iv. ver. 18. O my soul, let us then take care, as the same apostle admonishes, 2 Pet. i. By good works to make our election sure: and if others will go in crowds to hell, let us resolve not to go with them for company sake.

Consider thirdly, that though the scripture had said nothing of the small number of the elect, yet this truth must appear evident to us, if we compare the lives of the generality of Christians with the gospel of Christ, and his holy commandments.

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