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to einploy it in the love of God, and sincere repentance for his sins. Ah! worldings, why are you then so blind as not to see, that any one of these hours, which you daily squander away, is indeed niore valuable tirani ten thousand worlds.

Consider, thirdly, what will be the sentiments of the dainned of the value of time , when time shall be no 'inore : how bitterly will they regret du. ring eternity, all tho e tocurs, days , months and years, which were allow ed thrern by the bounty of their Crescer tor, during the space of their mortal life; by the clue enthployment of which, they might have prevented that misesi ry, to which they are now itrevocau bly condemned; and might have made themselves eternally and infinitely hapP9; but, atas ! they would not work whilst the time was, whilse they had the day-light before then the night, The dismall and eternal night is now coine , in which it is too late to work and dering which, they shalt eternally condemn their past folly and madness, in negleeting and abusing their precibus time. Ah! Christians , let us be wistene


æt their expence. But what do you think will be the sentiments of the blessed in heaven of this precious tine? Truly, if it were poisible, and if their happy state could admit of such a thing as grief, there is no!hing those blessed souls would regret more than the loss of any of those inoments, which in their life time had not been well husbanded: when they shall clearly, see , in the light of God, what an, immense increase of glory and happi.. ness they might have acquired , by the due employment of those precious monients,

Consider , fourthly, that as ali time is short, and passes quickly away, so all temporal enjoyments , honours, riches, and pleasures of this world, are all transitory, uncertain and in-. constant. Only eternity, and the soods or evils which it comprises , are truly great , as being without end, without change, without comparison ; admitting of no mixture of evil in its goods nor any alloy of comfort in its evils. of the vanity of all temporal grandeur, which inust so soon be buried in the coffin, O! how quickly dces



the glory of this world pass away? A few short years are more than any

can proinise himself: and after that, poor sinner,

what will become of thee ? Alas! the worms will

prey upon thy body, and merciless deyils on thy linrepenting soul. Thy worldly friends will forget thee; the very stones, on which thou hast got thy name engraved, will not long out-live thee. O! how true is that sentence, Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity: but to love God, and to serve him alone? (A Kempis.) It is chus only we shall be wise for eternity; all other wisdoin is but folly.

On the Presence of God.

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Onsider , first, that God is every

where present. If I ascend into heaven , says the Psalmist, Psalm cxxx. 8. thou art there; if I descend into hell, thou art there. He fills both heaven and earth: and there is no created thing whatsoever, in which he is not truly and perfectly present. In him we live, in him we move ; our very being is in him. As the birds, wherever they



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fly, meet with the air, which encompasses them

all sides; and the fishes swimming in the ocean every where meet with the waters : sowe, wherever we are, or wherever we go, meet with God; we have him always with 1s; he is more intimately present to our souls, than our souls are to our bodies. Alas! poor soul of mine, bow little have we thought of this? And yet it is an article of our faith, in which we have been instructed from the very cradle. Let us seriously reflect on this truth for the future : let us strive to be always with him, who is always with us.

Consider , secondly, that God being every where , sees us wherever we are ; all our actions are done in his sight; our very thoughts, even the most secret motions and dispositions of our hearts, cannot be concealed from his all seeing eye. In vain does the sinner flatter himself in his crimes like the libertine mentioned by the wise man,

Eccl. xxiij. that darkness encom passes him, and walls cover him, and no one sees him whom he fears. Alas! live eyes of the Lord'are infinitely brighter



than the rays of the sun ; and no darkness, clouds, walls or curtains, can

us from his piercing sight , which penetrating clearly sees the very centre of the soul; and no wonder that he should clearly see what passes in the place where he is always present.

Consider, thirdly, that God, who is in all places, and in all things , is every where whole and entire, because he is indivisible; he is every where with all his majesty, attributes and perfections. We have then within us, O my soul, the eternal, immense omnipotent, self existent, infinite Lord and Maker of all things; and we are within this infinite Being, who accom panies' us wherever we go. He is in all places with his omnipotence, to which all things are subject; what there have his friends to fear? He is every where with his infinite justice; howa then can his enemies be secure? He is every where infinitely good to his children ; his love and kindness to themy surpasses that of the most tender mor ther; his providence watches over them, his wisdom wonderfully disposesi of all things for their greater good :-0



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