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what comfort then , must this thought of the presence of God afford his servants, and those that truly fear and love him?

Consider , fourthly, that God existing in all places, requires of us that we should every where take notice of his presence. Can there be any object more worthy of our attention ? And shall we then be so unfortunately blind as to amuse ourselves with every trifle that falls in our way,

and let God, the sovereign beauty, and sovereign good , pass unregarded ? Ah ! let us never regret being alone, since we have always in our company that infinite Being, the sight and enjoyment of whom is the eternal felicity of angels. What if we see him not with our corporal eyes, is he the less present ? But have we not mère noble

eyes viz. the eyes of the understanding, which assisted by divine faith, ought to contemplate God, always present in the very midst of us ? Ah ! the sweetest repose is to be found in him; all other recreations are vain, when compared to this, Consider , ffthly, that God being every where present, it is requisite that we should comport ourselves, interiorly and exteriorly, in such manner as becomes those who are standing in his sight. The presence of a person , for whom we have a respect, is sufficient to restrain us from doing any thing trivial or indecent : and shall not the presence of the infinite majesty of God, in comparison with whom the greatest monarchs of the earth are less than nothing, restrain us in that exterior modesty and interior reverence which is so justly its due ? Ought we not even to annihilate ouré selves in the sight of this inmense Divinity ? But , O my God, how far are we from these dispositions, as often as we dare to sin in thy alınighty presence, and fly in the face of thy sove• reign Majesty! Alas! my poor soul, how should we be ashamed to have our sins known to such persons, whose esteem we covet? we should be ready even to die with confusion to have them known to the whole world. We should be very unwilling to have even our vain and ridiculous ainusements , though otherwise innocent , laid open нііі


to the eyes of our neighbours. And why will we not consider the all-seeing eye of our great God, which is always fixed upon us, and clearly discerns all that passes in the most secret closet of our heart? Why will we not reflect that our evil thoughts being known to God, is indeed a greater shame, a greater loss of our true honour, than if they were published by sound of trumpet over the universe.

Consider , sixthly, that God, being every where present , every where requires our love : he is every where in. finitely amiable , beautiful , good, perfect, and at all times and in every place he is infinitely good to us. Why then do we not love him who is all love ? Deus charitas est, says St.John,

John iv. God is love. We have this loving and most lovely God continually with us and within us ; why do we not run to his embraces? He is a fire that ever burns in the very centre of our souls; how then comes it to pass

that we feel so little of its flaines ? It is because we do not approach it. It is because we will not restrain our thoughts at home , attentive to that


great guest who resides within us, hut suffer them continually. to wander abroad upon vain created ainusements. O! convertere , anima mea , in reguicm tuam , Ps. cxliv. Turn.away , my soul, from all these worldly toys, which keep thee at a distance from thy God; return then to him who is thy true and only bappiness , for in, him only thou wilt find everlasting repose.



* In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost ,


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N the Name of our Lord Jesus

I arise ; bless me , O Lord, defend, govern , and keeme ; and after this short and mi. serable Pilgrimage , bring me to everlasting happiness. Amen.

Holy Trinity, one God, into thy protection I recomipend my soul and



body ; deliver me this day from all sin, and preserve me from sudden and unprovided death. Amen.

O merciful Jesus, I beseech thee by thy most sacred death and passion , 10 grant me pardon and full remission of all my sips. Amen.

O angel of God, to whose holy care I am committed by the supreme clemency, desend ne from all danger this day and for ever. Amen.

Holy mother of God, protect me this day from all evil; but especially at the hour of my death, assist me by thy powerful intercession, Amen.

In the Name of the Father , and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and for ever. Ameri, Prayers for Morning.

Our Father , &c. Hail Mary, &c.

I believe in God, &c.
An Act of Faith of the Presence of God,

art here and perfectly seest me


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