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V. Restore me to the joy of thy say. ing mercy:

R. And strengthen me with thy sovereign Spirit.

V. Our succour is in the name of our Lord.

R. Who hath made both heaven and earth.

v. Vouchsafe, O Lord! this day,
R. To preserve us from all sin.
y. Have mercy on us, O Lord !
R. Have mercy on us.

V. Let thy mercy, O Lord ! be poured upon us.

R. According to the hopes we have placed in thee.

V. O Lord, hear, my prayer,

R. Let my supplication come to thee.

Let us praya


Lmighty Lord and God, who hast

brought us to the begiaping of this day, let thy powerful grace so conduct us through it, that we may not fall into any sins, but that all our thoughts, words , and act juns may be regulated according to the nules of thy heavenly justice, and tend to the ob


servance of thy holy law : Through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let us pray.

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and earth , vouchsafe this day to rule and sanctify , to direct and govern our souls and bodies, our senses, words, and actions in a conformity to thy law, and in a strict obedience to thy com* mands; that by the help of thy grace , O Saviour of the world !

we may be fenced and freed from all evils, both now and for ever. Amen.

Let us pray.

God, who out of thy unspeak

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appoint thy holy angels for our guardians , give ear to the supplications which we make for a continuance of their protection, and that we may be added to their joyful number for all eternity. Amen.

May the blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph, and all the Saints , be our Intercessors with the Lord, that we may



be succoured and secured by him who lives and reigns to everlasting ages. Amen.

May our Lord bless us, and preserve us from all evils , and bring us to life everlasting : And may the souls of the faithful departed, thro the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.

Then if time permits say the Ltanies of the B. Virg.

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185 * oh oh INSTRUCTIONS



M A S S.



What the Mass is, and for what ends

it is to be offered.
Rom the beginning of the

world the servants of God.) were always accustomed to offer sacrifice to him : by way of acknowledging his sovereignty, and paying their homage to him : and in all ancient religions, true or false, this worship of sacrifice was always looked upon as a most solemn act of religion, due to the deity which they worshipped.)

2. In the law of nature, and in the law of Moses, there was a great variety of sacrifices ; some bloody , in which the victim was slain , others unbloody : some were called holocaust sy


or whole burnt-offerings , in which the whole host or victiin was consumed in fire upon God's altar, for his honour and glory; others were called sine offerings, which were offered for sins; others were offerings of thanksgiving; others , in fine , were pacific, or peaceofferings, which were offered for obtaining favours of God; the word peace, in the scripture style , signifying all manner of good and prosperity.

: 3. All these sacrifices of the law of nature, and of the law of Moses, were of themselves but weak and needy cle. meits, types and figures of a sacrifice to come, viz. that of Jesus Christ ; in consideration of which sacrifice aloe, and of the faith of the offerers, by which they believed in this Redeerer to come, those ancient sacrifices were then accepted by the divine Majesty, when they were accompanied with the inward sacrifice of the heart : but not for any intrinsic worth or dignity of the things offered; for no other blod but the blood of Christ could wash away our sins. Hence, in the 39th Psalm, spoken in the person of Christ to his Father, we read : Sacrifice and


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