Imatges de pÓgina

PS A LX cl.


ces, praise him in the firmament of his strength

Praise him for the mighty things he has done , praise him for his greatness which has no bounds,

Praise him in the scund of trumpets praise him on the psalter and harp.

Praise him on timbrel and in choir praise him on strings and organs.

Praise him on well sounding cym bals , praise him on cymbals of joy ; let every spirit praise our Lord.





“ I N order to prepare yourself to

endeavour in the first place to recommend


the matter barrestly to God; and for sonne days beforehand frequently and fer vertly beg his divite grace and asSist me, and this more especially, if you have for a long time lived in a habit of sin: in which case it is most proper to prepare yourself by a spiritual retreat of some days, during which time you may seriously enter into yourself, and perform the meditations (which we have transcribed above from Thin vett on't) of such like devotions, by which you may be tafa fciently disposed for so great a work; which, otherwise, 'tis to be feared, might be ill done, by being done 100 lastily.

** Examine your conscience with care and diligence, yet without too mirch anxiety and scrupulosity. Con sult the table of sins to help your memory; and reflect in particular on the places and companies you have been in, on your usual employments, on ttre duties of your calling, and how you have discharged them, &e. And in every sit, whether of comim ion or omission , strive to call to your remembrance the number of times you have been fruilty, “ When

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When you have duly examined your conscience, don't think this is all you have to do in order to be rightly prepared for confession; the greatest part of the work remains still to be done; and that is, to take proper time and care to procure a hearty sorrow and detestation of all your sins, by which you have offended-so good a God, with a full determination, with the grace of God, to avoid the like sins for the future, and to fly, the occasions that usually bring you to sin; and to take proper nieasures to begin a new life.

" In order to obtain this hearty sorrow for your sins, and this firm purpose of amendment, you must ear. nesiy beg it of God, whose gift it is ; and you must make use of such prayers ,

considerations, and meditations, as may be most proper to move you to it. Particularly reflect on the four last things, on the enormity of sin, on the goodness of God and his benefits to you, on the death and passion of Christ, &c. And when you have obtained this hearty sesolution, then you inay hope that

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you are sufficiently prepared for con
fession, and not till then.

" If you have any thing upon
your conscience, which you have a
particular difficulty of confessing,
cease, not with prayers and tears to
importune your heavenly Father to
assist yon

in this regard, till he gives you the grace to overcome that difficulty; and be sure never to go to confession with a design of telling a lie to the Holy Ghost. Ah! what a comfort it will be to you to ease your conscience of its load! and what à rack and torture sacrilegiously to conceal it !

" Let your confession he humble without seeking excuses for your sins, or laying the fault

on others ; let it be entire as to the kind and nuite ber of your sins, and such circum. stances as quite change the nature of the sin, or notoriously aggravate it. Be modest in your expressions, and take care

not to name any third person.

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A prayer to implore the divine assistance, in order to make a good confession.

Almighty and most merciful God, ,

who bast made me out of nothing, and redeemed me by the precious blood of thy only Son ; who hast, with so much patience, borne with me to this day, potwithstanding all my sins and ingratitude; ever calling after me to return to thee from the ways of vanity and iniquity, in which I have been quite wearied out in the pursuit of empty toys and mere shadows; seeking in vain to satisfy my thirst with muddy waters, and iny hunger with husks of swine; behold, rost gracious Lord, I now sincerely desire to leave all these my evil ways, to forsake this region of death, where I have so long lost inyself, and to return to thee, the Fountain of life. I desire , like the prodigal cbild , to enter seriously into myself, and with the like resolution to arise without delay, and go home to my Father, though I am infinite ly unworthy to be called his child, in hopes of meeting with the like reception from his most tender mercy.


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