Imatges de pàgina


But, my God, though I can go astray from thee fast enough of myself, yet I cannot make one step towards returning to thee, unless thy divine grace stir me up and assist me. This grace, then, I most humbly implore, prostrate in spirit before the throne of thy mercy; I beg it for the sake of Jesus Christ, thy Son, who died upon the cross for my sins; I know thou desirest not the death of a sinner, but that he be converted and live: I know thy mercies are above all thy works ; and I most confidently hope', as in thy mercy thou hast spared me so long, a!ist hast now given me this desire of returning to thee; so thou wilt finish the work that thou hast 'begun , and bring me to a perfect reconciliation with thee."

1 deșire' now to comply with the holy institution of the sacrament of penance; I desire 'ro' confess my sins with all sincerity in thee and to thy minister;

and therefore I desire to know myself, and to call myself to an account hy a diligent examination of my conscience. But, o 'my God hoti miserably shall receive myself,


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thou assist me not in this great work by thy heavenly light. Oh! remove then every veil that hides any of my sins from me, that I may see them all in their true colours, and


sin cerely detest them. O let me not any longer be imposed upon by the ene

or by my own self-love , so as to mistake vice for virtue, to hide myself from myself, or any way to flatter myself in my sins.

But , O my good God, what will it avail me to know my sins , if thou dost not also give me a hearty sorrow aid repentance for them; without this. my sins will be all upou me stills, and I shall be still thine ene my, and, a child of hell. Thou insis. test upon a change of heart, without which there can be no reconciliation with chee; and this change of heart none bút, thou canst give, O give it me then, dear Lord, at this time, Give ine a lively faith, and a firma hope in the passion of my Redeemer; teach me to fear thee, and to love thee. Give ine, for thy mercy's sake a hearty sorrow for having offended so good a God. Teach me to detest


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my evil ways; to abhor all my past ingratitudes; to hate myself now with a perfect hatred for my many treasons against thee. O give me a full and firm resolution of a new life for the future, and unite me to thee with an eternal band of love, which nothing in life or death may ever break.

Grant me also the grace to make an entire and sincere confession of my sins, and to accept of the confusion of it, as a penance justly due to my transgressions. Let not the enemy with all his artifices prevail upon me 10 pass over any thing through fear or shame : rather let me die than consent to so great an evil. Let not selflove deceive

as I fear it has done too often. O grant that this con ession at least may be good, and for the sake of Jesus Christ thy Son, who died for me and for all sinners , assist me in every part of my preparation for it, that I may go though every part of it with the same care and dilie gence, as I should be glad to do at the hour of my.

that so being perfectly reconciled to thee, I may never offend chee more.



"O blessed Virgin, mother of my Redeemer, mirror of joboceiice and sanctity, and refuge of penitent sinners, intercede for me through the passion of thy Son , that I may have the grace to make a good confession. All you blessed angels and saints of God, pray for me a poor miserable sinner that I may now, for good ånd all, turn from any evil ways, shat so benceforward my heart may be for ever united with yours in eter mal tove, and never more 80-astray from the Sovereign Good. Amen.

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A Table to help our Meniory, when we *. prepare otti"selves for Confession, Of

the Ten Commandincirts,

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Iven to any creature the Honout

düre only to God Not loved God above all Things.' Doubted in Marters of Faith. been ignorant of the creed, the Ten

commandments, or Precepts of the 1 church Murmured against God. De

lei Want

Wanted confidence in God.
Presurned on his Goodness. -
Despaired of his Mercy.
Deferred my conversion to God.
Believed Dreams, or Tellers of For

Gone to Witches or cunning Men for

counsel, or for the recovery of things

lost. Used charms or superstitions Words or Actions for the cure of Diseases, of

finding out things to come , Given any Succour or Favour to He

resy. Hindered any one's conversion from

Heresy or Schism. Pray'd seldom, or with milful distraco tions.

II. Commandment.

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Taken the Name of God in vain.
Blasphemed God or his Saints.
Spoken inreverently

of Holy Things,
profaned any thing relating to reli-

gion. Sworn falsely, rashly, or in slight and

trivial Matters. Curs'd myself, or others or other crear tures.


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