Imatges de pàgina

my evil ways; to abhor all my past ingratitudes; to hate myself now with a perfect hatred for my many treasons against thee. O give me a full and firm resolution of a new life for the future, and unite me to thee with an eternal band of love, which nothing in life or death may ever break.

Grant me also the grace to make an entire and sincere confession of my sins, and to accept of the confusion of it, as a penance justly due to my transgressions. Let not the enemy with all his artifices prevail upon me to pass over any thing through fear or shame rather let me die than consent to so great an evil. Let not selflove deceive me, as I fear it has done too often. O grant that this confession at least may be good, and for the sake of Jesus Christ thy Son, who died for me and for all sinners, assist me in every part of my preparation for it, that I may go though every part of it with the same care and dili gence, as I should be glad to do at the hour of my death; that so being perfectly reconciled to thee, I may never offend thee more.

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O blessed Virgin, mother of my Redeemer, mirror of innocence and sanctity, and refuge of penitent sinners, intercede for me through the passion of thy Son, that I may have the grace to make a good confession. All you blessed angels and saints of God, pray for me a poor miserable sinner that I may now, for good and all, turn from my evil ways, that so henceforward my heart may be for ever united with yours in eternal love, and never more go astray from the Sovereign Good. Amen.

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Table to help our Memory, when wê ··prepare ourselves for Confession. Of the Ten Commandments,

Sins against the first Commandment.


Iven to any creature the Honour
dure only to God

Not loved God above all Things.
Doubted in Matters of Faith.

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Been ignorant of the creed, the Ten commandments, or Precepts of the

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Murmured against God.


Wanted confidence. in God.
Presumed on his Goodness.
Despaired of his Mercy.

Deferred my conversion to God. Believed Dreams, or Tellers of For


Gone to Witches or cunning Men for counsel, or for the recovery of things lost. Used charms or superstitions Words or Actions for the cure of Diseases, of finding out things to come,

Given any Succour or Favour to He


Hindered any one's conversion from Heresy or Schism.

Pray'd seldom, or with wilful distrac tions.

II. Commandment.

Taken the Name of God in vain.
Blasphemed God or his Saints,

Spoken irreverently of Holy Things,or profaned any thing relating to reli


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Sworn falsely, rashly, or in slight and trivial Matters.

Curs'd myself, or others or other crea❤


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Broken my vows.

Angered others, so far as to make them swear or blaspheme God.

III. Commandment.

Not kept holy the Lord's day and other days commanded to be kept holy. Bought or sold things without necessity on that Day.

Done or commanded some servile work, not of necessity.

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Not heard mass or been willingly distracted in time of mass.

Talked, gazed or laughed in the church. Not cared to hear catholic sermons. Spent the day in dancing, drinking, dicing, carding, &c.

IV. Commandment.

Not honoured my parents and superiors Despised them or been ashamed of them.

Spoke evil of them.


Cursed them, or provoked them tỏ

swear or curse.

Not prayed for them.
Deceived or wronged them.

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Disobeyed them.

Not succoured my parents.

Made them sad by my undutiful beha viour.

Here also parents and other superiors are to examine themselves, whether they have taken due care of their children or inferiors..

V. Commandment.

Procured, desired, or hastend the death

of others, or my own.

Made women miscarry.

Borne hatred or malice to any oile.

Desired Revenge.

Not forgiven.

Refused to speak to others.

Given provoking language.

Threatened or struck others not under

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