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R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

v. O Lord save our King,

R. And hear us in the day we call to thee.

Let us pray


derful sacrament a perpetual memorial of thy passion : grant us, we beşeech thee, so to reverence the sacred mysteries of thy body and blood, that we may continually find in our souls the fruit of thy redemption, who livest and reignest,

&c. Defend, we beseech thee, O Lord by the intercession of bessed Mary ever Virgin , this thy family froin all advere sity; and being prostrate before thee with all our hearts, protect us in thi mercy from the snares of our enemies thro'. Jesus Christ our Lord.

We bescech thee, almighty God, that thy servant N. our King, who by thy mercy has received the government of this realm, may also obtain the increase of all virtues, with which, being adorned, he may avoid the enormity of all sin , overcome his enea

mies, and by thy' grace attain to tlice, and the lite, with N. our Queen, and all their royal family, throw Christ our Lord. Anien, 3.11

and say


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When the Priest gives the Benediction, profoundly adore your Saviour there

present, All true body ; born of the bles

sed virgin Mary, which truly sufferedst, and wast immola ed upon the cross for man, whose side being pierced sent forth oue blood , grant that I may worthily receive thee at the hour of my.

death. O most clentent, most gracious, and most sweet savinur Jesus, Son of the eternal God, and of the ever blessed Virgin, have mercy on ano. Amen,

The Anthem Salve Reginda


Ail toly Queen, O meroyo pia

rent haw, Life', hope, and comfort of this earthly

vale ! To thee Eve's banish'd children raise

their ery.

Insighs and feats to thee we suppliants

fly. Rise glorious Advocate,exert tlıy love; And let ouf vows those eyes

of picy i move This exile past, О clement Maid obtain, That we may Jesus see , and with him !, seign 1 st

V. Pray for us, Holy Mother of God. R That we may be made wors, tby of the promises of Christ,

Lenet us pray:


Lmighty eternal God, who didst,

prepare the soul and body of the glorious: virgin mother Mary, by the co-operation of the Holy Ghost , that. she might be a worthy habitation for thy son ; grant that we, who rejoice in hier commemoration , may by her pious intercession, be delivered fron present evils, and from eternal death. Thro' the same Christ our Lord; . Amen.,

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A Prayer proper to be dvily repeated in

time of sickness,

time of L

Ord Jesus Christ, behold I rew

ceive this sickness, with which thou art pleased to visit me, as coming from t 'y fatherly hand. It is thy will it should be thus with me, and therefore' I 'submit : thy will be done On érthi as it is in heaven. May this sickness be to the honour of thy holy. name, and for the good of my soul. For this end I here offer myself with an entire submission to all thy appointments; to suffer whatever thou pleasest, as long as thou pleasest, and in what manner thou pleasest ; for I am 'thy creature, Q Lord, who have most ungratefully offended thee; and since iny sins have a long time crsed aloud to heaven for justice, why shall I now complain if I feel thy hand upona me ? No, my God, thou art just in all thy ways ; I have truly deser ved thy punishment, and therefore I have no reason to coinplain of thee , but only of my own wickedness.

But rebuke me not, O Lord, in thy fury, nor chastize me in thy

wrath ;

wrath ; but have regard to my weak. ness, Thou knowest how fraid I am that I am nothing but dust ang ashes : deak not with me, therefore according to my iniquitiers, bur, ac cording to the multitude of thy most tender mercies-, have compassion on me. Oh!: let: thy: justice be tempered withir mercy: ,, and let thy heave.ily grace: come in to my assistance to supe. port me: under; this. my illness.. Confirm my soul! with, strength, from above, that I may bear ,, with a true christian patience all the uneasinesses , pains',. disquiets and difficulties of my sickness, and that I may cheerfully accept them as the just punishment of my offences ; preserre me from all teinptations, and be thou iny defence against all the assaults of the enemy', that in this illness 1 may no way offend thee; and if this is to be my last, I beg of thee so to direct me by thy grace, that I'may no ways neglect or be deprived of those helps, which thou hast in thy mer. cy, ordained for the good of my soul to prepare it for its passage into eter: nity, that being perfectly cleansed A


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