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tial tears,

the judge before whom we must ap. pear. He is infinitely wise, and therefore cannot be deceived; he is infinitely powerful, and therefore cannot be resisted; he is infinitely just, and therefore will sender to every one according to his works. No favous is to be ex. pected at this day : the time of merit and of acceptable repertance is now at an end. Ah! Chrisians , think well on't now whilst, it is yiur day: you may now wash away your sins by peniteri.

and thus hide ither froin the eyes of your firture judge ; you may at present tie up his hands by humble prayer; you may appeal from his justice to the court of his mercy, and cause hiin to cancel the sentence that stands against you : but at tlat day you will find him inexorable: your prayers and taars will then come too late.

Consider, fourthly, the inestima ble comfort that the souls of the just shall receive at this day from the corris pany of their good works, which like an invincible rampart shall surround them on all sides, and keep their hellish foes at a distance. O! my soul, let us take care to provide ourselves with such attendanis as these against that hour, which is to decide our eternal doon. These are friends indeed, that will not forsake us eren in death; and will effectually plead our cause at that bar where no other eloquence will be regarded.


Consider, fifthly, in what a wretched plight the sinner, who has taken no care to lay up any such provision of good works, shall now stand te fore his judge. O! how all things now speak to hiu the melancholy sentence, that is just now going to fall upon

his guilty head. Whatever way he looks, he sees nothing that can give him any comfort; but on the contrary, all things that contribute to his greater anguish and terror. Beneath his feet he sees hell open rea'y to swallow him up: above his head an angry judge prepared to thunder out against him the irrevocable sentence of eternal damnation:-on his right hand, he sees his guardian angel now abandoning him ; on his Jeft the devils , his merciless enemies just ready to seize upon him, and only waiting for the beck of the judge: if


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be looks behind, he discovers a cheating world, which now retires from himn; if he looks before, he meets with no thing but a dismal eternity. Within he feels the intolerable stings of a guilty conscience : and on all sides he perceives an army of hideous monsters; his own sins, more terrible to him now than the furies of hell. Good God! deliver me from ever having any share in such a'scene of misery.

Consider , sixthly, that in order to prevent the judgment of God froin falling heavy upon us after death , we must take care to judge and chastise ourselves , by doing serious penance in this life ; for thus, and thus only shall we disurm the justice of God enkindled by our sins. Let us follow the advice of him who is to be our judge, who calls upon us to watch and

pray at all times, that so we may be found worthy to escape these dreadful dangers, and stand with confi. dence before the Son of Man. Luke xxi. 36. Ah! let this judgment be always before our eyes : let us daily meditate on this account that we are one day to give. Let us never forget


that there is an eye above that sees all things; that there is an ear that hears all things, that there is a hand that writeth down all our thoughts, words, and deeds, in the great accounting book; and that all our actions pass frem our hands to the hands of God; that what is done in time , passeth not away with time, but shall subsist after all time is past. 0.! that men would be wise, and would iderstand these truths and provide in earnest for their laut tad! Who Deuter. xxxii,

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the prospect' which scripture gives as of the last accounting day, with all the prodigies that shall go before it.

The sun darkened, the moon red as blood, the stars without light, seeming to fall from the firmament! the earch shaken with violent earthquakes, the sea swelling and roaring with unusual tempests, the elements alt in confusion, and whole nature in disorder. The day of the Lord, says the pre


phet Joel, chap. ii. a day of darkness and obscurity, a day of clouds and whirlwinds, Before it's fate devouring fore, and behind it burning flames. Ti 'Carth shall tremble at the appearance of it, and the heavens be moved at it's sight. The sun and moon dre darkened , and the stars have withdrawn all their light. And the prophet Sophonias, chapa i. cries out , That day, a day of wrath, a day of tribulation and anguish, a dag of calamity and misery, a day of dark. ness and obscurity, a day of mist and whirlwinds. Can any thing be more frightful than these descriptions ? Ah ! what will then be the thoughts of sinful man, who sees himself threatened by all these signs. Alas! he shall pero fectly withes away with fear , in exu pectation of that tragedy which must follow these dreadful preludes.

Consider, secondly, that the last day being come, fire raging like an impetuous torrent , shall , by the command of God, consume the whole surface of the earth, and all that is thereon ; nothing shall escape it. Where Oworldlings, will then be all your stately palaces, pleasant seats, gardens,


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