Booker T. Washington Papers Volume 3: 1889-95. Assistant Editors, Stuart B. Kaufman and Raymond W. Smock

University of Illinois Press, 1974 - 648 pàgines
Washington's gradual rise to prominence as an educator, race leader, and shrewd political broker is revealed in this volume, which covers his career from May 1889 to September 1895, when he delivered the famous speech often called the Atlanta Compromise address. Much of the volume relates to Washington's role as principal of Tuskegee Institute, ......

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Sobre l'autor (1974)

Louis R. Harlan is professor of history at the University of Maryland. He is the author of Separate and Unequal: Public School Campaigns and Racism in the Southern Seaboard States, 1901-1915 (1958), and Booker T. Washington: The Making of a Black Leader, 1856-1901 (1972). Stuart B. Kaufman is assistant professor of history at the University of Maryland. He recently published Samuel Gompers and the Origins of the American Federation of Labor, 1848-1896.Raymond W. Smock is instructor in history at the University of Maryland, and former editor of the Maryland Historian.

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