Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Superior Court and Supreme Court of Errors: From July A. D. 1789 to June A. D. 1793; with a Variety of Cases Anterior to that Period. Prefaced with Observations Upon the Government and Laws of Connecticut. To which is Subjoined, Sundry Law Points Adjudged, and Rules of Practice Adopted in the Superior Court, Volum 1

"With a variety of cases anterior to that period [1764-1789]. Prefaced with observations upon the government and laws of Connecticut. To which is subjoined, sundry law points adjudged, and rules of practice adopted in the Superior Court."--T.p.

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Pàgina xxi - Therefore shall a man leave his father and his Mother and cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.
Pàgina i - THE free fruition of such liberties, immunities, and privileges as humanity, civility, and Christianity call for as due to every man in his place and proportion, without impeachment and infringement, hath ever been and ever will be the tranquillity and stability of churches and commonwealths; and the denial or deprival thereof, the disturbance, if not the ruin, of both.
Pàgina 233 - ... north feas, as far as the Canary Iflands inclufively, whether in the Ocean, or in the Mediterranean ; two months from the faid Canary Iflands as far as the...
Pàgina 510 - ... charged ; if the defendant pays it any time before the plaintiff is sued, he is not liable. But the court do not seem to rely upon the principal point decided in that case, but on a dictum contained in the report. It is there said, that where the counter bond or covenant is given to save harmless from a penal bond before the condition is broken, then if the penal sum be not paid at the day, and so the condition not preserved, the party to be saved harmless does by this become liable to the penalty,...
Pàgina iv - Nor may we say, who will ascend into heaven to bring it down, or descend into the depths to bring it up, or traverse the Atlantic to import it; it is near us, it is within us, written upon the table of our hearts, in lively and indelible characters; by it we are constantly admonished and reproved, and by it we shall finally be judged. It is visible in the volume of nature, in all the works and ways of God; its sound is gone forth into all the earth, and there is no people or nation so barbarous,...
Pàgina i - That the ancient Form of Civil Government, contained in the Charter from Charles the Second, King of England, and adopted by the People of this State, shall be and remain the Civil Constitution of this State, under the sole authority of the People thereof, independent of any King or Prince whatever. And that this Republic is, and shall forever be and remain, a free, sovereign and independent State, by the Name of the STATE OF CONNECTICUT.
Pàgina iii - ... reason, arising from the nature of God, of man, and of things, and from their relations, dependencies, and connections: It is universal and extends to all men, and to all combinations of men, in every possible situation; and embraces all cases and questions that can possibly arise; it is in itself perfect, clear and certain; it is immutable, and cannot be changed or altered, without altering the nature and relation of things; it is superior to all other laws and regulations; by it they are corrected...
Pàgina 508 - Chilton, at the time of the commission of bankruptcy issued, have sworn to a debt, before he had advanced a shilling for the defendants? He certainly could not; but now, his body being in execution, he has thereby paid the debt.

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